Zionists Latest Anti-Semitic Inducing Provocation: Trying to Destroy a Highly Worthy and Sane Nuclear Deal with Iran

The same Neo-Con-Artists, and the same lying and blackmail game players AIPAC Lobby, and the same mainstream news media newspapers and televisions stations are once again lying about another major historical event–because the blood-thirst of the ideological Zionists is not quenched and never will be. And if they succeed in killing this Iran deal many of their ilk are completely motivated to get the United States involved in another major war–this time with Iran (likely World War III which will probably mean not just millions of lives dead but billions). It is high time for the world (including the world Jewry) to really look at a broader and implicating picture of how the modern Zionist movement has played itself out and what it is really all about, and one way to do that is to understand how it has really operated (and not assume what the masses of naïve Americans and Jews alike think because by far most do not really know and further too many do not want to know).

Zionists Latest Anti-Semitic Inducing Provocation: Trying to Destroy a Highly Worthy and Sane Nuclear Deal with Iran

By Sea Shelly

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Senator Chuck Schumer’s opposition to the so-called Iran Deal is just one more of recent examples of fifth columnist traitors, as Israel-is-always-first-priority, in a litany of Zionist ethnocentricity and betrayal to gentile fellow countrymen here in the United States and others around the entire globe. Nothing else matters to right-wing Zionists in NeoCon think tanks in the U.S. as well the people of Israel (except of course the huge bubble of investors capitalizing on the bankster/military complex that profits from the murder industry of war profits (to which Senator Schumer also seems to cater).

So much deceitful propaganda is coming out, and has been coming out, about Iran, its government, their leaders’ motives, and so much disinformation and red herrings,all funded by right-wing Zionists like Sheldon Adelson. It’s really disgusting what lies the mainstream media is willing to peddle. See, for example, this recent explanation: Its Miller Time! Judy, That Is by Justin Raiomondo at: https://us-mg5.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=8qnqh3lr6eum3 and also Neocons to Americans: Trust Us Again by Robert Parry at: https://consortiumnews.com/2015/08/16/neocons-to-americans-trust-us-again/As well listen to Scott Horton Show in which he talks to: Tariq Rauf, Director on the Board of Atomic Reporters, Director of the Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Program at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), former Head of Verification and Security Policy Coordination, Office reporting to the Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency, discusses the reality of the IAEA’s procedures for inspecting managed-access sites such as the Parchin military facility in Iran, why he believes the AP relied on a forgery for their recent report claiming Iran would get to inspect itself, and why he agrees with Robert Kelley‘s doubts of the explosives chamber’s existence and use for nuclear weapons research purposes.

One of the more salient forms of recent deceit and betrayal by Zionist politics was our recent disaster in Iraq. Some people now know (but not nearly enough people really comprehend) it was primarily behind-the-scene Israeli demands that was the prime moving force getting our United States to engage illegal invasion and massive destruction of the country of Iraq. This it say after all the various and elaborate lies fed to us such that Saddam Hussein was in on 9/11; then that he still had weapons of mass destruction (actually destroyed years earlier)in which the United Nations was not allowed to finish its investigation (which would have proved war-criminal Neocons wrong);then that he was a threat to our National Security etc. But then finally the truth came to light (for those who cared to listen) from University of Chicago professor John Meirsheimer and Harvard University Steve Walt’s book report The Israeli Lobby and American Foreign Policy which showed us it was because of Israeli, AIPAC, and Neo-Con-Artist pressure our government engaged in this still ongoing, bloody, illegal war of aggression against Iraq and so many innocent people. (See also: “I don’t mean to say I told you so, but…” By Stephen M. Walt at: http://foreignpolicy.com/2010/02/08/i-dont-mean-to-say-i-told-you-so-but/).

This is why it is ultimately Israelis, AIPAC and the Neo-Cons, and Dick Cheney’s gang who are primarily responsible for all the infrastructure destruction and war crimes in Iraq, and the stealing and destruction of museums of ancient artifacts, and all the many, many people killed, wounded, and suffering, and so many houses ruined, and people displaced and homeless (and threatened into warring factions), as also the aftermath killings between Sunnis and Shiites, including the terrorist bombings, car bombings, and “all” the torture, etc., as so much of these many ugly truths about this modern warfare, is ultimately because of the Zionist deceit used to get American resources to do the dirty work for Israeli motives (including major newspapers like the New York Times and major U.S. TV news stations).This heinous truth of well-coordinated right-wing Zionist perfidy of deceit by itself (as established facts) is such a violation to the world that no American should trust any Zionist opinion on any matter.

And yet the same Neo-Con-Artists, and the same lying and blackmail game players AIPAC Lobby, and the same mainstream news media newspapers and televisions stations are once again lying about another major historical event–because the blood-thirst of the ideological Zionists is not quenched and never will be. And if they succeed in killing this Iran deal many of their ilk are completely motivated to get the United States involved in another major war–this time with Iran (likely World War III which will probably mean not just millions of lives dead but billions).

How can the American public be so foolish as to give any credence to these deceitful constituencies that have been so wrong in their predictions and so mendacious that they have lied to us over and over again in their psychopathic capacity (if the shoe fits where it)? Why are not these people in prison where they belong (including media people like Rupurt Murdock)? Why are they being quoted as legitimate sources of fact and opinion on another major historical event like the Iran Deal that not one but several important countries have signed on to after much investigation and deliberation by experts?(See “The Zionist Plan for the Middle East: A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” By Oded Yinon December 27, 2009 http://www.ccun.org/Opinion%20Editorials/2009/December/27%20o/The%20Zionist%20Plan%20for%20the%20Middle%20East%20A%20Strategy%20for%20Israel%20in%20the%20Nineteen%20Eighties%20By%20Oded%20Yinon.htm).

