Russia Threatens To Turn US Into Radioactive Ash? (Videos)

By Susan Duclos

(The screen shot above was taken after translating using Google translator, hence the grammar)

The thing about state controlled media, such as Russia has, is when a host makes a statement, it can be almost guaranteed that Russia sanctioned it in some form or fashion for whatever reason. If this is true, then the statement made by Television host Dmitri Kiselyov, on state-owned station Russia One, can be considered a direct warning, or threat, by Russia to the US.

Via the Guardian:

Russia’s largely state-controlled media has kicked into high gear. Television host Dmitri Kiselyov, on state-owned station Russia One, has said that “Russia is the world’s only country ready to turn the US into radioactive ash.”

The US played it’s hand, supported and helped create the conditions where a duly elected president was overthrown and many believe Russia did the only thing they could to protect the largely Russia population in Crimea, they moved in, prevented the newly installed illegal president of Ukraine from taking over Crimea, and now the vote is in and exit polls say 93% favored becoming part of Russia and breaking away from Ukraine and the West’s puppet regime which now runs the country.

Russia won, Obama lost…. Obama needs to sit down, shut up and lick his wounds because he lost.

Any move now by the US is nothing more than chest beating on Obama’s part and could very well cause a thermonuclear war where no one wins and everyone loses.

More on The Guardian article, the referendum vote and the US treasuries sell off in the video below by BPEarthWatch.

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