Yes, There Will Be Election Fraud, On A Grand Scale


*America’s election system is designed only to give the theater of
democracy with none of the substance*

(RINF) – It is a virtual certainty that the American establishment will resort to
election fraud to help Hillary Clinton. They simply do not know what to do
about Donald Trump. America’s election system was not designed to handle a
phenomenon like him, a non-politician, a man with some genuinely fresh
anti-establishment views, who quickly rides a wave of popularity to do a
hostile take-over, as it were, of a major old-line party.

America’s election system is designed to give the theater of democracy with
virtually none of the substance, but even in the face of that reality,
election fraud in America still has a long history. Even though we are
usually talking about two establishment candidates representing two
establishment parties, the competitive instincts of the two rival gangs,
each eagerly seeking power and privileges and appointed offices for
themselves and their adherents, have often resulted in vote fraud. How much
greater is the impulse now in that direction to defend against a candidate
who actually wants to change something?

Despite an unprecedented spectacle of the press acting as a national public
disinformation system united in one goal, to discredit Trump, including
even polls deliberately engineered with sampling errors to give a false
view of what is happening, and a massive effort to build Hillary up into
something she is not, a decent human being, the momentum for Trump

Even if you don’t have reliable numbers, you can just feel it from the very
desperation of the establishment. The President spends much of his time
flying around making insipid speeches for his party, the newspapers leap to
publish every unconfirmed negative report about Trump or such absolute
trivia as this or that movie star or pop star saying what an awful man
Trump is. And you have to ask where all these voices were during decades of
business deals in the great cities of America and other places which saw
successful projects springing up all over with fanfare and publicity.

No, it is only now that the establishment actually feels of the hot breath
of popular revolt against much of what it has done over the last two
decades – its uniquely poisonous policy brew of constant war and completely
ignoring most Americans – that we get this explosion of rumors, unproved
accusations, and Joseph McCarthy-style innuendo. Before that, Trump was a
highly productive member of society welcome at public events of every kind.
After all, wealth and celebrity are always welcome in America. It is only
change that is not.

Critics are right about a lot of unpleasant things in America, and their
voices are simply not heard in its tight little press oligopoly. Is
America’s establishment right about Syria? About Libya? About Yemen? About
Israel? About NATO? About Russia? China? Being right in America today can
be quite lonely.

America invented marketing. It is one of its few truly original
contributions to culture. And the arts of marketing are intensely at work
in politics there, to the extent there is often almost no substance despite
all the carefully-packaged words. The immediate period after an American
election resembles the experience of a person who has purchased a new
product which quickly proves to work nothing like the advertising promises
said it would.

American elections closely resemble a marketing battle between two
oligopolistic corporations, as between Coke and Pepsi or McDonald’s and
Burger King. There are only two parties and that situation is controlled
through countless institutional and regulatory gimmicks put into place by
the two parties themselves.

America’s campaign financing system is a deliberate and effective method to
discourage the birth or growth of any new parties. It is what economists
call a barrier to entry into a market, the kind of thing which keeps
non-political oligopolistic markets from becoming more competitive. The
little ones are allowed to just struggle along on the margins for
appearances and owing to the disproportionately high cost of eliminating
them too

Most of the noise and intensity of American elections are just hollow, but
it is the kind of stuff to which Americans are exposed in their economic
life, day-in or day-out, so for ordinary people without the time to be
well-informed, nothing could sound more normal.

That is what is so different about Trump. Despite his flaws and distasteful
tendency to be a bigmouth, on some really important matters, matters of
life and death, he is speaking truth and speaking it plainly. There is a
kind of revolutionary quality in parts of his message. Of course, this in
part reflects the fact that he has never before been a politician, only a
successful, hard-nosed actor in the economic sphere.

That is something new in American elections, and the establishment is
rather shaken by it. Therefore, the American press has created and
sustained an unparalleled campaign of highly biased and even vicious
reporting and commentary.

People abroad do not realize that about 90% of what Americans hear comes
from just six big companies, none of whom, you may be sure, is interested
in change and especially anything even slightly revolutionary. National
broadcasting and national press have been so consolidated through years of
massive mergers that there is no real alternative voice reaching most

And those huge news corporations – intimate members of the establishment,
always supporting the government of the day in its imperial wars and
projects – have made a concerted effort to diminish and demean Trump.
Equally, they have universally praised and supported Clinton, despite her
dark record of unethical personal behavior and violent public acts, despite
having been responsible for the deaths of thousands of women and their

Never mind Trump’s private off-color remarks, here is a woman married for
decades to a genuine sexual predator, a man who was having sex with a young
intern right in the Oval Office. And she wants to bring him back into
affairs in Washington, having promised to give him responsibility for

Why did she tolerate decades of his disgraceful and even criminal behavior?
Because it gave her serious leverage over him in office, whether as
Governor of Arkansas or President of the United States. We have a hundred
voices telling us of her violent temper and demands and the central role
she would assume even though elected to no office.