The Iran Deal is truly a very good deal for the entire world (and yet the likes of deranged and conspiratorial minds like Sheldon Adelson and Benjamin Yahoo want to kill it). After all this serious world body efforts Zionists advocate for complete nihilist rejection of any sane agreement. See the following interviews at the Scott Horton Show (ScottHorton.Org a website all people should be listening to and supporting):

Muhammad Sahimi, co-founder and editor of Iran News & Middle East Reports, discusses the lies being told about the Iran nuclear deal, sanctions relief, and the IAEA’s (legally obligated) secrecy at:http://scotthorton.org/interviews/2015/08/06/8615-muhammad-sahimi/
Gareth Porter, an award-winning independent journalist and historian, discusses former IAEA deputy director Olli Heinonen’s misleading or false claims that the verification system in the Iran nuclear agreement is too lax to prevent Iran from covertly making a bomb at: http://scotthorton.org/interviews/2015/07/31/73115-gareth-porter/ (See also this book talk of high significance: Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare by Gareth Porter at:

Back to Scott Horton interviews to that clearly show the disinformation lies that are hawked all over the country:
Eli Clifton, a reporter on money in politics and US foreign policy, discusses the $145 million budget for AIPAC, United Against Nuclear Iran, and other groups furiously lobbying Congress to reject the Iran nuclear agreement. http://scotthorton.org/interviews/2015/07/31/73115-eli-clifton/
Philip Weiss, founder of Mondoweiss.net, discusses the extreme pressure on Congressional Democrats to put Israel’s interests above America’s and vote down the Iran nuclear agreement. http://scotthorton.org/interviews/2015/07/29/72915-philip-weiss/

Tyler Cullis’s article Iran Sanctions After the JCPOA: Terrorism, Human Rights, Conventional Weapons and Ballistic Missiles Sanctions at: http://scotthorton.org/interviews/2015/08/20/82015-tyler-cullis/

There has been a great deal of so-called “revelatory” (that is rational and highly informed) debate and discussion at the Scott Horton website phenomenal website and one thing is clear is the amount of deception the Neo-con-artists are engaging. [Note: Scott Horton would probably not espouse this essay per se with its willingness to go beyond political correctness on Zionist/ Semite matters. No one can write this form of indictment and not be on “bad person” lists. Still we all have a right to our own perspectives–no matter how damning or iconoclastic they might seem. Smart people can learn from most writers even if they do not totally agree with some arguments or over all themes].

Also there was, and still is, much justified anger over Netanyahu’s government war crimes this previous 2014 summer when over 2000 Palestinians were killed (many civilian and over 500 children). It seems every imaginable war crime was engaged and it also seems the Israelis will get away with it (as usual) as the ISIS beheading sensationalism reared up perfectly in time to take the lime light away from what Israel did in fact do (and deceit that also entailed). See the following writings and interviews that deal specifically with this set of Israeli latest major war crimes:
“Israel, Genocide, and the ‘Logic’ of Zionism: In our Bizarro World, “Judeo-Nazism” is for real” by Justin Raimondo, August 04, 2014, found by clicking: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2014/08/03/israel-genocide-and-the-logic-of-zionism/
Amy Goodman’s two-day interview with Noam Chomsky regarding Israel’s attacks in Gaza at: http://www.democracynow.org/2014/8/11/sadistic_grotesque_noam_chomsky_on_how
Henry Siegman “A Slaughter of Innocents” at: http://www.democracynow.org/2014/9/1/a_slaughter_of_innocents_henry_siegman
Equally important is the equivalent of a scholarly legal indictment*****US Leaders Aid and Abet Israeli War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes against Humanity***** found at: http://jurist.org/forum/2014/08/marjorie-cohn-israel-crimes.php (or for easy audio discussion listen to Marjorie Cohn’s interview with Scott Horton see: “Marjorie Cohn, a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, discusses how US leaders aid and abet Israeli war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity” at: http://scotthorton.org/interviews/2014/08/11/081114-marjorie-cohn/******THIS INTERVIEW IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT*******to understand the complete double standards of the Zionist mindset!

Also check out the article: “Israeli Smack-Down of Christian Political Philosophy: A Deeper Analysis of the Latest Israeli Atrocities in Palestine” by William Wraithwrite at: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2014/08/05/18759603.php

Much of the reason why the Neo-Con-Artists and AIPAC still have so much influence (that they can still have influence in the media and the capital) has to do with the fact American media is dominated by Zionist interests when the topic relates to foreign policy in the Middle East–just like it was way back before World War 1 (yet to assert such a statement as media control is often ridiculed as anti-Semitism).

Read Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel by Alison Weir, see:http://www.amazon.com/Against-Our-Better-Judgment-History/dp/149591092X. Some critiques of this book highlighted at the Amazon website are so exactingly truthful of the smear game going on today against the Iran deal they are printed here:

Prodigiously documented… Alison Weir must be highly commended for throwing such a brilliantly hard light on the relationship between the United States and Israel. I hope this marvelous book gets all the attention it deserves.” – Ambassador Andrew Killgore, Publisher, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Soon after WWII, US statesman Dean Acheson warned that creating Israel on land already inhabited by Palestinians would “imperil” both American and all Western interests in the region. Despite warnings such as this one, President Truman supported establishing a Jewish state on land primarily inhabited by Muslims and Christians.

Few Americans today are aware that US support enabled the creation of modern Israel. Even fewer know that US politicians pushed this policy over the forceful objections of top diplomatic and military experts.

As this work demonstrates, these politicians were bombarded by a massive pro-Israel lobbying effort that ranged from well-funded and very public Zionist organizations to an “elitist secret society” whose members included Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

AGAINST OUR BETTER JUDGMENT brings together meticulously sourced evidence to illuminate a reality that differs starkly from the prevailing narrative. It provides a clear view of the history that is key to understanding one of the most critically important political issues of our day.

And it is high time for the world (including the world Jewry) to really look at a broader and implicating picture of how the modern Zionist movement has played itself out and what it is really all about, and one way to do that is to understand how it has really operated (and not assume what the masses of naïve Americans and Jews alike think because by far most do not really know and further too many do not want to know). Alison Weir’s book just mentioned above is a good place to start–but it will not be summarized herein accept to say we can already see the duplicity and terrorism built into the militarism of modern Zionism early on.

