US Universities of Shame: Part II

A previous article discussed the American Studies Association (ASA). Its boycott of Israeli academic institutions matters.

It followed Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) members unanimously approving one last April.

They acted responsibly. Doing so reflects growing BDS support. It’s happening in Europe. It’s gaining US adherents.

They reject Israeli lawlessness. They deplore occupation harshness. They denounce decades of crimes of war, against humanity and genocide.

Over 90 US college and university presidents are polar opposite. They support wrong over right. They did it disgracefully. They violate fundamental moral, ethical, and legal standards doing so.

They ignored cold hard facts. They ignored decades of Israeli high crimes. They ignored its viciousness. They ignored its contempt for Islam. They ignored how it treats non-Jews.

They support racist persecution without saying so. They turned a blind eye to occupation harshness.

They ignored Israeli academia in league with IDF militarism and lawless aggression. They ignored what demands condemnation. More on this below.

Hall of shame institutions include:

American University (President Cornelius M. Kerwin)
Amherst College (President Carolyn A. Martin)
Barnard College (President Debora Spar)
Birmingham Southern College (President Charles C. Krulak)
Boston University (President Robert A. Brown)
Bowdoin College (President Barry Mills)
Brandeis University (President Frederick M. Lawrence)
Brooklyn College, CUNY (President Karen Gould)
Brown University (President Christina Hull Paxton)
Carnegie-Mellon University (President Subra Suresh)
Case Western Reserve University (President Barbara R. Snyder)
City University of New York (Interim Chancellor William P. Kelly)
Colgate University (President Jeffrey Herbst)
College of Charleston (President P. George Benson)
Columbia University (President Lee C. Bollinger)
Cornell University (President David Skorton)
Dartmouth College (President Philip J. Hanlon)
Dickinson College (President Nancy Roseman)
Drexel University (President John A. Fry)
Duke University (President Richard H. Brodhead)
Emory University (President James Wagner)
Florida Atlantic University (Interim President Dennis J. Crudele)
Florida International University (President Mark B. Rosenberg)
Fordham University (President Joseph M. McShane, S.J.)
Franklin & Marshall College (President Daniel R. Porterfield)
George Washington University (President Steven Knapp)
Georgetown University (President John J. DeGioia)
Goucher College (President Sanford J. Ungar)
Hamilton College (President Joan Hinde Stewart)
Harvard University (President Drew Gilpin Faust)
Haverford College (President Daniel Weiss)
Indiana University (President Michael McRobbie)
Johns Hopkins University (President Ronald Joel Daniels)
Kenyon College (President Sean M. Decatur)
Lafayette College (President Alison Byerly)
Lehigh University (President Alice P. Gast)
Loyola University Maryland (President Rev. Brian F. Linnane, S.J.)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (President L. Rafael Reif)
Michigan State University (President Lou Anna K. Simon)
Middlebury College (President Ron Liebowitz)
New York University (President John Sexton)
Northwestern University (President Morton O. Schapiro)
Ohio State University (President Joseph A. Alutto)
Pennsylvania State University (President Rodney Erickson)
Princeton University (President Christopher L. Eisgruber)
Purdue University (President Mitch Daniels)
Ramapo College (President Peter Philip Mercer)
Rhode Island College (President Nancy Carriuolo)
Rider University (President Mordechai Rozanski)
Rutgers University (President Robert Barchi)
Smith College (President Kathleen McCartney)
Stanford University (President John L. Hennessy)
State University of New York (Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher)
Swarthmore College (President Rebecca Chopp)
Touro College and University System (Executive Vice President Rabbi Moshe D. Krupka)
Trinity College (President James F. Jones, Jr.)
Tufts University (President Anthony P. Monaco)
Tulane University (President Scott S. Cowen)
University of Alabama (Chancellor Robert E. Witt)
University of California System (President Janet Napolitano)
University of California, Berkeley (Chancellor Nicholas Dirks)
University of California, Davis (Chancellor Linda P. B. Katehi)
University of California, Irvine (Chancellor Michael V. Drake)
University of California, San Diego (Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla)
University of California, San Francisco (Chancellor Sue Desmond-Hellmann)
University of Chicago (President Robert J. Zimmer)
University of Cincinnati (President Santa J. Ono)
University of Connecticut (President Susan Herbst)
University of Delaware (President Patrick T. Harker)
University of Florida (President J. Bernard Machen)
University of Illinois System (President Robert A. Easter)
University of Illinois at Chicago (Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares)
University of Illinois at Springfield (Chancellor Susan J. Koch)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Chancellor Phyllis Wise)
University of Kansas (Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little)
University of La Verne (President Devorah Lieberman)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (President Freeman Hrabowski)
University of Maryland, College Park (President Wallace D. Loh)
University of Miami (President Donna E. Shalala)
University of Michigan (President Mary Sue Coleman)
University of Minnesota (President Eric Kaler)
University of Pennsylvania (President Amy Gutmann)
University of Pittsburgh (Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg)
University of Rochester (President Joel Seligman)
University of Southern California (President C. L. Max Nikias)
University of Texas, Austin (President William C. Powers)
University of Vermont (President Tom Sullivan)
Washington University in St. Louis (Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton)
Wesleyan University (President Michael S. Roth)
Willamette University (President Stephen Thorsett)
Yale University (President Peter Salovey)
Yeshiva University (President Richard M. Joel)

Perhaps others will join them. They’ll do so shamefully. It reflects supporting high crimes against peace.

