Russian TV Documentary Claims to Identify Shooter Who Downed Malaysian Airliner MH17 on July 17th

The Wolfsangel symbol of Adolf Hitler’s SS on a banner in Ukraine.

Published to youtube on Nov 24, 2014. Posted here by Eric Zuesse on November 27th.

English-language summary:

Documentary from Channel 5 TV in Russia, the “Moment of Truth” Channel, a Russian public television (government-controlled) channel.

Latest Information about the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in the sky over Ukraine on July 17th is presented in the new documentary from documentary film-maker Andrei Karaulov “How Died the MH17 Boeing?” Journalist Arkady Mamontov reports.

Interest in the Western world to investigate the ‘accident’ happening to the Malaysian airliner disappeared immediately after Russia gave the world community irrefutable documentary evidence that our country is not in any way involved in this tragedy, and that most of the facts indicate that what brought down the Boeing 777 was the Ukrainian Air Force.

This documentary identifies for the first time the 299th squadron of the Air Force of Ukraine, a fighter-jet Su-25, hull numbers 06,07,08 and 38, which, contrary to the statement of the General Staff of Ukraine, was indeed in the air there on 17 July 2014 [the date of shoot-down].

Malaysian Boeing 777, MH17, according to our data, was shot by Su-25, hull number 08, which was piloted by Lt. Col. Ukrainian Air Force Dmytro Yakatsuts, who from July 18 to this day is in the U[nited] A[rab] E[mirates]. The Kiev center manager, Anna Petrenko, unexpectedly went on vacation on the morning of July 18th, from which she did not come back. In the film are numerous evidences, including a miraculously obtained interview with the first mate of the current Minister of Defense of Ukraine.


NOTE from Eric Zuesse: The above account is consistent with previous news-reports that I have published about the shoot-down of this plane, such as one and two and three and four and five and six. (Especially see # “four” there.)

As the last two of these six links show, the Ukrainian Government controls the official ‘investigation’ of this shoot-down. Consequently, the official ‘investigation’ will contradict the one that has been presented in these reports, all of which are rooted in the single most reliable-and-clear piece of evidence on this airliner-shoot-down, the left fuselage panel right next to the pilot, where an enormous fusillade of bullets were fired opening a huge gash into the wall there, firing directly into the pilot. The origin of that explanation of this event was the retired German Lufthansa pilot, Peter Haisenko, whose July 30th article on the event has been the basis for all except the first of my own further investigations into it, simply because Haisenko’s was the first to be working off of the single most reliable and unchallengeable and clearest piece of evidence of all, which is even more powerful from a legal/forensic standpoint (which is my specialty) than everything that’s in the black boxes, and that’s perhaps even more persuasive than all of the other evidence put together. It’s more than a “smoking gun” here; it’s astounding proof, or, as Haisenko appropriately said in his headline, “Shocking.” It alone is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, this constituting the strictest of all legal standards of proof. After Haisenko’s article was published, this shoot-down case was, essentially, closed. And all of the reliable evidence that has been adduced since then has only added further details and clarifications to his reconstruction of the downing-event. However, the official ‘investigation’ will not be consistent with it (for the reasons that the last-listed of my linked articles explains). Nor will any ‘explanation’ that comes from any government or international organization that is supporting the Ukrainian Government in its war against Russia, serving there as NATO’s front line even before NATO officially admits Ukraine into NATO. In this proxy war against Russia, truth is cast aside, for what are deemed to be higher purposes.


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