The illegal 2003 Iraq War perpetrated primarily by the United States and England was, and is, hardly the only form of U.S. sponsored oppression and terror in the Middle East for the sake of right-wing Israel. For example, the U.S. has been propping up dictators in Egypt for years primarily at Israel’s behest. Not to mention Israel too was involved in propping up the dictator Shah Reza Pahlavi in Iran and his brutal state police SAVAK for many years before such outside intervention instigated the Iranian Revolution. Google: “SAVAK Iran CIA and Mossad”. See also: “Israelis at Abu Ghraib?”http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/israelis_at_abu_ghraib.htm

The endless can of worms of U.S. Middle Eastern foreign policy has been highly tied to Israel policy and suasion that too often trumps over what is really in the best interests of the American people, tax dollars, and real American national security. It is hard to believe Jews, Zionists, Christians, and secularists alike here or anywhere would not think the American people will become more resentful and more anti-Semitic with so much Israeli and American Zionist exploitation of our political process, our supposed politicians and our resources (including by means of so many lies they have engaged to carry out these wars and gain unfair advantage over our national interests)? See website CNI: Council for the National Interest: Working for Middle East Policies that Serve the American National Interests.

Take the Jonathan Pollard spy case. It is better explained by Justin Raimondo’s column piece: Keep Pollard in Jail: And throw away the key at: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2015/07/26/keep-pollard-in-jail/ Also see Rainomdo’s recent essay: The Liberation of US Foreign Policy: The Iran deal is the Israel lobby’s Armageddon at: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2015/08/06/the-liberation-of-us-foreign-policy/In fact “all” of Justin Raimondo’s essays are worth reading as he is one of the most insightful and independent minds discussing foreign policy in the world. Checkout his AntiWar.Com website and regular group of great writers and contributors.

Or if you are not convinced on how “little” Israel is a friend to the America people see Grant Smith’s book: Spy Trade: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy at: http://www.middleeastbooks.com/collections/grant-smith. See also his book: Deadly Dogma: How Neoconservatives Broke the Law to Deceive America by Grant F. Smith

So if this opinion piece is labeled an irrational rant of Israel-bashing (to the extent it is recognized at all) that is because we need to understand who has really been doing the bashing (and why so few Zionists seem to care if another major world war is to be fought with hundreds of millions of people likely to die (again). Many Israelis and world Zionists don’t seem to give a damn about the average goy (gentile) American or most other people in the rest of the world; although it must be stated that according to recent polls over 60% of American Jews are in favor of this peace deal with Iran; so also se and consider this: “Jewish Critics of Zionism and of Israel’s Treatment of the Palestinians” by Edward C. Corrigan / April 16th, 2010 at: http://dissidentvoice.org/2010/04/jewish-critics-of-zionism-and-of-israels-treatment-of-the-palestinians/in which he argument many of the biggest critics of Zionism are Jewish.

No one with a conscience would want to promulgate such a set of ideas unless it was highly important. There is no joy in thinking such things true and yet if they are people have a right and duty to know.

Still the down-and-out, right-wing Zionist players that affect national policy (a small minority of Jewry) often too act as ruthless psychopaths (with various Amen corners justifying any number of war atrocities carried out against enemies which they have many), that is while they constantly whine and complain about exaggerated claims of anti-Semitism around the rest of the world.

Whereas what I am writing is that there is legitimate basis for anti-Zionist animosity in this world (and there is a distinction between being hostile to Jews in general and hostile to the idea of Zionism as more specific–even though plenty smear artists don’t want to recognize such distinctions because it is easy to conflate the two realities and call someone a Jew-hater when he and she may just be a Zionism hater).

Prominent Jewish Americans such as Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer will write an opinion piece on increasing anti-Semitism without the least honest clue as to why this phenomenon might be somewhat of a reality (although his mentioning some who believe Israel was behind 9/11 certainly is on the right path since there seems to be a “lot” of evidence to give credence to this believe as more than mere outlandish conspiracy theory–google: “Israel involved in 9/11” and “Chris Bollyn 9/11 truth”.

But one this is very clear and that is Israel knew exactly when 9/11 was to occur and how beforehand and did not share the information with Americans to any alarming extent (see: “Israel’s Fifth Column in Washington” by Justin Raimondo, December 18, 2004 at: http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2004/12/17/israels-fifth-column-in-washington/Whereas Krauthammer didn’t intent to give credence to the notion Israelis were behind 9/11, rather he was stating this conspiracy belief so people would reject it as obviously ridiculous, that is for anyone to suspect Israel played any part. And yet if you dare explore with some curiosity and check sources it seems quite plausible (but the idea that Sharon/ Netanyahu/ Ehud Barak/ Mossad had something to do with it is so much an act of betrayal few want to explore the thought).

And this is really the point–when you start to dare to discover “for yourself” the veracity of so-called conspiracy theories such as those labeled “Holocaust denial” or “World War II revisionism” you begin to realize why there is so much alarm from some Zionist quarters that basically want to make it illegal to even argue evidence and ideas against the current believes of people alive today who have been subject to the Zionist/ Communist Russian versions, such as the Nuremberg trials.

It is because if people actually start witnessing for themselves some of these alternative explanations they will likely realize they have been too much duped–because the outlawed voices too often are convincing in their own presentations for the old explanations to stand. Yet clearly one side of two opposing camps of explanation will have some explaining to do (but apparently it is easier to outlaw free speech).

True free speech advocates argue the answer to false claims is more free speech to counter those false claims. Whereas what some Zionists want to do is take away a person right to say and advocate for unpopular ideas. For example what if people really believe Israel was behind 9/11 and or they really believe the stories of six million Jews slaughtered as a deliberate policy of genocide is not true? Aren’t these kinds of controversies that discuss allegations from one side to allow alternative explanations exactly what is needed? People should be able to talk, write about and debate such phenomenon (or any controversial set of ideas whether they have historical or political significance or not).

