The Secret Racism of Obama’s Top Enforcer in Ukraine

Eric Zuesse


U.S. President Barack Obama (via his State Department official Victoria Nuland, and Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt) relied chiefly upon Andrei Parubiy (“the Commandant of Maidan”) to be the CEO of the Ukrainian coup in February 2014, and upon Dmitriy Yarosh to be the coup’s COO – its Chief Operating Officer, which in this case was not so much an executive function as a military-organizing function. Yarosh subsequently emerged to be the COO of Ukraine’s “ATO” or ‘Anti Terrorist Operation,’ the Government’s operation to eliminate the residents in the areas of Ukraine that had voted 90%+ for the man whom Obama’s coup overthrew: Ukraine’s democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych. (If those residents were to vote in future Ukrainian national elections, then a Ukrainian leader like Yanukovych could easily be elected again; so, eliminating the residents in those areas was essential in order to make Obama’s coup stick.) Yarosh was not only the enforcer during the coup itself, but he became the enforcer in its essential follow-through, the “ATO.” (It’s known also as the war against Donbass, or Ukraine’s civil war, among other names or titles of reference.)

Yarosh, who has been the top enforcer during the Maidan demonstrations, and throughout the coup, and in its aftermath through to the ongoing Ukrainian war against the ‘Terrorists’ who reject the Obama-imposed regime, has long been considered one of the top racist-fascists, or ideological nazis, in Ukraine; but, until now, no one has presented any serious case that he’s also an anti-Semite (like the original nazi political party, Hitler’s Nazi Party, were); his public racism has instead always been solely against Russians – which type of racism has become far more acceptable to Europeans and to Americans than is anti-Semitism. Tragically, that widespread acceptance of anti-Russian bigotry resulted from the ‘capitalist’ v. ‘communist’ Cold War, and from people’s tendency to make beliefs into habits even long after the original cause itself (here, anti-communism) has ended – “bad habits” of belief, a common source for all sorts of bigotries. Anti-communism thus morphed into anti-Russianism, throughout the West, so that barbaric tyrants who finance terrorism, such as those that rule Saudi Arabia, can be supported by the West, while merely corrupt rulers in formerly communist nations can be hated in the West and treated as if they were terrorists (or the backers of terrorism) – even though Russia is actually the most consistent opponent of terrorism. (And Viktor Yanukovych never did anything to assist terrorists.)

Crucial background to understand the immediate post-World-War-II CIA operation that ultimately flowered into Obama’s February 2014 Ukrainian coup, was provided by the BBC’s 1992 documentary on the CIA’s Operation Gladio, which documentary interviewed many of the former participants in that CIA operation, an operation that goes all the way back to the CIA’s beginning. It was an operation to recruit ‘former’ Nazis and Fascists in order to produce terrorist acts in Europe designed so as to be blamed as having been caused by communist extremists; but Gladio also included an operation to recruit pro-Hitler emigrees out of Eastern Europe to take advantage of anti-Russian bigotry in Europe in order (again) to assist America’s war against communism. That BBC documentary covered only the Western European part of the operation. However, the Eastern European part was first discussed in a 2006 CIA-NATO document that leaked to Russia and was translated into Russian, and then the Ukrainian part was discussed by the intelligence-expert F. William Engdahl in an article on 28 February 2014, titled, “The Rape of Ukraine: Phase Two Begins.” He didn’t link to earlier documents on this. But fortunately, that 2006 Russian document was posted to the Web. Here is a 26 january 2011 Web-capture of the document. It concerns a 2006 CIA-NATO training camp for Ukrainian nazis, to teach them the skills that ultimately became used in the February 2014 Ukrainian coup. Here that document is shown translated into English. And here, for example, is a photo from it, of a Ukrainian trainee at that CIA-NATO training camp, in which he’s giving the Heil Hitler salute. This ritual there is presumably for building morale in the trainees; most of the other photos are of their military training itself.

(It might be mentioned that yet a third part of Gladio concerned the recruitment of Sunni Islamic jihadists in the Soviet Union and Middle East, to assist in America’s war against communism – and, now, in America’s war against Russia and China.)