It endorses them against humanity. It declares wrongdoing doesn’t matter. It demeans millions of long-suffering Palestinians. It denies their right to long denied justice.

It says racist persecution is OK. So is cold-blooded murder, torture and other forms of abuse. It supports the worst of Israeli crimes.

It ignores history. It ignores what university and college presidents are supposed to know. It ignores what school curricula should feature. It shames their contempt for what’s right.

It gives pause to what faculty members teach students. It suggests air brushing vital truths is standard practice. Ignoring what’s most important can’t be tolerated.

Harvard supports wrong over right. Its motto is “VERITAS (truth).” Its shield displays it. So do student rings. Support for Israeli lawlessness defiles it. Harvard is one of the above 90+ schools.

A previous article discussed an Alternative Information Center (AIC) report titled “Academic Boycott of Israel and the Complicity of Academic Institutions in Occupation of Palestinian Territories.”

Numerous Israeli colleges and universities have disturbing histories. They support colonization, occupation and apartheid.

They turn a blind eye to Israeli crimes of war, against humanity and genocice. They’re in league with the worst of Israeli militarism.

Current and former high ranking military and security officials teach students. Doing so manipulates their minds. It legitimizes Israeli high crimes.

Indoctrination begins early. Militarism is a dominant part of Israeli society. Young Israeli men and women are required to perform military service.

Various considerations exempt some from doing so. Most Israeli leaders are former high-ranking IDF officers.

Politics and militarism are inextricably connected. So is Israel’s entire educational system. It begins very early in life.

Israeli children are indoctrinated to be warriors. Doing so is ingrained in Israeli culture. Many military bases are located within or near population centers.

Few Israelis of virtually any age ever spend a day without seeing security forces on duty. They openly display weapons. They give an impression of an armed camp.

Armed forces and security elements include Israel’s military, its police (including conscripted Border Police), General Security Services (GSS), and Jewish militias.

Recruitment, training and indoctrination include:

wearing an official uniform, having an official document, or other ways of signifying IDF or other security force involvement;

promoting or supporting IDF actions; doing so actively or through other means; and/or

undergoing practical or theoretical training; performing or assisting IDF activities; doing so formerly or otherwise.

At age 18, conscription is mandatory. Younger children may volunteer. Child recruitment is done informally. Israel takes full advantage of formative years.

Military service is called “noble and worthy.” Youths are taught to believe it’s a privilege. It’s a way of thinking. It’s drummed into young minds.

It’s called a desirable way to solve problems. Israeli children are taught this in school. It prepares them for military service.

It begins in kindergarten or sooner. Military personnel are physically present in schools, classrooms and related activities. They teach students. They indoctrinate minds too young to know better.

Principals and teachers are retired career officers. School walls are adorned with photos and names of fallen heroes.

Field trips for all ages visit military memorials. They’re on former battlegrounds. Curricula, textbooks, and classroom discussions feature militarism.

They do so from kindergarten through high school. It continues in higher education. Mandatory programs include preparation for IDS training and service.

Heroes are glorified. Arabs are vilified. Symbolic recruitment precedes conscription. It’s part of state-sponsored indoctrination.

Children are prepared to become warriors. They’re taught to hate Arabs. They’re made to feel comfortable about mobilizing for war. They’re encouraged to be eager to participate.

A 1974 teachers’ guide titled “When a Nation Reports for Duty” promoted militarism, saying:

“The Entire people carry the burden of the war effort, and it is divided between those who wear the IDF uniform and the civilians who are not directly recruited by the IDF.”

“Therefore it should be understood that (every) civilian carries the burden of the war effort.”

It’s a war against Islam. It’s against Palestinian rights. It’s against peace, equity and justice.

Education in Israel indoctrinates young children. It does so to fight, kill, and believe it’s the right thing to do. They’re taught to accept militarism and belligerence as a way of life.

IDF officials operate at least two large-scale youth programs. The Teacher-Soldier one trains military personnel to teach.

They do so in classrooms from kindergarten through higher education. They complement civilian staff.

The Youth-Guide is a second initiative. It works with underprivileged children. It includes Youth Battalions. Preparation for Military Service coordinators are involved.

They dress in military attire. They report to civilian and IDF superiors. They promote militarism and wars.

They call lawless aggression self-defense. They indoctrinate children to believe this. Youths get the same treatment. So do college and graduate students.