No one in the Zionist camps seem to mind if some argue Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11–for example arguing that because a lot of the bin Laden family was in the United States at the time and needed to fly out (in which case seems dubious as red herring on the face of it because it would be more likely they would not have vulnerably been in the country if they were behind it). But the point here is few are labeling the likes of Senator Graham (who is Jewish) names such as racist because he implies in his book that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11. And yet there are not nearly as many puzzle pieces working together to proof this as what Christopher Bollyn argues in his case it was Zionists, Israel and Mossad were heavily involved.

There are some who think Jewish people, such as the Ashkenazi Jew, have some of the highest IQs in the world. They certainly have some of the most verbally articulate people. So why are some of them so willing to take away peoples’ right to free speech? It doesn’t make sense and should make people suspicious. Why should not historical revisionism (which is an innate part of being a historian) suddenly be outlawed in several countries in Europe regarding a World War and all the war crime allegations made against the Nazis?

One simple but rational argument in the revisionist perspective that is being censored, that is not that hard to get one’s mind around, is the counterargument to so-called “killing gas chambers” in Nazi concentration camps in Poland captured by Russians, is they were not for the purpose of killing people but delousing the lice that were spreading death causing Typhus all over these crowded quarters (which caused a lot of the emaciation that made it look like people were being starved to death), and that is why the people were shaven and told to take off all their clothes, etc. (but likely this singular explanation will sound too weak in the face of how much of our world view that has been given the Zionist and sensational interpretation over some decades about World War II.

It is unnerving to imagine such shocking accusations were deliberate forms of falsehoods in the service of propaganda. But given the gravity of such matters as what the Nazis and Hitler have been accused of doing–isn’t it fair other points of view be given a fair hearing? Doesn’t the world have a right to consider minority opposing points of view that refute the dominate propaganda–no matter how threatened some camps feel and what it all might imply regarding other people’s culpability)?

For example it should be known to all that “Judea declared war on Germany” as early as 1933 and yet few know much about this heavy reality? “Long before the Hitler government began restricting the rights of the German Jews, the leaders of the worldwide Jewish community formally declared war on the “New Germany” at a time when the U.S. government and even the Jewish leaders in Germany were urging caution in dealing with the new Hitler regime” (see: “The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany: The Economic Boycott of 1933” at:http://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/archives/articles/jdecwar.html

Nevertheless to regarding these profound controversies legislative bodies in a number of countries are making it illegal to make public arguments against dominating explanations of what happened–because it’s not just about what happened–it’s also about Israel today, and continuing to use guilt and disinformation to gain political and economic advantage. The very founding of modern Israel is largely because of propaganda. (See: “Laws against Holocaust denial” at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laws_against_Holocaust_denial Also see: “Israel Campaigns Against Global Free Speech” at:https://alethonews.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/israel-campaigns-against-global-free-speech/ and “Hate-Speech Hypocrites: How can we ban hate speech against Jews while defending mockery of Muslims?” http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/frame_game/2012/09/free_speech_vs_hate_speech_why_is_it_legal_to_insult_muslims_but_not_jews_.html
And “Criminalizing Criticism: A Zionist Project — An Analysis” by Lawrence Davidson at: http://www.intifada-palestine.com/2015/06/criminalizing-criticism-a-zionist-project-an-analysis-by-lawrence-davidson/

Even more and more societies and college school systems are being gagged into denying real free speech if it is claimed to offend some vociferous Jews (who can be very subjective as to nothing more than one’s exaggerated sensitivity to feelings or fears? One merely declare one feels intimidated if, for example, Palestinian students shout on American campuses (even if such energetic free speech shouting as form of indignation in no way compares to many Palestinians being killed in Israel wars of aggression via war crimes).

It is not only permissible for many to call or think of Arabs or Muslims as religious fanatics, terrorists, or criminals, or to assume it natural about their nature–people like Pamela Geller and her crowd do it here in America without much public condemnation. Their masses of audience have no problem assuming Muslims were behind 9/11 (which has never been proved although alleged a trillion times) and blaming Muslims or Al Qaeda for this as fact is not a so-called hate crime or thought crime (it has been brainwashed on our culture as a fact).But dare consider alternative sources of why 9/11 occurred and you could be violating a law for thinking outside the box. (See: “9/11: Who Really Benefited” by Captain America at: http://truththeory.com/2012/01/30/911-who-really-benefited/).

Given then an Israeli and NeoCon propensity to exaggerate anything and everything as their form of mendacious foreign policy and mindset, we Americans need to understand a far more comprehensive idea of what modern Zionism has entailed for much of the world–and will continue to entail–and more importantly what this exploitative chauvinism could likely lead to into future history. Consider all the lies just Benjamin Yahoo has stated over the years? Furthermore the truth value of a theory or allegation is not what matters–rather it is anything that attempts to frustrate Zionist motives and aims. One is potential anti-Semite if one criticizes either their objectives or tactics?

Or do Americans want to continue to see the false scenarios and painful realities that we have already witnessed as discussed in this essay? As painful as it may seem we need to get a clear perspective on what we are dealing with.

This is not about political concern or hostility to a people because they study Torah, Mishnah and Gemara, or even Kabbala. This is not about people who meet in synagogues for spiritual reasons. Rather this is more and more about secular non-believers who do not engage in spiritual rituals but still manage to consider themselves Jews and still argue that God gave then the land of Palestine many centuries ago.

Richard L. Rubenstein in his Morality and Eros (1970) writes of broad changes that have continued to affect the modern world. One of those changes is the lost of God as an anchor for morality. He writes:

These transformations raise at least as many problems as they solve. Our most agonizing problem may very well be our extraordinary freedom. We need no longer worry about incurring God’s wrath … Contemporary man is by no means without his limits, but his will need no longer be restrained by the will of God (page 19-20).

This is the same reality for many Zionists who think they can get away with seemingly anything for some ethnocentric and too often misplaced pride. What if no God gave any people any land ever? That is the more rational point of view. How long must the charade of the God of the Bible go on?