I previously had headlined about the Russian-hating Yarosh, “Meet Ukraine’s Master Mass-Murderer: Dmitriy Yarosh,” and I described there his key role both during both the February 2014 Ukrainian coup and also the 2 May 2014 massacre of anti-coup demonstrators inside the Odessa Trade Unions Building, as well as in the ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign in Ukraine’s former Donbass region by the regime that Obama, with Yarosh’s key assistance, had brought to power in Ukraine. However, I mentioned nothing regarding the possibility of Yarosh’s being not just anti-Russian but also possibly anti-Semitic, because I had found nothing to indicate that he is anti-Semitic, except an alleged transcribed conversation that he had had in Turgenef Restaurant in Kiev on 25 February 2014, which conversation, if it occurred, was held while the February 20-26 coup d’etat that overthrew Yanukovych was ending. Like virtually all top Ukrainian politicians have been, Yanukovych was corrupt, but he had been democratically elected with support from 90%+ of Donbass’s voters, and 75% of Odessa’s and Crimea’s – which is the reason why those regions rejected the coup-regime, and which is also the reason why the post-coup Government wants desperately to kill those people. Yarosh’s highly trained and disciplined paramilitaries had dressed during the coup as if they were state security troops, and they fired down upon the Maidan demonstrators and police, in what’s called in the trade a “false flag” attack – one that’s designed to appear to have been perpetrated by the side you’re intending to defeat, so as to deceive the public about who had caused the violence and thus get your enemy to be blamed (by your own electorate) for the bloodshed, and thereby unite your country to fear your chosen (typically foreign) enemy and so to be willing to invade them. Adolf Hitler had most prominently pioneered the false-flag technique, both in his burning of the Reichstag, and in his setting up the incident that became his excuse to invade Poland in 1939. Dmitriy Yarosh is a proven master of this craft.

That conversation, as transcribed, was between Yarosh, who is the head of the Right Sector party, and his friend Oleg Tyagnibok, who, along with Andreiy Parubiy, headed the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine, which had changed its name in 2004 to the “Freedom” or Svoboda Party, at the suggestion of the U.S. CIA, in order to make its members (the members of Ukraine’s leading nazi party) more acceptable to U.S. and European publics, which (because of WW II) don’t have a favorable opinion of its model: Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party of Germany. (However, both the Right Sector party and the Svoboda party are often quite blatant about their admiration of Adolf Hitler and of his Party.) In this alleged conversation, which occurred (if it did) two days prior to Parubiy becoming appointed as the coup-regime’s chief of State Security (the SBU) and Yarosh becoming Parubiy’s #2, Tyagnibok suggested to Yarosh that because EU officials “called me an anti-Semite and a Russophobe,” Yarosh would be a good person to enter the Presidential contest instead of Tyagnibok, but Yarosh said he didn’t want that, because he already had all the weapons and his real aim was to be in the position to control Ukraine backstage by virtue of the Right Sector’s military force that he had trained, organized, and controlled. (The major sources of his organization’s funding are unknown, but he must have gotten lots of support from the CIA and associated sources, as well as from billionaires such as George Soros and Ihor Kolomoysky who were big backers of the coup.) He said that his objective was that, “my guys have the SBU.” As things turned out afterward, this is precisely what he became, because Parubiy was quite happy to have his militarily more competent subordinate, Yarosh, actually run paramilitary matters: Yarosh had had decades of experience training and commanding paramilitaries.

As for Parubiy himself, wikipedia notes his key political importance to the Maidan and its aftermath: “He was coordinator of the volunteer security corps for the mainstream protesters.[17] He was then appointed Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.[6]” So: without both Parubiy (the co-head of Ukraine’s main nazi party) as the political coordinator, and Yarosh (the head of the other, more military, of Ukraine’s two nazi parties) as the military coordinator, Obama wouldn’t have been able to do it; but Obama also needed the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, who gave instructions to America’s Ukraine Ambassador Geoffery Pyatt. And that’s how the coup was done – plus the CIA, of course, working from the U.S. Embassy.


