UK Government Caught Censoring Wikipedia To Hide Truth About Bedroom Tax

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RINF Alternative News

Today it emerged that the Wikipedia page of Housing Minister Kris Hopkins has been edited in an effort to censor disturbing information about the Coalition’s controversial Bedroom Tax.

The source of the edit was traced to a computer in Whitehall and attempted to change the words ‘disabled victims’ to ‘disabled people who would pay’.

The Bedroom Tax, introduced in April 2013, is responsible for the deaths of dozens of disabled people who could not survive the financial hardship imposed upon them.

Earlier this year RINF reported that:

“The National Housing Federation sponsored an Ipsos survey that found that 32% of respondents have reduced food spending and 26% have cut down on heating to cope with the tax. 46% of persons surveyed said they needed to borrow money from friends and relatives or others, to pay rent and is putting them into debt.

They also found that 7 in 10 persons were anxious they might be evicted, 76% were concerned they might fall behind in rent payments and 89%, or nearly 9 in 10 are concerned about meeting living costs.”

Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Jon Ashworth criticised the government:

“Spin doctors will clearly go to desperate lengths to pretend the Bedroom Tax is not hurting thousands of people across Britain. Rather than fiddling around on websites, the Tories should just get rid of this unfair tax.”

It is not known who is responsible for the edit and Mr Hopkins was unavailable for comment.