James Ostowski in his Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America (2014) writes:

More state force is the answer to every single problem that might arise during the course of human life. It explains why progressivism seems to be correlated with religious skepticism and declining religious belief. Whereas religious persons may seek comfort from the vicissitudes of life through their faith, nonbelievers have so similar relief valve for existential stress. Progressivism thus becomes a kind of faith for the faithless. The state replaces God. Heaven will be achieved here on earth and by means of Godverment (page 24).

This quoted part of a paragraph seems intuitively true (regardless to the larger argument that progressivism is like an irrational therapy that allows people to feel better in an insecure world). And yet the whole ancient Hebrew story is irrational (which is why many Jews have become non-believers). The only sane foreign policy for the Middle East is to stop supporting theocracies (especially those based on Abrahamic religions–which ultimately trace back to Ur Mesopotamia).

One thing seems suspicious regarding some so-called atheist/ secular/ humanist organizations is the some of their leaders are far more interested in promoting what is thought “progressive politics” as agenda rather than truly explaining who religions today still have such a massive negative effect on human history. Humanist societies should not be promoting what is essentially a Democratic Progressive party platform in the guise of opening up peoples minds to secular forms of thought? This just seems like another form of nonprofit organizations being infiltrated for political reasons.

What kind of logic was it for think tank wonks to attempt to have another series of Crusades and “clash of civilizations” between the Muslim world and Christians in our modern day by engaging in propaganda capitalizing on perceptual differences? When you look back when religion really did have a strong hold on the soul and mind in the Middle Ages (including the paranoia about a punishing God) you can see the enormous mayhem and murder people are willing to carry out in the name of religion. More still there were plenty of acts of anti-Semitism carried out during those crusades started with the first one of Pope Urban II in response of Muslim invasions of now Turkey and Byzantium. But these realities produced no consideration coming from NeoCon quarters?

And it’s not just a coincidence that the Department of Homeland Security (when we already had a Department of Defense of burgeoning budget) seems to have too much become a semblance to what once was Bolsheviks’ Cheka–Stalin’s state security system began as The All-Russia Emergency Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage. (Granted of course America’s DHS is only about getting the bad guys and making sure the U.S. is not infiltrated by terrorists so there is no reason to worry about this benign organization (after all its an American Zionist institution) ever overstepping its original goals and becoming more and more centered on watching Americans and classifying more people as suspicious and dissident)?But see this article about our police state here in Amerika: “In Whose US? Machine Guns, MRAPs, Surveillance, Drones, Permanent War and a Permanent Election Campaign” at:http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/29157-in-whose-us-machine-guns-mraps-surveillance-drones-permanent-war-and-a-permanent-election-campaign#

Meanwhile, liberal and socialist websites, such as DemocracyNow.Org, and publications like The Nation, who both do produce much worthy material, and yet their seeming weird mix of ideological naïveté and unrecognized prejudices of conceits within their own editorial offices suggests it is mainly left-wing Jewish people and other minorities that know what is best for America–in their constant finger pointing at white men (mostly goy white men) as the source of America’s problems, such as their continuous advocacy for restricting American’s right to own weapons while over-exaggerated fear-mongering of white racist skin head groups, have a seemingly uncanny resemblance to pre-Leninist-Russia’s leftist intelligentsia agenda–that then also espoused similar rhetoric about values regarding equality, freedom, unionist rights, feminist demands (not unlike recent dizziness over pussy riots in traditional Orthodox churches as form of anarchy because anything that claims a feminist notion must be righteous and certainly Putin is singularly responsible for any homophobia in Russia), etc.; and yet, Russia’s progressives back in early 19th century then with their purist demands for a soul-full and heady dose of Russian Utopia was followed up by a right-wing Communist and Stalinist coup that lasted a long time as it transpired into staggering oppression with death squad and gulag aftermath.

One fact we Americans are never or seldom told is that most of the top leaders of the Communist Revolution and then Stalinist government were atheist extractions from Jewish families (including almost all the commanders that ran the gulag work-to-death prisons–prison in which many orthodox Christians died).

Such statements are considered apostasy and condemned outright as anti-Semitic (and yet it is not thought politically incorrect to suggest Christians and Muslims have engaged in heinous crimes against Jews throughout the centuries). Practically every Jewish person, whether secular or believer, knows a long litany of cases of anti-Semitism against Jewish peoples and communities.

Rather purveyors of seemingly iconoclastic ideas that propound some Jews throughout history victimized masses of other peoples are quickly labeled thought criminals and practitioners of racist deception. But do we, as audience, not have a right to hear from both sides of an argument in a truly free society? See: “The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime: Assessing the Grim Legacy of Soviet Communism” at: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v14/v14n1p-4_Weber.html
And “Media Keeps Lid on Worst Holocaust in Human History” by Texe Marrs at:
http://www.texemarrs.com/062004/soviet_gulag.htm and also “Gulags in Soviet Union ~ Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians”http://friendshipgarden10538.yuku.com/topic/21086/Gulags-Soviet-Union-Jews-Run-Camps-Used-Extermination-C#.VdEhq5dbqM8

Why should it be any more taboo to consider Zionists killing people than Jews being killed by people? If it is considered taboo to learn arguments that seem distasteful to Jews then why should any American be expected to take it as blind faith the Nazis were bent on killing all the Jews as Final Solution? What kind of double standard is this?

Propaganda plays an important place in modern society. And true it is reasonable to not trust how everyday people think–given how easy it is to deceive and seduce a gullible and intellectually lazy society. And yet if people were actually given more real truth about important matters it would be equally surprisingly how many could make informed and rational conclusions on ideas of policy (like more truth about this Iran Nuclear Deal–we really need to consider how much more destructive is this reality (based on lies) versus claims that anti-Semitism is on the rise because some think so. Seems like stopping an unnecessary war far more important?