She has always been about one thing only, and that is to enjoy power over
others which she has exercised with brutal intensity, all while maintaining
a bug-eyed, laughing face in public. She is without question a genuine

Even when we see fascinating revelations about her inside political
maneuvering and dishonesty from leaks on the Internet, the national press
manages largely to ignore them or to diminish them. They do not catch fire.
The techniques of public relations and damage control – outgrowths of
marketing principles and psychological manipulation techniques – are
employed to suffocate any fires.

We do see signs that the Internet is starting to have some real impact with
the general population, and to the extent that is true, we also see the
establishment working towards suppressing alternate and independent voices
on the Internet by a variety of means.

America uses an awkward expression, “controlling the narrative,” to
describe what the establishment is quietly undertaking, always trying not
to assume the open appearance of old Soviet-style suppression of
information or the promotion of heavy-handed disinformation while in fact
assuming the substance of their purpose.

In the longer term, I am not convinced they can succeed. The Internet is an
almost uncontrollable force, that is unless you actually suppress and
control aspects of the Internet itself, something recent remarks by Obama –
a man who is a strict disciple of secrecy and inner-sanctum privilege –
suggest in vague and politically-correct language, there may well be
efforts underway towards that goal.

This fact only adds to the importance of this election. If Trump loses,
there can be no doubt, the secretive, manipulative, and ruthless Hillary
Clinton will commission whatever efforts are required for information
suppression. After all, a person ruthlessly pursuing war and secretive
manipulation of world affairs can never be a friend to openness and truth,
which are literally enemies of such goals.

The entire business of terror and fighting terror offers a great deal of
latitude this way, suppression in the name of fighting terror, the great
irony, of course, for America being that it does not consistently fight
terror, it frequently employs it as a tool of statecraft. We’ve seen that
in my lifetime in everything from the long covert battle against Castro and
the hideous, pointless war in Vietnam to the employment of jihadists in
Afghanistan, Libya, or Syria.

For some genuine history of American vote fraud, readers should see my
lengthy comment on Obama’s recent speech, in which he told Trump to “stop

  • Dow Jones

    Chump of Klingon who cares….The end is nigh. The culling will begin and it won’t be war with Russia and China that destroys the cancer of USSA and its serial genocide against the entire human family. Like Civil War One (by far our most “successful” in USSAN bodies snagged and bagged) Civil War reloaded will be more vicious than anything our psychopathic anglozionazi elite have unleashed for their enrichment in the past 150 years.

    Everything that USSA has done to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria to name but a few will come home to roost. We are good at slaughter and destruction, millions of our sub-working class, cast-off unemployed, drug dependent, crazed and destitute veterans of Pentacon Kill Industries Inc that have “served” their country’s owners can attest to that. Subterfuge and treachery is our middle name.

    USSANS are armed to the teeth as the entire world and our gubmint knows, vicious, deadly, bigoted and merciless in the extreme and with millions of disgruntled and impoverished trained killers in our midst with multiple axes to grind how long will the local pigs manage to hold out or indeed even consider defending the pedophile regime of Washing town thugs and the thieving banksters and Hollyweird pornographers who have hogged the trough for far too long leaving the rest to feed in the gutter. Killing Trump will only guarantee that the fuse blows….a fuse that was lit when the punks killed the Kennedys and King and then did 9 11 thinking that the sheeple would be too cowed to dare ever resist that consummate outrage.

    When the rioting and inevitable insurrection cranks up after the coming
    electoral fraud our already no-go cities will eventually look like
    bombed out ruined present day Syria and by the time the blood letting
    stops Mexico and Canada will be reeling like Europe from millions of
    hapless and displaced refugees. Then and only then will real change finally come to this failed, criminal, fascist mess called USSA. It is after all merely the continuation and enactment of the chosen sect’s favorite “doctrine” of “controlled chaos”, as the foul Anaconda Rice put it during the USSAN financed bloodbath of the zionist onslaught on Lebanon in ’06, “the birth pangs of a new Middle East,” or indeed in this case the death pangs of an aborted, stunted ghoul that the world can well do without.

    Karma ALWAYS comes back to enact its price and here it will be no different than at any other juncture in history.

    • Bob Beal

      And the rural firing ranges are banging away — wonder what the ammo sales stats would reveal?

  • MyWikiDisQus

    The criminal establishment needs the country to vote in order to execute the swindle. Without the popular vote the State Electors (i.e. Electoral College) will have to abstain from casting their vote for president if the majority of the country refuses to fall for the deception.

    The federal bureaucracy is funded through September of 2017 and will continue to perform its administrative duties (e.g., issue social security checks, pay Medicare claims, etc.). This gives the States plenty of time to hold new elections with candidates the nation’s electorate really wants, not what the political party elitists want.

