U.S. Congress Now Virtually 100% All-In on Ukraine’s War Against Russia; Americans Are at Least 67% Opposed


Eric Zuesse

Last night, December 11th, the U.S. Senate voted unanimously as the U.S. House had previously voted 98%: to join Ukraine’s war against Russia and against Ukraine’s own ethnic Russians in Ukraine’s southeastern districts, in order to eliminate those resistant Ukrainians and their families.

The U.S. is now throwing down the gauntlet to Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, and daring him to defend openly the ethnic Russians that the U.S.-installed Ukrainian Government is now trying to exterminate in the eastern districts, the places where the present Ukrainian Government is rejected by almost all of the residents.

Those are the districts that had voted about 90% for the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, whom the U.S. overthrew on February 22nd in a violent coup, in which the U.S. paid Ukrainian nazis, or racist-fascists of Ukraine’s Right Sector Party, who masked themselves and dressed themselves as Ukrainian security forces and shot from high places into the “Maidan” crowd of anti-corruption demonstrators, for which shootings the U.S. Government blamed the then-President Yanukovych, since the snipers had dressed as if they were from his security-forces. A special session of Ukraine’s parliament or “Rada” was promptly called to appoint a new leader for the country, and they appointed “Yaz” Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whom the U.S. State Department’s Victoria Nuland had, on February 4th, instructed the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, to get installed as the country’s leader after the coup. Some Rada members were physically threatened by Right Sector gunmen to vote for this change, which then passed overwhelmingly, especially because most of the parliamentarians didn’t even know that the bloodshed had actually been operated by the U.S. However, the EU’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Catherine Ashton, sent an investigator in to determine how the overthrow had occurred, and the investigator, Urmas Paet, informed Ashton on February 26th that “behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.” In other words: it was someone from the group who wanted to remove and replace Yanukovych. Paet said furthermore, that, “it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened.” And so there was no investigation, other than Paet’s own. He went on, in very broken English (he’s Estonian) to tell Ashton: “So that it was in this instance disturbing that if it’s us now to live its own life very powerfully, then it already discreditates from the very beginning also this new coalition.” Ashton ignored his comment, and just said that, “what we’ve got to be very careful of as well, [is] that they need to demand great change, but they’ve got to let the Rada [Parliament] function. If the Rada doesn’t function, then we’ll have complete chaos.” In other words: we’re just going to let those sleeping dogs lie. And they did.

Anyway, she knew. The top foreign-affairs official at the EU knew that the overthrow of Yanukovych, and the replacement of him by this new pro-EU Ukrainian Government, had been hired by someone from the West. She knew that she hadn’t ordered it. She almost certainly understood right away, that America’s White House did.

And so, too, unquestionably, did Petro Poroshenko, who in elections that were then held on May 25th in Ukraine’s northwest – the regions where the new Obama-installed regime was accepted by the public – won the Presidency of Ukraine to replace Yanukovych. He, too, knew that, as Paet had put it, “behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.” We know that he knows this because Paet also told Ashton at the same time that, “what was quite disturbing, the same oligarch [Poroshenko] told that well, all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers, from both sides, among policemen and people from the streets, that they were the same snipers, killing people from both sides.” In other words: this was murdering people at random by firing into a crowd, all the while pretending to be security forces of the Ukrainian Government that the crowd is demonstrating against. That’s Obama’s way of “regime change,” instead of sending in the U.S. armed forces, like George W. Bush did to Iraq. However, virtually all of the U.S. Congress have now voted to donate U.S. weapons to this Ukrainian Government.

The EU is in on the secret, and the President who replaced Yanukovych is, too.

But what about the 98% of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the 100% of the U.S. Senate, who have now voted for the U.S. to donate lethal weapons to this Ukrainian Government. Do they know? Who paid ‘our’ Congress-people for this vote? Was it Lockheed Martin? Was it Boeing? Was it Raytheon? Was it all of them and others, all of whose stocks have been soaring since Obama’s overthrow of Yanukovych?

The U.S. public were asked in a 4 April 2014 Pew poll, whether they backed “sending arms/military supplies, to Ukraine govt.” 30% said yes. 62% said no. 8% were undecided. The ratio of those who had an opinion, 62%/92%, was 67% against, 33% for.

Both the House and Senate bills are for not just “arms/military supplies,” but specifically include “lethal weapons.” And they aren’t just to “send,” but to donate them, because the Ukrainian Government is bankrupt and can carry on its extermination campaign only by additional borrowings from the IMF, the U.S., and EU. All of the new ‘loans’ will go to the back of the line and never be paid. So, at least 67% of Americans are opposed to what virtually 100% of Americans’ ‘representatives’ in Congress have voted for, and it’s war against Russia.