Whereas if people are denied truth by a sophisticated operation of distortion and repeated clichés then, yes, people (too many not stimulated to think in other directions) will finally give in to the onslaught of seemingly plausible answers available as not allowed to be vigorous challenged). But if people are actually allowed to view things from more unadulterated points of view they could make some seemingly sane conclusions (a fear of those who are used to using political blackmail and censorship to get their way because what they fear is people will learn truths not of their liking and advantage.

This is why there is more and more fanatically movements condemning alternative explanations that suggests large populations were led to believe are false narratives. Alternative voices are being outlawed and censored without sincere people getting a fair hearing. (Again if you actually start giving some of these condemned voices a chance to be heard they sound very convincing and this is a major threat to what is now considered truth).


Note: There are obviously a lot of references referred to in this essay. The main reason for this is to give a significant list of relevant references to buttress assertions made in this article as researched and show witness to how alternative ideas can be convincing (because there is a big learning curve needed as to cover a lot of ground for people to understand patterns in Zionism–and one place is to see this is by comparing the citation above “140 Occurrences of the Word Holocaust” (see the chart) and to then realize how significantly it overlaps, time-wise, the beginning of the Zionist movement and the creation of Israel (the growth of the Zionist movement is discussed in Alison Weir’s book Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel and the fact that the first occurrences of the six million figure regarding vulnerable, suffering or dead people were related to Russian Jews in Tsarist Russia (and not in Germany). How ironic the big media itself forgets?

Then we need to know that after the atrocities of WW I millions of people supposedly were being worked to death or dying in gulag systems by the thousands (some say millions).

Also there was project of starving millions of Ukrainians in the 30s. See: “Ukraine’s enduring Holodomor horror, when millions starved in the 1930s” at: http://www.euronews.com/2013/11/22/ukraine-s-enduring-holodomor-horror-when-millions-starved-in-the-1930s/ See also: Genocide or not, Stalin starved millions to death and Soviet regime concealed for 54 years” at: https://ukraineanalysis.wordpress.com/2008/12/21/genocide-or-not-stalin-starved-millions-to-death-and-soviet-regime-concealed-for-54-years/
And Images we seldom see because they compete with the Nazi Final Solution story see: https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrTcdKJd9FVYnYAzZMnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZDNzZTI1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–?p=Millions+Starved+In+Ukraine&fr=yhs-mozilla-004&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-004

So we can realize that “way” before Nazis were known Bolsheviks already had a “lot” of blood on their hands in mass executions and they also had a top propaganda machine. They had already killed millions of people (and not primarily Jews). Meanwhile when the Tsar was still in power Russian Jews were involved in the development of the Zionist movement with advocates and money from Zionist in the United States. (Some argue some of that capitalist money helped the Bolshevik revolution.)

This writer cannot vouchsafe for every alternative idea that is presented by others. But it is fair to consider that the six millions vulnerable and suffering Jews was a stable of propaganda about Russia first and printed in American newspapers and elsewhere. These are facts that can be checked and ascertained–they are not just theories. See the very revealing documentary: Hellstorm – The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany(some websites are blocking this video from being watched–which is the reason for this long citation you can click onto to see it:https://video.search.yahoo.com/video/play;_ylt=A2KIo.AQzdJVqV8AXDssnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByZWc0dGJtBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMQ–?p=Hellstorm+%E2%80%93+Exposing+the+Real+Genocide+of+Nazi+Germany+Concentration&vid=ee9acdb892a1a03ef3c65089d1a845de&turl=http%3A%2F%2Ftse3.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DWN.N1ouVpgBeQoXCWCr7bSspQ%26pid%3D15.1%26h%3D168%26w%3D300%26c%3D7%26rs%3D1&rurl=https%3A%2F%2Fhttp://www.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DwcFoOxyQURw&tit=Hellstorm+Exposing+The+Real+Genocide+of+Nazi+Germany&c=0&h=168&w=300&l=5421&sigr=11be5phoj&sigt=11k0fc7ou&sigi=12ldbl6b6&age=1430595105&fr2=p%3As%2Cv%3Av&fr=yhs-mozilla-004&hsimp=yhs-004&hspart=mozilla&tt=b

So one thing is clear–the German people, civilians, children and women suffered horrendously and yet we never hear about it? Is it fair that the world only be told some versions of how the Germans did all the evil? Propaganda during World War 2 came both from Russia and the West and often under the control of Jewish people who were fervid in portraying their hatred of anything German and thought nothing of created massive lies about them as war propaganda.

However this is not an argument saying the German military or government or the Nazis were nice people or any such white wash. Yet it is evident that we in the West have received a much distorted take on the politics of Europe in the first two world wars (and the outcomes were very consequential).

Also there is the debate about the 1915-23 Armenia Genocide (in which the word Holocaust word was being used)? Even before the Russian starvation of Ukrainians we have Christian peoples in Armenia massively killed and this was the Turkey that had control over Palestine of the Old Ottoman Empire. See: “Jews, Zionists Behind Armenian Genocide Holocaust” By Jack Manuelian 4-23-5http://rense.com/general64/genoc.htm

Frankly there will be debates for years to come about a lot of these controversial matters (as there should be). No one can know with absolute certainty events that happened before one was born or places one has never traveled. Ultimately one is left to study points of view from others and tentative have some opinions.

Surely there are some theories about a conspiracy nature that are blatant forms of racist lies. But undoubtedly some conspiracies are true–because it is a political truth about human nature–man conspires against his own all the time. This is why theories should have their say. Each theory deserves its own evaluation. But one thing is obvious that there were massive and systematic killing before World War II and Hitler. And a lot of this murder and mayhem had to do with the Bolshevik government and Zionist propaganda (not singularly but far more than what we are led to believe).