Yarosh, Tyagnibok, Parubiy, and both of Ukraine’s two nazi (i.e., racist-fascist) parties, are intense admirers of Stepan Bandera and his aide Yaroslav Stetstko, the two leaders of the pro-Nazi faction in Ukraine during World War II. They all hate and hated especially Russians, but also Poles and Jews. (By contrast, Hitler’s, the original, Nazi Party, hated the same three groups, but hated Jews the most of all.)

So: unless whomever transcribed this conversation was either clairvoyant or else extremely lucky, the Yarosh that he presented was the real one – this conversation actually occurred. Furthermore, in the conversation, Tyagnibok expressed, as the reason for his hope that Yarosh would become the President, that Tyagnibok had himself been too open about his anti-Semitism and so become blackballed by the EU, while Yarosh had not. To that, Yarosh responded by saying, “You should be proud” to be called a hater of Jews and of Russians. Yarosh admitted, “No one called me that yet!” In other words: he had kept it hidden from the public. However, he then went directly into a tirade saying that not enough members of Poland’s “Armia Krajowa”, or underground resistance army against Hitler’s forces, had been killed (by Hitler’s and – when they were hiding on the Ukrainian side of the border – by Bandera’s, supporters). He continued: “We won’t give a meter of Ukrainian land to any Muscovite nor Lyahs [Poles], even more so to the Jews! There’s enough streetlamps for everyone,” referring there to Hitler’s early promise to hang all Jews from streetlamps. At the start of the war, Hitler’s troops actually started to do it that way. Here, for example, is from page 11 of Mark Rigg’s terrifically well-written and soundly documented 2004 Rescued from the Reich, while describing “The Invasion” of Poland in 1939:

On 8 September, they herded 200 Jews into Widawa’s synagogue, locked the doors, and set the building on fire. Other German soldiers took pleasure in hanging Jews from street lamps and watching them struggle with the rope as they suffocated. During the first two months of the occupation, the Germans killed at least 7,000 Polish Jews and forced the living into harsh labor and sudden ‘‘resettlement.’’ Although there was as yet no organized plan of genocide, it became obvious that the Jews did not have a future under the Nazis.

That’s the sort of thing Yarosh was referring to, if this conversation was real. In this remarkable conversation, if it was real, he said that this murdering hadn’t been done enough. But he also agreed there with Tyagnibok, that he, Yarosh, wasn’t publicly known to feel the same way. (Here is what Yarosh’s people did inside the Odessa Trade Unions Building on 2 May 2014, and you can see there some results of the ferocity of their hatred. And here is a terrific 30-minute documentary placing that incident into the broader historical background of the Right Sector. Here is an explanation of the crucial function that this massacre performed for Obama’s plan. Here is a 6-minute BBC report two days after the coup, about Right Sector’s overt role in the run-up to the coup; this was aired on 28 February 2014, before the BBC yet knew that Obama was behind the coup – and had started organizing of it in mid-2013 – so the BBC’s censors allowed this report through.)

The alleged conversation with Yarosh was posted to the Internet within two days (February 27th), and it contained a wealth of references, all of which, so far as I was able to determine at the time (by consulting with politically involved locals), were authentic or else highly credible, and many of which would have been unlikely to have been understandable to non-locals there. The conversation contained many anti-Semitic expressions, from both the alleged “Yarosh” and the alleged “Tyagnibok,” but, between that time and this, I had failed to find any published interview with Yarosh that contained similar types of racist comments to those which were in this alleged transcription; so, I didn’t say anything about the alleged transcript, out of concern that it might subsequently be found to have been inauthentic.

That has by now changed. The transcript has been known to Kiev locals and other Ukrainians for more than a year now, and yet still no one has, in all of this time, identified and made public anything in it that is false. Consequently, as an item of evidence, this alleged transcript rose to the level of reliability that has caused me to come back to considering again the question of its authenticity. And, this time around, I have, indeed, found something that convinces me of its authenticity.

