Ukraine: Banning Communism and Donbass Autonomy

Stephen Lendman
RINF Alternative News

All police states operate the same way. Their rules alone apply. International laws, norms and standards are ignored.

Anyone opposing their authority is targeted for elimination. State terror is official policy.

So are one-party rule, rigged elections when held, wars against invented enemies, media control, concentrated wealth and power, and government serving monied interests exclusively.

Kiev’s regime is Nazified, ruthless, belligerent and illegitimate. Elections when held are farcical. They mock real ones.

Ukraine’s US-installed regime reflects the reemergence of Nazism in Europe’s heartland for the first time since WW II.

Kiev officials lie denying it. Their claims don’t wash. They intend passing legislation banning communism, its ideology, symbols, influence and message.

According to justice minister Pavel Petrenko, “before May 9 (victory over Nazism commemorations), parliament will pass a decommunization package.”

It “should have been done 20 years ago,” he added. Ukraine’s fascist parliament “has the sufficient political will and the votes” to ban ideologies opposed to police state rule.

Prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk urged members of parliament to “adopt (this legislation), and to finally ban communist and Nazi ideologies as twin brothers opposed to humanity.”

He and likeminded lunatics running Ukraine support core Nazi ideology.

Earlier on German television, he claimed Russia invaded Nazi Germany. An apology Moscow demanded never followed.

Kiev’s Nazi-infested so-called cabinet of ministers proposed legislative provisions, including:

equating communism to Nazism;

banning symbols representing each ideology;

granting official recognition to Ukrainian independence fighters – including ultranationalist pro-Nazi elements during WW II;

celebrating WW II Victory Day on May 8 – calling it a Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation; and

calling May 9 a day for surviving WW II veterans.

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Ministry human rights representative Konstantin Dolgov responded to proposed Kiev legislation saying equating communism with Nazism is “a highly cynical position.”

It “contradicts international law, including the results of Nuremberg.”

Politicizing May 9 commemoration is way out-of-line, he added. The holiday is sacred to Ukrainians, Russians and other across Europe.

Banning communism is Kiev’s latest police state stunt. Days earlier, its Nazified Security Service (SBU) summoned Communist Party leader Pyotr Symonenko for questioning about his trip to Russia.

They may charge him with crimes “against the foundations of Ukraine’s national security” for comments he made on Russian television.

Earlier this year, Kiev’s ministry of justice unsuccessfully appealed to its district administrative court to ban Communist Party activities.

It called their ruling a “connivance to communists’ procedural terrorism.” Petrenko vowed to pursue the issue further.

Communist Party members are subject to police state persecution. They face fabricated civil and criminal charges.

Their parliamentary bloc was banned by presidential diktat. Rogue states operate this way. Opposition isn’t tolerated. One-party rule runs things.

Separately, Poroshenko declared Ukraine a “unitary state.” He claims strong public support, saying:

“Decentralization has nothing to do with federalization. Ukraine has always been and, I am sure, will remain a unitary state.”

“And it is not because we, on the top, have decided so, but because we regularly study public opinion.”

Fascist regimes crush opposing views. They don’t respect them. They impose their will – forcefully if necessary.

Kiev authorities refuse to grant Donbass local autonomy after pledging to do so.

They’re waging war to prevent it. They’re regrouping and rearming for escalated conflict. It’s just a matter of time before it’s launched.

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