Many of these so-called conspiracy theories have been slapped down as anti-Semitic and their advocates have equally been condemned. But if you read The Politics of Anti-Semitism 2003 edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, you will better be able to distinguish between real anti-Semitism and false accusations, at: http://www.amazon.com/The-Politics-Anti-Semitism-Alexander-Cockburn/dp/1902593774

If someone really believes any of the theories discussed in this essay (even if they allegations against Zionists) that doesn’t make the person an anti-Semite. Whereas if someone thought such theories untrue but stated them anyway in a false manner that is a different story. So the criteria is not based on how supposedly blatant the allegation, or statements that accuse Zionist propaganda to have been highly distortive and this has been a pattern. The fact is that such believes can be true! If any of these theories are true as reality then you cannot argue the advocate for such a true theory is somehow wrong by making the case?

Yet we still need to trace aright-wing willingness to kill other peoples back to both the New and Old Testaments, and especially to the Torah and Moses story, as that is where an authoritarian nature of political power of arbitrary dictatorship basically begins regarding the three Abrahamic religions and these competing faiths often in conflict. Atrocities that happen in the past decades of modernity, as the recent arbitrary killing of Palestinians, known in some cynical circles as “mowing the grass” are directly parallel violent acts of the Old Torah.

People occasionally talk about Israeli hubris but it is far more than hubris, and it stems from the institutionalization of violence from the Bible itself as an ultimate form of early historical propaganda.

Read Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. His clever sophistic style tries to prove the Jesus story true from the logic as investigative science point of view but still he presumes too many supernatural things. Focus specifically to his discussions on the painful truth of torture by crucifixion in Chapter 11: “The Medical Evidence…” where one almost must conclude the sadistic nature of crucifixion as an act of torture and terrorism Roman armies seemingly used fairly extensively against rebelling slaves and criminals.

There can be no moral case for any JUST God to have demanded this type of torture as murder, save some tyrannical Deity who based his political ideas and passions of governance by authoritarian principle and a lust for vengeance.

Any God who claims to be all-powerful, and who claims to have created all peoples circumstances (including their very DNA which scientists learn more and more play a heavy part in all we do), while taking no responsibility for any outcome of those creatures lives that he supposedly created (or their circumstances) and then instead engages harsh judgments against humanity, such as torture in a hell by devils of his equal making, cannot possibly be thought either sacred or worthy (unless people are insanely brainwashed by a religious terrorism of punishment via a scapegoat of forgiveness from a Jesus figure who in truth could not even save himself).

The very idea of some monolithic force having complete and despotic control over one’s life and assumed soul with threat of terrible punishment is more tyranny that has ever been devised. No wonder all the religious hysteria in the world over the centuries.

Nevertheless millions and millions of people, over many centuries, and ultimately in many civilizations, have been more or less brainwashed to believe, as a kind of Stockholm syndrome, in this kind of totalitarian religious psychology as supposedly taught to be moral? Any religion and religious deity that claims to be the epitome of morality and shows itself to be the opposite should have many rational people asking serious questions.

People are routinely taught Jesus ‘chose’ this fate of dying in such a cruel manner and that somehow he was saving others from God’s wrath. How much longer can the human race blindly accept this kind of adolescent conditioning? If Jesus was such a visionary he would have rejected the Old Testament and Judaism for a multitude of reasons (even if there were equally good reasons for its existence as related to mankind and his nature).

But people are afraid to think they have both a right and a duty to evaluate and judge religions and those religion’s depiction of deities (as they have a right to question human leaders) and more importantly to realize some religions themselves can have terrorist elements of psychology–especially when believers have been brainwashed to believe such terrorism is itself somehow sacred. Maybe mankind needs to stop honoring the Easter holiday in which a Jewish, left-leaning, Rabbi was tortured and put to death?

Theoretically, despite Gottfried Leibnitz philosophical reasoning that God made the best possible worlds which include evil, it is not hard to imagine God could have created a better and more equitable world, and he or it could have taken some responsibility for his creation rather than act like some tin-pot dictator like an Ariel Sharon or a Bibi Netanyahu (who equally act as if they can engage in any form of atrocity such as blatant war crimes, and no one will dare call them on it because they, and too many naïve people, assume their cause to be sacred).

Instead we have a Biblical God, corresponding to real life war criminals threatening their subjects with pain, death and eternal torture–but few independent minds dare transverse where even angels hide. When U.S. Congress looked the other way and tepidly excused Netanyahu’s government of blatant war crimes and terrorism last summer with the trite: “Israel has a right to protect itself” meme it shows the exact same authoritarian psychology (while using lies and every form of deceit any devil might use in process). It was exactly the same evil.

It is not enough for a religion to give comfort to believers in an alienating world, if they claim to be moral and wise then they should be consistently so. If some religions claim to be the very paradigm of morality and ethics then they should at least past the smell test–in which the Bible does not. See also: When God Became the Terrorist: Traces of the Authoritarian Personality in the Three Abrahamic Religions by William Wraithwrite at: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2014/08/05/18759603.php

If roots of anti-Semitism are planted within the New Testament itself, as some argue gives rise to “Jews as killers of Christ” then a more response is to question the entirety of the Christian religion and the Old Testament (certainly Yahweh of the Old Testament is rife in history of supposedly commanded punishment and death onto people?). The God of the Bible wasn’t some Saint.

But the most important reason why one should reject Zionism is because Zionism is based on land grabbing, killing, war crimes, war propaganda and killing of innocent people way back thousands of years ago–nothing a truly just God would have anything to do with.

Centuries ago there was a debate between two opposing schools of rabbinic teaching. One school of Judah ha-Levi from 12th Century Spain rejected the secular and sophisticated courtier life and philosophical inquiry arguing one needed to be in the land of Israel and experience being Jewish by living and feeling through the rituals and not analyzing religion (he of course realized at least subconsciously the Torah could not stand up with rational inquiry).

The opposing school was that of Maimonides, also of southern Spain, around the same time, arguing that reflection on the sacred texts is what matters most and the philosophical mode was a very important part of being Jewish.