    If the people vote, then Hillary will probably win because the voting system is rigged. If we don’t vote then Hillary can’t win unless she’s got the 538 State electors in her back pocket too.

    What can Trump do about it other than filing a lawsuit in federal court challenging the election like Al Gore did? You know how that turned out, Gore won the popular vote over Bush but lost the electoral vote and the nation got George W. Bush. Nine months later, the federal government coup know as 9/11 happened.

    The only way to stop Hillary and World War III is to not vote on Tuesday, November 8th. Stay home, save the republic.

    • doodaa

      Sounds good but the “Hitlerys” will still vote.

      • ahuxley

        Actually, MWDQ sounds like a Clinton shill trying to get “Trump” voters to stay home.

        • doodaa


  • Bob Beal

    “Vote fraud” is too close to “voter fraud”; and I’m assuming you intend “election fraud” or “electoral fraud”?

    • doodaa

      Get a life.

      • Bob Beal

        What a reactionary reply!

        Words matter. Voter fraud is virtually nonexistent, election fraud is effectively systemic. Big difference.

  • Edward Huguenin

    The rigging of elections with fraud and corruption is interfering with our government and a crime against all Americans. It is also an act of terror and should be treated as so. How can one face their children and say I voted for her. I have been a lifelong Democrat and I will cast my vote for Jill Stein. She may not win but at least I know I voted for a candidate who does not belong in prison. How sad it is that so many good people are tuned into Hillary when she should be treated as a Terrorist.

    • doodaa

      I prefer Jill Stein myself, but, lets face it. A vote for her is just taking away a must needed vote for Trump. You said it yourself “she may not win”. She won’t win. I urge you to reconsider or you might as well put the most evil person ever in politics as President of the US.

      • ahuxley

        I couldn’t agree more.

        • doodaa

          Thank you ;)

      • azrevasive

        I’m voting for Ralph Nader.

    • JosephConrad



    • RrenegadeProphet

      There will be no more presidents and the vote rigging will be used to keep the evil bastard obama in office until they have America destroyed in the coming planned WW3!

      The entire government are evil treasonous criminals! The day of the next
      false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran,
      America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the
      war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the
      toxic chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past decade.
      Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but by
      then, 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil

  • ddearborn


    Going on behind the scenes is a race. A race to muzzle the incredible power unleashed by what was until recently at least in the US, an unregulated and wide open source of massive amounts of data, information and the infinite possibilities that all brings to the common man. Many countries have already effectively put that genie back in the bottle. America however, is still a work in progress. Specifically, the elites made sure to get a corner on the search engine market. Google, Yahoo, Bing and duck duck go among others are all safely in the fold. In the case of this election, they are all pro Clinton and rabidly anti-Trump. Varies studies have recently concluded that google alone has the power to swing the vote by up to 20 percentage points. Make no mistake, they have been working toward this goal for years. Many of the largest political and social websites are already compromised as well. For example, if you scan through the top 100 most visited conservative websites, you will be amazed to find a large majority of them are actually attacking Mr. Trump and/or supporting Hillary either directly or indirectly.

    Clearly it is not just the big 6 main stream media corporations that are threatening the American people. You must include the big 4 search engines; You Tube and the 2 big social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Curiously enough these entities have 4 things in common. They all lean far to the left which means they are pro war in the Middle East, pro unbridled immigration, pro choice, anti-white, pro gay and lesbian anti-traditional family, anti-1st, 2nd and 4th amendments etc. They are all rabid supporters of anything and everything Pro Israel and anti-Palestinian. Perhaps most importantly to understand why this is happening you must understand that all these corporations are owned/controlled by zionists. Most of these zionists are dual citizen israelis. Consequently, they all hate Donald Trump. And all of them are actively censoring and manipulating news, information, search results and content to benefit Israel and Clinton.

    Clearly the fact that Hillary has demonstrated her willingness to betray America in order to do Israel’s bidding and Trumps stating his unwillingness to grant Israel special treatment, let alone carte blanche has a LOT to do with the venomous attacks against Mr. Trump by these entities . The fact that it is billionaires who own/control these corporations that would directly benefit from trade agreements that Clinton has supported since day one and Trump vows to block, not to mention endless supplies of cheap labor and chaos that wide open immigration has brought which Mr. Trump also vows to stop, increases their hatred of him. In the final analysis, what it takes for these people to commit treason isn’t being motivated by partisan politics or even religious fundamentalism. No, this handful of men who are busy conspiring with corrupt members of Congress, the FED, much of Washington and Wall Street, even some members of the Supreme Court to take down the Republic are driven by a political ideology-zionism and plain old fashioned greed. So when your children ask you how Hillary won, when it was obvious so many more people voted for Mr. Trump, tell them the truth: TRAITORS WHO OWE THEIR FEALTY TO ISRAEL COUPLED WITH THEIR MONEY AND THE POWER THAT WEALTH BRINGS TO COERCE/CORRUPT THOSE THAT DON’T.