A number of years ago I was at an antiwar protest in St. Petersburg, FL where one of my fellow protesters was holding a sign that said, “The U.S. military is killing innocent people in Iraq.”

Within moments, a person who said he was in the Army began screaming at the protester saying, “I just came back from Iraq where I was fighting for your freedom. Without the military you wouldn’t have the right to protest.”  The protester, himself an Army veteran, replied, “you look good for someone who is over 200 years old, because that was the last time the U.S. fought a war for freedom.”

The returning soldier tried to argue that the attacks on 9/11 were a threat to the Constitution, but his argument was weak and he eventually scurried off.  I don’t know if he really felt he went to Iraq to protect free speech, or he was just angry that we were protesting something he believed in (which would have been ironic), but he wasn’t the first or last person I’ve heard claim that the U.S. fights wars overseas to protect the rights of U.S. citizens.

In fact, I’m hearing it a lot today in the context of players in the NFL taking a knee while the National Anthem is played before games. “You’re disrespecting the military – the men and women who are fighting for your right to protest” is the ultimate rationale offered by those who disagree with the players peaceful protest.  Sadly, many in the NFL take the bait and say, “I thank the military for their service and for giving me the right to protest.”  The U.S. war machine couldn’t hear sweeter words as NFL players are unwittingly being used by the war machine to glorify the military, thus normalizing U.S. wars abroad.  (As a side note, NFL players’ protest is not actually covered by the First Amendment — it only applies to public space, not privately-owned spaces such as NFL stadiums.)

In the first eight months of his presidency, Donald Trump’s military has dropped bombs in seven countries.  Can anyone explain to me how any of those bombs were dropped to protect American’s First Amendment rights? (Note: Barack Obama’s military also dropped bombs in the same seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Libya.)  Does anyone really think that Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Kony, al-Shabab, Muammar Gaddafi or even ISIS had/have the intention, let alone the ability to invade the United States, take over the government and shred the Bill of Rights?  If so, I’m open to listening to the reasoning.

Yet somehow to this day it appears that this misguided belief remains the norm. It can be argued that the U.S. military fights overseas for empire, for oil, or for corporations. But I’m still waiting for a logical argument that the U.S military fights wars in foreign lands to protect the rights given to Americans in 1791.

  • Sophia Jones

    I’ve just about had it when I hear people in the military tell me that I am “allowed” to protest because of them. If that weren’t such a sad statement it would be hilarious (just goes to show how uneducated our society is). I believe that for the most part, people in the military are brainwashed because how else can you tell hundreds of thousands of humans that it’s OK to kill other humans?

  • lilbear68

    instead of giving the prima donnas in pro sports the the opportunity to take a knee how bout we DONT play the national anthem at the sports events seeing as the event has nothing to do with the nation or the constitution and only serves to make these athletes millionaires

    • Chris Ernesto

      I agree, and have never understod why it is played at sporting events anyway.

  • cettel

    What about World War II?

    • Chris Ernesto

      Depending on what version of history you believe, WWII may or may not have had anything to do with American’s freedom. Either way, the current U.S. wars certainly don’t.

      • cettel

        That’s a bizarre response. If the U.S. had not entered WW II, then Hitler and Hirohito and Mussolini would undoubtedly have emerged victorious, and then they would have carved up the world between themselves, but Hitler would dominate clearly outside Asia, and the U.S. would be ruled today by the German Nazis. You think that that might have been ‘freedom’ but few people here would agree. America gradually became a fascist country anyhow, but if Hitler had won, it would be vastly worse than it is. Get real! You’re blind to some important realities.