The confirmatory evidence is an article that was published 16 April 2014, in Germany’s Spiegel magazine, “Practice for a Russian Invasion: Ukrainian Civilians Take Up Arms.” This pro-U.S.-slanted article nonetheless contained a brief passage about Yarosh asserting that “in a book, he has written: ‘I wonder how it came to pass that most of the billionaires in Ukraine are Jews?’ He believes that ‘anti-Christian’ powers are afoot in the European Union and that Brussels forces people into lifestyles such as gay marriage. It is, he says, ‘a variety of totalitarianism.’ He doesn’t see Europe or NATO as a potential partner and believes the US is also part of an ‘anti-Ukrainian front.’” 

I had read enough of Ukraine’s World War II history to recognize where this belief-system comes from: it comes from the OUN and UPA. For example, the 2013 article by Per Anders Rudling on “The Return of the Ukrainian Far Right” notes that, “In 1943—1944, OUN(b) and its armed wing, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), carried out large-scale ethnic cleansing, resulting in the deaths of more than 90,000 Poles and thousands of Jews.” However, though the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) and UPA were both anti-Polish and anti-Jewish, the brief quotation there from Yarosh didn’t include any anti-Polish sentiment; so, why would he have been keeping from his German interviewer the standard Pole-hatred of OUN and UPA? Perhaps it was because crucial support for Obama’s Ukrainian coup came from many officials in the Polish Government, and Yarosh obviously didn’t want to antagonize his American benefactor’s important Polish allies in their shared Russian-hating endeavor.

The heroes of OUN and UPA were Stepan Bandera and his chief aide Yaroslav Stetsko. For a while, Stetsko declared himself the Premier of Ukraine under the Nazis. He wrote in his autobiography, that: 

“Moscow and Jewry are Ukraine’s greatest enemies and bearers of corruptive Bolshevik international ideas. Although I consider Moscow, which is in fact Ukraine held in captivity, and not Jewry, to be the main and decisive enemy, I nonetheless fully appreciate the undeniably harmful and hostile role of the Jews, who are helping Moscow to enslave Ukraine. I therefore support the destruction of the Jews and the expedience of bringing German methods of exterminating Jewry to Ukraine, barring their assimilation and the like.” 

For OUN and UPA, the hatred of Russians was central; the hatred both of Poles and Jews was secondary. As I wrote in my major article about the background of the war in Ukraine

The CIA’s file on Stetsko noted on p.139 that Stetsko was “Chairman of the Central Committee of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations,” and on its p. 72 the CIA’s file noted the specific type of racism of this organization, its anti-Russian bigotry: 

“ABN hates all things Russian – not Bolshevik but Russian. It proclaims ‘We are fighting for the complete annihilation and partition of the Russian empire.’ … The whole course of Russian history is portrayed as … the nature of ’that people.’ … ’The Russian people,’ ABN Correspondence says,’has never been able to evolve what the West considers to be an order of society worthy of human beings.’ The refrain continues: ’There is only one inveterate enemy of humanity in this world: Moscow.’ … It does not matter for ABN what type of government is established in Russia, for ‘Russians are all the same.’”

The website of Svoboda doesn’t even mention its co-founder, Parubiy, but does note:

“Svoboda’s ideology stems from ‘Two Revolutions’, a book written by Yaroslav Stetsko, leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).”

So: clearly, the co-founders of Svoboda, both Oleg Tyagnibok and Andrei Parubiy (“the Commandant of Maidan”), would be delighted for all Jews to be exterminated, but these politicians are intelligent enough to know that, in the short term at least, they’ll first need to work with Jews (and with Poles) in order to exterminate Russians, and America is sponsoring Ukraine’s nazis now, Germany no longer is.

The third leading Ukrainian nazi, other than Parubiy and Yarosh, is Andrei Beletsky, who was brought on later, right after the coup. He is considerably younger than Yarosh and Parubiy, and it seems that he’s being groomed by Obama’s team to take over if things work out favorably for them. He’s gifted both politically and militarily. Beletsky has presented the clearest summary of the OUN-UPA; that is, of traditional Ukrainian, nazi ideology. (You can see it there. He is quite explicit for ‘White Power.’ The reason why Obama’s team didn’t bring him on until the coup had already succeeded is obvious: his Jew-hatred there is too obvious.)

This evidence suggests that, if Yarosh is, like the vast majority of Ukraine’s nazis (racist fascists) have been, then he hates both Jews and Poles, but he hates Russians even more. And that’s the way he showed himself to be, in this private conversation.