That debate continues today. One recent scholar that is clearly of the Maimonides camp, and who is clearly capable of judging matters from a philosophical point of view is Jonathan Kirsch who wrote a book called: Moses: A Life, 1998. And not only is his work a fascinating book but it is a complete rejection of the idea that Moses could possibly had anything to do with a just God (or the Moses story could possibly be true). This is an in depth study of a man that smacks of everything tyrannical one could imagine as it clearly demonstrates the whole Moses story is a fabrication coming from many sources and rewrites. (I cannot do justice to this worthy book with a few quick comments–people need to read this book).

But one of the main ideas that stand out from this book is how readily the God of Moses (Moses supposedly speaking for God) is so arbitrary, so blood thirsty, so vengeful, and so willing to kill innocents (war crimes all over the map and Benjamin Netanyahu’s very definition of terrorism).

And yet it is people in the current land of Israel and their government that justifies the killing of Palestinians and the land grabs today based on the idea of Moses claiming God gave the Jews that land!

See the live interview: Henry Siegman, Leading U.S. Jewish Voice for Peace: “Give Up on Netanyahu, Go to the United Nations” at: http://www.democracynow.org/2015/8/13/henry_siegman_leading_us_jewish_voice

Here Henry Siegman describes Netanyahu’s current pick of top cabinet people. One quote: “… and there is (Tzipi) Hotovely, who is now the deputy minister for the–of the Foreign Ministry. But since there is no foreign minister, she, in fact, will be running the Foreign Ministry. She has–the very first thing she did after her appointment was send out instructions to ambassadors, Israeli ambassadors across the world, to inform governments to which they have been assigned that the Bible specifically quotes God granting all of Palestine to the Jews, and consequently, the state of Israel will retain all of Palestine, because it follows the word of God. That’s Hotovely.” (Very interesting interview).

So apparently the Bible is the nut no one can crack? But Jonathan Kirsch did a great deal to crack it and it is splintered into a million pieces. Toward the end of his, again very interesting book, is his seemingly conclusive statement of why all his evidence is of concern: “…what matters most is the use to which the figure of Moses has been put in the real world. The search for the mhistorical Moses is less important–and ultimately less interesting–then the quest for the moral and spiritual values that we might extract from his biblical life story.” (page 358). And “…Today, more than ever before, the Bible must stand or fall as a source of moral and spiritual instruction, rather than as a work of history–otherwise, the Bible is really nothing more than a historical curiosity…” (page 361).

Note Moses: A Life was not written by some amateur. This was written by a heavy-duty scholar and it is a total indictment showing the lack of moral and spiritual value in Moses’ story and any justification his people had any natural right to the land of Canaan. The best one could say is that it is war propaganda.

When the Lord thy God shall bring thee into the land, and shall cast out many nations before thee, the Hittite, and the Girgashite, and the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite, seven nations greater and mightier than thou, and when the Lord they god shall deliver them up before thee, and thou shalt smite them, and thou shalt utterly destroy them (Deut. 7:1-2).

The land of Canaan was ALWAYS preoccupied. Moses had to come up with elaborate myths to justify the stealing of the land he supposedly promised people via some crazed loony like Moses (himself a murderer). God’s Power works for great propaganda–because God can get away with anything (and apparently so can his so-called self-chosen people).

Even when Abraham, the great patriarch, left his homeland in the East of Ur he was met with strangers already living there. Canaan may have been a place of milk and honey but it was always occupied with some settlers of one sort or another. But we modern day naiveties are not supposed to know these things. We are supposed to be gullible pushovers.

Whereas Caucasian Jews, a great majority who have NO genetic connection to ancient Judea or the people of David (see: Schlomo Sands’ The Invention of the Jewish People) as they become more and more secular need to ask themselves why they feel honoring a religion that is not even based on a solid form of humanitarianism is something the rest of the world should just value?

Why should any secular or democratic nation or people support the idea of a Jewish state or for the matter a Christian or Muslim state as theocracy? If Israelis want to base their country on old ideas then let them get support from kindred countries. Jews have no right assuming democracies or republics should feel some obligation to support their authoritarian natures.

European countries should be advocating for the secularization of the entire Middle East (not the secularization automatically means more moral society) but it is obvious the Abrahamic religions have not come up with true utopias either.

What is it Jews and Christians don’t understand about American Foreign Policy?

The United States of America is NOT a theocracy–no matter how many people of faith live in this country (and no matter how naïve many are).

The foundation of our political system is based on a Constitution written by human beings. It is not based on some religious doctrine, teaching or supernatural dogma.

Unlike the dogmatic propaganda of the ancient Bible in which an autocratic and monarchical God ruled–We the People were given the right to rule through elected representation.

Israel and the United States ARE NOT based on the same principles–in fact we are the opposite. It is time the American people understood important disparities between a recalcitrant nation that claims some supernatural deity gave them a land (which had already been pre-occupied by others before the so-called days of Moses) and a nation founded on rights for all inhabitants (however imperfectly in practice).

Political debates in this country, such as the recent GOP debate of August 2015, have turned more and more into disinformation campaigns while spending more energy and passion arguing for what the Israeli citizens should have (people who do not elect our leaders or pay our taxes) than what is truly in the best interest of the American people and real national security.

Too many of America’s elected leaders have been usurped by the Israeli lobby and the Neo-Con-Artist agenda. How is it they can so dominate debates and spiel out misinformation and lies? Is it simply because they represent right-wing Israeli interests and therefore they are beyond reproach–no matter how fatal and flawed their previous projects–as if they were some holier-than-thou high-priest class of pundits?

Now the NeoCon Artists want to kill the Iran deal in order to get us into ANOTHER WAR!!!! And not just another war but a huge world war. These people who cannot accept peace should be the ones hanging at the end of a rope–these traitors to the American peoples’ good will.

It’s time to call it the way it is–clear sight not blind sight.

The End

[Note 1: If you feel this message is important, then by all means, email, fax, print, manually mail, propagate, tweet, twitter, and publish to all that Paul Revere and Thomas Paine would gather. It is very important other people help spread worthy ideas. If you have ways of sharing this with members of the House of Representatives or Senators please do (our any important mailing list. These issues are historically important.