The Legacy of Oklahoma City

From a MHB Reader.

The correspondence below, received over one month ago from a former Oklahoma City resident, is especially timely given recent developments in the Boston Marathon bombing case. On January 30 the US Department of Justice announced that it will pursue the death penalty against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the Boston bombing. (See BMB Timeline.) This is the most high-profile death penalty case pursued by the federal government since it sought to execute Timothy McVeigh for his alleged role in the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building.

It is a privilege to share this letter, particularly since the reader’s true courage and initiative in seeking to fully examine and understand the monumental crime visited upon his community, likewise exemplified in the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee’s work and the film A Noble Lie, are the nation’s most vital and necessary resources.-JFT

Dr. Tracy,

I admire your nerve in speaking out about the Sandy Hook “staged” disaster and your comments about Oklahoma City, etc. Ok City is my hometown and I have many relatives living there and in Stillwater. I followed the facts on the bombing of the Murrah Building in Ok. City and knew people directly involved as witnesses or victims in that incident.

General Parton clearly proved that the explosive devices that brought down the building were shaped charges of C-4 Plastic and not Ammonium Nitrate. I also interviewed a gentlemen at the nearby Classen High School museum (1 1/2 block from the Murrah Bldg.) who was in the museum the day of the explosions and he was very sure that the first explosion (Am. Nitrate Bomb) could be heard like a loud boom but that the second explosion was a sharp crack bang which shook the museum bldg. and broke several glass windows in the museum.

I worked with a group in Ok. City to try to replicate the concrete skeleton of the Murrah Building to prove that an Am. Nitrate bomb could not have destroyed the concrete columns in the building but was not able to muster the funds to do so. The positive proof that the root cause of the explosion was not the Am. Nitrate bomb was the fact that the entire Murrah Building debris was hauled away and buried in nearby El Reno at the U.S. Army Reservation and marked “restricted area”.

I didn’t follow the Sandy Hook Shooting in detail but I did play close attention to the Boston Marathon bombing and it is abundantly clear that the bombing was staged. The video shot of the two suspected bombers shows back packs with no bulge to suggest that they had pressure cooker bombs inside their backpacks. Additionally, the individual who supposedly had his legs blown off was smiling and his knubs were clearly mature surgical amputations. As one Orthopedic Surgeon pointed out, “If this man had lost his lower legs, he would be lying prone with tourniquets applied to his upper thighs to reduce the bleeding.”

In my opinion, what we are dealing with is a federal government that has rogue agencies following directives from the highest levels of government in order to accomplish a political goal ([repeal of] 1st Amendment Free Speech and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms [gun control]). I am not a conspiracy nut but neither am I a fool. Isn’t it interesting that in all of the school shootings as well as the Aurora Colorado Theater shooting, the killers were all proven to be on mind altering drugs?

Please keep up the good work and tell your bosses at [censored] University that 1,000′s of us out here in fly over country support your stand and applaud your bravery. Respond if you can and tell me how I can help.


[Name and address withheld on request.]