This is the U.S. ‘democracy’ that installed the ‘democracy’ in Ukraine, which on February 22nd overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian President.

Barack Obama hasn’t been as successful at engineering ‘democratic consent’ for war as was George W. Bush, but ‘our’ Government is doing it anyway, and the nuclear weapons are being readied for it.

Furthermore, the entire replacement of Yanukovych was illegally done. The American public is overwhelmingly on the side of the law here, while the American President and Congress are almost uniformly against the law here, but they write the laws; it’s the latter who possesses power in the United States, and the American public don’t actually exist to them, except to be fooled into voting for them, by the billionaires who control companies such as JPMorgan/Chase, and Lockheed Martin and finance political campaigns.

This could turn out to be the path toward a nuclear war against Russia. It could actually be profitable for some people.

And here is a graphic (from the National Priorities project) that shows how influential those people are in the United States:



Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.





  • as*hole congress

    to the US jew congress, fu*k you, you will pay dearly as*holes

    • cettel

      It’s clear that “as*hole congress” is so blitheringly anti-semitic as to blame all Jews for having caused virtually all of Congress, which has only a minority who are Jews, to pass these bills, the vast majority whose beneficiaries are Christians. The corruption is mostly by Christians, and this is a majority-Christian country, but there are some people, such as that one, who are so stupid as to be blinded by their manipulated bigotries and not to see reality — and that’s exactly what the aristocracy wants everyone to be like. Such people are beneath contempt.

      • Greg Straw

        Jewish are we.

      • LowellST13

        Those in congress that you are blaming, are assuredly not CHRISTIANS, THEY are satanic and only quest Power, Control and MONEY…. They are on the Dark Side.. and WE need to stand against them….

      • warisaracketbysmedleybutler

        The 2 most powerful lobbies in America:
        1)Christians United For Israel
        2)American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Originally named American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs until 1963)

        “In 1963 President John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, the United States Attorney General, forced the American Zionist Council to register as a foreign agent. This took away their legal ability to give contributions to public officials. The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was formed later that year (1963).

        The truth isn’t anti-Semitic.

  • Matt

    good luck with that so called war shit for brains america torture terror inc this aint a country that cant defend itself like those pathetic wars you have started, hows libya doing idiots, afghanistan hows that working out for you fools, iraq hows that terror act of yours working out morons, good luck with your bullshit on russia they will not sit around and play your sick game of murder and mayhem on its population, good luck inbreds your gonna need it

    • Journe

      Our soldiers come home with more Permanent
      MENTAL DISORDERS than ever before, more
      SUICIDES THAN EVER before. These wars and
      Tactics and us of Pharma Drugs are devastating lives. Many dont even know what the hell they fighting for. Then come home to
      What?? More of same, just a different country.
      We dont want any of it, but our leaders do.
      It is always what the leaders want.

  • Greg Straw

    The US can win a war with Russia and it will be nice to see this criminal Govt get its face stomped in the dirt…GO RUSSIA

  • leon reaper


    • idiotland

      The good news is this one will be the last one.

  • Journe

    I am a Senior American. I have been 100% against our support for coup in Ukraine with
    Arms and My bit of money. I felt Crimea belonged to Russia period. I see no real reason why Putin would even want a bankrupt Ukraine
    Except perhaps to protect thee borders from a
    Invasion as they seem to suspect was coming.
    Also, I was am against our war on Iraq, invasion elsewhere. AND I HAVE been Republican! Now I cant support either party now in my country. Please dont blame American regular people, Govt ok. Our Govts.
    Have deceived the people for quite long time
    With propagand or lies . Americans did have good, comfortable lives for some time..Blessed
    With plenty, so really hard to pay attention to
    Whats really going on politically and our Media
    In general paints the picture what Govt. Wants us to know. Isnt this true all over our world??
    Now most American people are waking up to
    What really going on and damm scarry. Is it too late to change it? US Revolution? The fear & anger & dissention caused here is by the darn Govt., not the average, struggling good American. Dont lump all the people into this as it is the handful of elite corps, & politicians swayed by money and a very bad executive branch. We call, we write, we email, we get others involved BUT MAJORITY OF POLITICIANS AND PRESIDENT DONT LISTEN TO US. POWER, CONTROL & MONEY SEEMS TO
    RULE MOST GOVTS, EVENTUALLY. The few good newer politicians try but cant get the support of majority of ruling party. In most ways, it seems people all over world would like Peace, freedom, ability to lovev& support their
    Loved ones. Now it is how to do that????