  • madrino

    The revolutionary war was a farce as the Bank of North America and the First Bank of the United States CORPORATIONS (Which is exactly what is says in the vote to create the banks and sell script) were sold mostly to overseas investors. Alexander Hamilton, Robert Morris, George Washington and John Adams should have been hung along with the traitors that called themselves federalists that voted for this abomination. US revolution was a masonic revolution, a fraud from the beginning and was not for freedom but for the controlling interests and a foothold in the “new world”. War of 1812 was to wrestle away control of the country away from the vipers and scoundrels as Andrew Jackson put it of Europe. US paid back principle plus interest on the death of the first bank from 1811 to 1815. (source – St Louis Fed – History of the first and second banks of the United States). The CiIvil war did exactly what it was supposed to do and give control of the United States back to its’s “owners”. The DC Organic Act of 1871 gave ownership of the US after it’s bankruptcy to the owners as the US was given a governor, DC was created from Georgetown and Washington and was established as a separated entity from the rest of the country. The Mexican American war was a false flag as the US military was in Mexico when it came under attack. The Spanish American War was another false flag as the Maine was not mined but later found out to have been an accident in the 70s by Admiral Rickenbacker, something that was know at the time but yellow journalism sent us to war anyway. The Federal Reserve Act, Income tax act and Selective service act guaranteed that the US was going to enter into WWI one way or another. US now has 12 governors that act. n behalf of it’s owners. Previously Jacob Schiff, Zionist bankers and the Wilson Administration ( the most evil and corrupt administration in the history of the United States), funded the Bolsheviks and founded the Soviet Union which, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn has pointed out in several of his books, led to the murder of 60 million Russians and nearly 100 million Christians by the NKVK/Cheka and the Red Army starting with the slaughter of it’s own and the war against Poland in 1918 to 1921. As Books by Smedley Butler (War is a Racket -1935) and H. G. Wells (The Shape of Things. to Come) not only suggest but verify, but the US and European Bankers and Industry were running money to the NAZIs and had set up the Danzig Corridor for the Flashpoint of WWII by the time of the Peace Treaty at Versailles! So the US et. al. funded the creation of the Soviet Union and the NAZIs of Germany. It keeps on coming as a student of Yale, Skull and Bones – China and funded by the Rockefellers was Mao Zedong. US funded this revolution as well. What you will not read in your history books is the The Young Turks of the Armenian Genocide were Sabatean Jews, almost 8 of 10 Commissars of the Soviet Union were Jews, in James Bacque’s book “Other Losses”, the US under Henry Morganthau starved to death nearly 10 million German Soldiers AFTER WWII, as in the Rhine Meadows Death Camps and others run by the US, UK, France and USSR and some others.

    The US was and is a military fraud that has NEVER fought for freedom of any people other than power, wealth and access of it’s owners. US supported Pol Pot in Cambodia, Suharto in Indonesia, the installation of the Shaw and the creation of the SAVAK in Iran, carpet bombed Korea into oblivion, has performed the most evil acts of any war machine in the history of man with testing on it’s own people and psychological warfare the likes of which the NAZIs were mere amatures at compared to the OSS/CIA. By the way, those concentration camps in France and Poland were never bombed but Germany was firebombed relentlessly since 1942 by US and UK and it was nearly every large city not just Dresden and they did it over and over. The concentration camps had soccer field, performing arts centers, child care facilities… Why not just let them squirm and die of starvation as the US did to the Germans after WWII or the Soviet did to their own people as they did in the Ukraine in Holodomor, or just dig pits and slaughter them all as the Soviet (an American subsidiary, 40% of which the infrastructure came from the United States and supported by Roosevelt, Harriman, Bush (before Prescott there was Samuel Bush of the War Industries Board) and a host of others), and the same for Red China and all of the other operations of the US military.

    As Kissinger stated to Haig, Military men are animals whose only use is to form foreign policy. Wilson thought most were feeble minded as did Teddy Roosevelt in his Eugenics letter to Davenport in which he states that most people are not suitable for reproduction. Then there is William Casey who stated to Ronald Reagan that “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.

    The leadership of the US has nearly always been a pack of liars, using the Platonic noble lie to tell the masses what they want to hear and perform their acts of deceit in secret. Greeks and Romans felt that 85 to 90% of the people were incapable of governing themselves.

    Who runs this world order? The JudeoMasonic order. Your god damned deep state has been operation right in front of your eyes.

  • madrino

    Samuel Johnson made his famous pronouncement that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel on the evening of April 7, 1775. Why? It is a tool used by those in power to hold power and to keep people from thinking for themselves. The Beatles wrote a song called Revolution which, in which it states among other reasons not to follow those that hate:
    “You say you’ll change the constitution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change your head
    You tell me it’s the institution
    Well, you know
    You’d better free your mind instead.

    Freedom is the ability to live, learn, and think for yourselves. Patriotism is nothing more than a tactic to keep people in the dark and fight for kill one another for purposed other than what is good and decent. Indeed, war is the absolute sickest device in which every imaginable abomination by humans against creator and creation is performed. Vietnam’s Phoenix project to current day depravities that are so horrific that nothing is safe and all are harmed. Look at the photos of the people of Depleted Uranium, White Phosphorus, Tactical Nukes (Yes, we used them in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and other places). US JudeoMasonic order was heavy into profiting from the Opium Wars – Look up such merchants as Perkins, Russell, Delano, Astor, Bering, Forbes (Steve Forbes fortune came from opium), and a large number of others. US built railroads in China during the Opium Wars as trade was out of Turkey. UK and Sassoon, et. al, wiped out millions in India, moving opium to China forcing it up their nose for payment for the spice, cloth and other merchant trades (UK probably the sickest nation of the last 500 years starting with the Levant Co., the East India Company – Also look up the Boer wars where UK starved millions of Africans to death for diamonds and gold, just as the Spanish and Portuguese did in Latin America.