TTiVLIVE! Premiere Episode: Exposing Vinnie Eastwood And Susan Posel

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In this Premiere episode of TTiVLIVE! host Bobby Powell exposes alternative media talk show hosts Vinnie Eastwood and Susan Posel, who for the past month and a half have been accusing rival talk show hosts Pete Santilli and Susannah Cole of stealing $500,000 from the Trucker’s Ride for the Constitution with absolutely zero supporting evidence.

When they failed to get anyone of import to take them seriously, Eastwood and Posel conspired with a wanna-be hacker to forge a fax that implied that Santilli was an FBI informant. The only problem with that is, the fax that they offered as proof of Santilli being an FBI informant has been proven to be a forgery.

But this is only one segment in this exciting Premiere episode. We’ll start out the show with a little of my back story and an update on my wife’s fight against Stage IV Colo-rectal and Liver Cancer; and I have some EXCITING NEWS!

In hour three, from Midnight to 1 a.m. we’ll be taking your phone calls so you can ask me anything you like.
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