Doing so mixes militarism with civilian life. It promotes conscription. It does so as natural, inevitable, necessary and desirable.

It’s considered a rite of passage. Children and youths are taught to believe it prepares them for adulthood.

A 1984 guide called “Towards Service in the IDF” called serving a privilege.

It explained adapting to military and basic training. It covered fitness in preparation.

It promoted IDF service as a positive force in society. It targeted parents. It did so to manipulate their minds. At issue was getting them to accept their children’s role as future warriors.

A new millennium program is called “Willingness to Serve and Readiness for the IDF.” It’s mandatory. It targets high school students.

It prepares Israeli youths for IDF service. It does so “while strengthening their readiness and willingness to perform a substantial and contributing service, each to his abilities, and emphasizing the importance of serving in combat units.”

Content includes legacy stories. They’re presented on field trips. So-called ethics of war are taught.

Familiarization with IDF units is stressed. Physical education is featured. So is Arabic studies. It’s to enlist Israeli youths for intelligence.

Procedures are regimented. Discipline is emphasized. A “Soldier for a Day” initiative takes children and youths to military bases.

Presentations follow. Elite combat units are explained. Warrior indoctrination begins early.

Courses include “Preparation for Combat Fitness,” “Youth Battalions Special Forces Induction,” and “Follow Me.”

The so-called “Naale Program” promotes foreign Jewish children immigration. It encourages them to come to Israel. It urges them to attend school. It promotes Israeli citizenship.

It presents military service as a major socializing force. It stresses benefits. It hides IDF lawlessness. Aggression is called self-defense.

Military high schools complement civilian ones. Students wear uniforms. They participate in parades. They’re taught weapons use. Youths are taught to kill early.

Article 77(2) of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions (1977) prohibits recruiting youths under 15.

Israeli military schools do it as young as 13. It’s because militarism defines Israeli society and culture. It does so destructively.

Israel’s only enemies are ones it invents. Young minds are manipulated to believe otherwise.

All Israeli high schools include mandatory Youth Battalion Training Week activities. They simulate military life. They do so for 11th and 12th graders. They do it on military bases.

Activities include reception, processing, orientation, and marches. Night and day weapons and field training are stressed.

Lessons about battle heritage, military ranks, discipline, adapting, service commitment, purity of arms and purpose, as well as additional indoctrination are taught.

For an entire week, youths are surrounded by soldiers. Doing so familiarizes them with military life.

In times of declared emergencies, underage youths are conscripted for combat service. Boys young as 16 get elite combat unit tryouts. It’s ongoing during normal times. It’s done to prepare them for later service.

When Israel wages war, children young as 15 are enlisted for “Labor Service (to protect) the State or public security or for providing vital services to the population.”

All schools cooperate. Children and youths have no choice.

The Israeli Civil Guard is a police-run initiative. In 1974, it was founded. It mobilizes civilians. It does so against alleged Arab attacks. Civil Guard personnel patrol communities. They challenge Palestinians.

They harass them. At times they beat or shoot them. They’re free to do what they please.

Children and youths are taught to believe Arabs are enemies. Doing so legitimizes lawless Israeli practices.

They occur multiple times daily in Occupied Palestine. Israeli Arab citizens are treated like fifth column threats.

Children young as 15 are eligible to become Civil Guard volunteers. Parental consent is required. Youths are armed. Some schools give extra credit for participating.

High school students are enlisted as Emergency Squad members. They’re called on if and when needed.

A 1971 Israeli Police Force in Military Functions stated:

“At times of war or emergency, the Minister is entitled, if the government agrees, to declare the Israeli Police Force, or a part of it, a military force which might be employed in military functions for the protection of the State.”

Children young as 15 guard settlements. They perform other security services. They patrol openly with weapons. They’re trained to use them.

They’re taught to hate Arabs. They’re allowed to harass them freely. Doing so involves threatening them with weapons, striking them, breaking into homes, destroying property, and at times opening fire.

This type indoctrination prepare children and youths to be warriors. It bears repeating. They’re taught to believe Arabs are enemies.

Institutionalized racism is learned early. So is Israeli mythology. It makes folklore and fables look good by comparison.

It includes nonsense about Jewish exceptionalism, a land without people for people without land, Palestinians don’t exist, aggression called self-defense, making the desert bloom, and much more.

Immature minds are indoctrinated with rubbish demanding condemnation. It starts early. It continues throughout school. It teaches new generations to believe militarism, violence and wars are natural.

Imagine an entire educational system devoted to preparing Israeli children and youths for wars without end against invented enemies. Imagine teaching doing so is the right thing to do.

It’s lawless, corrupting and destructive. It makes peace, stability, equity and justice impossible. It makes Israel unfit to live in.

US colleges and universities supporting Israeli militarism, racism, and lawlessness have much to explain. Hopefully students will demand answers.

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