Here, then, is the complete transcription of his conversation with Tyagnibok on 25 February 2014, with my emphases of the passages that exhibit, to me, even more clearly than did the brief one from the Spiegel article, Yarosh’s having the typical mix of bigotries that characterize the Ukrainian national version of nazism: those three hatreds, with the anti-Russian hatred dominating. The translator opens with a brief comment. Then comes his translation of the conversation. Additions that are in parentheses are the translator’s comments; additions that are in brackets are mine:


[by “pikachu”] Relevant to this thread, here’s what some sources claim is an intercepted conversation between Tyagnibok and Yarosh.

[That’s the original, untranslated, posted 27.2.2014.] To be honest, I have a hard time believing in its authenticity and normally I’d say something like this is a fake (it sounds too straightforward and stereotypically evil), however the way the latest developments in Ukraine are heading, I am honestly not sure if it is. After all, these are essentially neo-nazi movements. You be the judge.

I did my best to translate it to English, below:


Information about the meeting of the leaders of the Maidan Oleg Tyagnibok (party “Freedom”) and Dmitry Yarosh (“Right Sector”) became part of the public domain. It took place on February 25 in Kiev restaurant “Turgenef” on Large Zhytomyr. The abridged transcript of the conversation is published below:

D. Yarosh : Oleg, you already know that they’ll ditch us soon [Perhaps he had heard this]. Well, maybe not me because Maidan is behind me [and the subsequent article that has been already referred to in Spiegel, confirmed this by its noting: “When Yarosh spoke on the Maidan, he was received with more cheers than his rival Yulia Tymoshenko, partly because his men impressed Ukrainians with their discipline and stamina during the uprising”], but you they’ll ditch for sure.

O.Tyagnibok: That would be difficult since “Freedom” is now in the lead.

D.Yarosh : That’s true only now. They’ll not let “Freedom” to gain power. That Yid [derogatory for Jew] with punched-out brains (presumably V.Klichko) and Yatsenyuk will both push you aside. They already started pushing Julia [Tymoshenko]. Did you see what they showed on “1+1” (tv channel) about Zhenya (the daughter of Julia Timoshenko Eugenia) [She was living luxuriously in Italy]? How would you react if they did that about your Darinka (Tyagnibok’s daughter)? It’s total mudslinging. And it will get worse.

O.Tyagnibok : Are you sure about Zhenya?

D.Yarosh : Yes. It’s Martynenko’s job, and Yatsenyuk stands behind him.

O.Tyagnibok : A Julia Vladimirovna (Tymoshenko) know about this?

D.Yarosh : I think she knows.

O.Tyagnibok : What do you suggest?

D.Yarosh : It’s very simple. Our goals are the same. We both stand for Ukraine without Yids and Katsaps (Russians derogatory). You’ll help me, I’ll help you. Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, the “boxer”, and Julia too, they all think only about how to best grab as much money as possible. And Julia also wants to avenge her imprisonment to her “benefactors”. They do us more harm than good.

O.Tyagnibok : So what do you expect from me?

D.Yarosh : Oleg, I need neither power nor money. If I wanted them, I would have already had both. I want Ukraine to be for Ukrainians. Right now I need to become the chief of the SBU. Yes and to clean up the communications of our “bespeki” (security forces) with Muscovites , and they know too much about us. If you help me, we can work together.

O.Tyagnibok : I’ve heard that your guys wanted to make you the head of SBU, but did not think it was true. Why do you need it? Go into politics. You have a lot of support.

