U.S. Tells Iraq: If You Ally w. Russia Against ISIS, You’re Our Enemy


Obama makes clear that America’s war against Russia is more important than America’s war against ISIS.

Eric Zuesse

On October 14th, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the U.S. government had turned down the proposal from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for the U.S. and Russia to cooperate together to eliminate ISIS and other jihadists in Syria and in Iraq. Lavrov said:

We’ve made Americans the proposal announced by President Vladimir Putin yesterday. We suggested that they send a [US] military delegation to Moscow to coordinate a number of joint steps, and after that we could have sent to Washington a top-level delegation led by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, [but] … It is sad that our American colleagues in this case in fact do not side with those who fight against terrorism.

Then, on Tuesday October 20th, as CBS News online reported the following day, “The U.S. has told Iraq’s leaders they must choose between ongoing American support in the battle against militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and asking the Russians to intervene instead. Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Tuesday that the Iraqis had promised they would not request any Russian airstrikes or support for the fight against ISIS.”

However, Iraq already had done precisely that – and had even said that Russia seemed more committed to defeating ISIS than America is. As I summed up on October 10th:

Wednesday, October 7th, Reuters headlined, “Iraq Leans Toward Russia in War on Islamic State,” and reported, from Baghdad, that, “Iraq … wants Moscow to have a bigger role than the United States in the war against the militant group, the head of parliament’s defense and security committee said on Wednesday.”

Earlier, in an interview in English, with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, telecast on October 2nd, France24 TV asked him how he would view an extension of Russia’s anti-ISIS bombing campaign into Iraq, and he said (7:54), “I would welcome it.” 

So, at some time between October 7th and October 20th, the U.S. convinced Iraq’s leaders to, in essence, dis-invite the Russians, instead of to ally with them against ISIS in Iraq. 

Two alternative explanations are possible. Either the U.S. had promised the Iraqis that the U.S. will now really get serious about defeating ISIS in Iraq, or else the U.S. had promised the Iraqis that Iraq would be punished – at the IMF or elsewhere – if Iraq followed through on their announced intention to replace the U.S. with Russia. (Or, of course, the U.S. could have done both – the carrot, and the stick.)

In either case (or both), the U.S. has made clear, to the Iraqis, that America will do anything to defeat Russia – even abandon the fight against ISIS in Iraq, if need be – and that the U.S. will absolutely not ally with Russia against ISIS, under any circumstances.

This makes abundantly clear, to the whole world, that the current American government considers its main enemy to be not jihadists, but Russians.

However, already, U.S. President Barack Obama had made this clear when, in his National Security Strategy 2015, he named Russia on 17 of the 18 occasions in which he charged “aggression.” The 18th instance was not Saudi Arabia, the main funder of jihadists, but instead North Korea, which poses little real threat to any U.S. ally except South Korea, and none at all to the United States. (And, of course, the U.S. President didn’t cite the U.S., which in a 2013 WIN/Gallup International poll was overwhelmingly named the most throughout the world as “the country that represents the greatest threat to peace in the world today.”)


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

  • Bruce

    SO; SAME Difference for US PNAC Attackers, Including 0bomber vis a vis Iraq, STILL!

  • disqus_q0fJBDaGHm

    Considering we killed around a million Iraqis already, they may not consider us as friends.

    • Rod

      Obviously we don’t give a flying F%$# how many people we kill. This is all NWO doing those obscenely filthy rich and powerful 1/100 of a percent of the world population that runs the show.

  • hvaiallverden

    yea, Iraqis, now you know the ruth dont you, the imperial banana republic UssA, was never your freind in the first place, just await and see, even the europeans awaken to that fact because of another allie, Turks creating and the UN sponsoring invasion of europa, all this will backfire upon the Yankyikes.

    There will be no war, simply because the UssA will not winn it, it will be crushed, before it even begins, and the yankyikes wants war, even in the comentary feilds they scream about wars, lett them have it, nuke the shit out of them and they will wack them selfs afterward anyway.

    just do it, nuke the banana republic back to the stone age, and there will be peace on earth.


  • Kevin Wishard

    Take a stand Iraq. Tell the U.S. war criminals to eat the chicken feces that they are.

  • yep

    the american zionist leaders are all terrorists, the people should start arresting these traitors, or do something else which i will not say

    • cettel

      This is the U.S. aristocracy, not only Israel’s! How disgusting it is that bigots such as that get joined by others, who mark the up-arrow on such a thinly veiled anti-semitic comment. Bigots begone! Israel is disgusting, but so are anti-semites.

  • Arlene Lane

    IRAQ should tell the US where to go because they are already suffering a slow death by the USA.

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      • cettel

        Go to hell, spammer!

  • Albert Griggs

    Would YOU want to lose your limbs or die so your politicians can bring HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of those MUSLIMS to live in YOUR country and enjoy the life YOU should have had???

  • desertspeaks

    Israel has pulled the strings of its US PUPPETS and the puppet does as its MASTER ORDERS!

  • 1truthVSlies

    Sounds like they’re admitting ISIS and the US military are one in the same. So all those threats about an ISIS nuclear bomb were really threats by the neocons perpetuated against the United States – treason.

  • Dave Mende

    If Iraq allies with Iran, the Saud Dictatorship cannot win.
    If China sticks with Russia, US may be toast.

  • Sam Kirton

    Iraq’s leaders have learned how to handle the amateurs in Washington, they already plan to vote on this issue and are confident they have the support.


  • Tom Tchikofski

    In other words to Iraq, If you can’t handle our ISIS terror, can you handle our terror?

  • Mick McNulty

    No friend does to a country what the US did.

  • Belarus Goosee

    Any enemy of the US is a friend of mine – with exception to terrorist and especially ISIS !!!!

  • marcus salek

    so what? The us has completely destroyed Iraq, ruined the genetic pool with Uranium, stolen all the artifacts from the museum, Murdered Millions, destroyed historical sites. What else is there to destroy? The country may never recover., What’s left to destroy?

  • Rod

    ISIS is a US creation otherwise why not enlist Russian help in defeating them? Its called regime change it happened in Iraq Libya Ukraine and that’s what’s happening in Syria. Any country that sides with Russia is the enemy even those with a democratically elected government. Also as 1truthVSlies said in their comment that Neoconservatives are the problem take a look who is in power in the US its the Democrats not the Republicans. So get your facts straight.

  • cap

    Iraq can now bring the USA to the ICC for war crimes…A war based on lies. No WMD. Have you all forgotten?