D.Yarosh : Politics? Why? So I can wear a beautiful jacket? I already have the power. Gone are the times when we indulged slingshotting. Now I have so many weapons that it will be enough to break all kinds of “internal occupants”. If my guys have the SBU, I will bring order to the “katsapschine” (East Ukraine derogatory [for the region where ethnic Russians predominate]) and in the Crimea. Katsaps will flee Sevastopol voluntarily. I’ll cause the earth to burn under their feet. Matrosnyu will start to choke some of them, maybe blow up a couple of ships. They’ll flee like rats and take their henchmen with them! I’ll crush all this evil. Parallelly we could start stirring shit up in Voronezh, Belgorod and Kursk regions (Russian regions [that is, areas of Russia itself] with [that have predominantly ethnically] Ukrainian population [and there do exist other, published, statements from Yarosh, saying that he wants Ukraine to conquer at least the parts of Russia where many ethnic Ukrainians live]). Prepare battle groups of Tatars and direct them to the Caucasus to help the Emirate. Bellamy Muzychko will help with that. He has the experience, connections, the Chechens respect him. Point is – the more problems the Muscovites have at home, the less they will be a problem for us and the less they’ll bother us. In the meantime we can gather strength to stand on our own feet.

O.Tyagnibok : You have plans like Napoleon.

D.Yarosh : No, like [Stepan] Bandera [the WW II hero of Ukraine’s racists, who hated Russians, Jews, and Poles, but hated Russians above all else].

O.Tyagnibok : And what if the Katsap rise in Ukraine? In Donetsk, Kharkiv, Sevastopol there’s lot of them. “Regions” and Commies are still showing some teeth.

D.Yarosh : They’ll swallow it and wash it down with yushkа (Ukrainian soup). I think we can quietly remove the most violent of them. The rest will calm down.

O.Tyagnibok : That’s risky. Кemember Gangadze?

D.Yarosh : Kuchma was simply betrayed. And by his own people. It doesn’t happen with us. If we do something, we do it well. None had yet “surfaced”.

O.Tyagnibok : And what will Europe say? They won’t tolerate bloodshed for long.

D.Yarosh : Oleg, let’s clarify where we stand. I am willing to endure this circus about Euro-integration as long as we’re not seriously talking about joining the EU. I would rather embrace a Kuban Cossack than a Euro fag. Joining Europe is death for Ukraine. Death for the state and for Christianity. We want Ukraine for Ukrainians, ruled by Ukrainians and not serving the interests of others. Including America and the EU. And there’s no other way.

O.Tyagnibok : Okay, with Muscovites and Europe it is clear enough, what about the Poles? They are seriously claiming Volyn now. On the maps they’re already drawing Eastern Kresy (eastern borderlands). There are strong pro-Polish sentiments there. If we can’t reach an agreement with the EU, they might release the Polish dogs on us. In January, the Polish Sejm accused “Freedom” [Svoboda, former Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine] of conducting an anti-Polish policy. They called me an anti-Semite and a Russophobe. There was so much howling!

D.Yarosh : You should be proud. No one called me that yet! OUN and UPA didn’t kill enough AK (Armia Krajowa [Polish resistance against Hitler])? If they raise their little heads, we’ll give them a second Katyn [massacre of anti-nazi Poles] in no time. We won’t give a meter of Ukrainian land to any Muscovite nor Lyahs (Poles), even more so to the Jews! There’s enough streetlamps for everyone [referring to Hitler’s early promise to hang all Jews from streetlamps]. And to you, friend, I have the following proposition. I will not dismiss the Maidan until the presidential election. I’ll establishes control over the work of the most important ministries and authorities in the regions. I’ll provide support for our movement. Together with the political capabilities of your “Freedom”, we will be powerful. Later, if the patsyuks (rats) start selling Ukraine again, we will again raise the Maidan and take power [and, subsequently, he publicly threatened Poroshenko with doing to him what he had done to Yanukovych].


Also seems like a strange place to end the transcript. Anyway, at least the Greeks aren’t mentioned.


That’s the transcript; and, so far as I am aware, all the evidence since the time of its release is confirmatory of its authenticity; none is disconfirmatory. It’s real. Someone recorded that actual conversation and then transcribed it. Somewhere, the voice recording of it might even still exist.


And Yarosh is the man whom Obama’s team worked with, behind the scenes, while they had Andreiy Parubiy (in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy staff) organize and lead the ‘grassroots’ Maidan demonstrations – the political portion of the ‘movement.’ But, while Parubiy is skilled as a political operative, Yarosh is skilled as a military operative; and the U.S. couldn’t have done the coup without both of them. They were the two leading nazis in Ukraine, and Obama (via his agents Nuland and Pyatt) utilized their skills brilliantly.

Subsequently, Parubiy came to the U.S. Congress to lobby (successfully) for weapons from U.S. taxpayers.

Before Obama’s coup in Ukraine, there was peace. After, there has been civil war and ethnic cleansing. Other than Obama’s proposed ‘trade’ deals, which will transfer much of democratic nations’ sovereignty over to international corporations, his transfer of Ukraine from peaceful corrupt democracy, over to corrupt nazism with civil war and ethnic cleansing, will probably constitute his biggest historical achievements as the U.S. President. Obama might even turn out to be worse than George W. Bush was – though GWB would be hard to beat, and Obama’s rhetoric sounds so much bettter than Bush’s did. He’s a far better liar than Bush. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a better President.

The problem is not that Obama is trying to do good but failing at it. The problem is that he’s trying to achieve what the American aristocracy overwhelmingly want him to achieve, and he’s succeeding at it. That’s the problem with Obama: he’s unfortunately highly effective, not merely evil. Even now, his approval-rating, not only in the U.S. but in the vast majority of foreign countries, remains high. Furthermore, on 21 April 2015, Gallup headlined a poll of residents in 135 countries, “Russia Receives Lowest Approval in World; U.S. Highest,” and noted that,”Russians gave the U.S. and the EU the lowest approval ratings in the world and the highest disapproval ratings. Russians’ disapproval of the U.S. nearly doubled from 42% in 2013 to 82% in 2014 and their disapproval of the EU’s leadership more than doubled from 26% to 70% in that same period.” Furthermore, “countries affiliated with the West, particularly NATO countries, soured on Russia dramatically. And, at the same time, Russians and people in many of its former republics – chiefly Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan – all felt much more negatively about the leadership of the U.S., the EU and Germany.” So: Obama’s decision to go to war against Russia has intensely polarized the entire world, and the United States has vastly more and richer allies among the global publics than Russia does. The Western press is probably the reason for that, more than anything else is. Furthermore, an international Pew poll published less than five months after the coup, also showed that in virtually all countries where the Western press predominates, public sentiment had turned sharply anti-Russian. This is so even despite the fact that in a U.N. vote on 21 November 2014, the U.S. was one of only three countries (the other two being Ukraine and Canada) voting against a resolution to condemn racist facsism (i.e., nazism) and to condemn the denial of Germany’s World War II Holocaust against primarily Jews. Obama’s USA is becoming rather blatant about the global mantle that it is taking upon itself. The U.S. as anti-fascist is hardly even being claimed any more; and, as the polls are showing, publics in the West and in most countries don’t mind that.

Russia did more than any other nation to defeat Nazi Germany, but today’s heir of Nazi Germany is again trying to destroy Russia, and, this time, appears to have the support of most of the world in the effort. One might even say that Obama is lying his way to victory. This is the case though at the end of 2013 a Gallup poll in 65 countries showed that the United States is considered to be by far the biggest threat, of any nation, endangering peace in the world. So, the extremely unfavorable image that Russia has in most of the world doesn’t make sense. Or does it? Maybe the public just don’t see the current reality in a historical context that relates to fascism. Or, if they do, they’re being fooled to believe that Putin is the new Hitler, and Obama isn’t? Well, that sounds like a propaganda-coup around the world. It has been astoundingly successful. And that is the reason why “The Entire Case for Sanctions Against Russia Is Pure Lies,” and yet the sanctions against Russia continue, rather than being replaced by sanctions against America (which would be the case if there were any justice in the world, which there is not – just ask survivors of these U.S.-sponsored, maybe even U.S.-equipped, fierbombings, of residential districts in Donbass’s largest city, and in its other cities).

Hitler would be amazed at the non-‘Aryan’ Obama. Perhaps Hitler would even envy him. And what would Goebbels think of Obama’s operation? Those two nazi pioneers would probably be smiling in hell at the thought of his amazing achievements. But they would probably object to Obama’s focusing against Russians, instead of against Jews. They’d think he has his prorities wrong, but they still might admire his skill in the endeavor.

After all, Obama is the leader of ‘the free world.’


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of  Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.