The Reason Hillary Clinton Lost! What Happened In Wisconsin, Michigan, & Pennsylvania

(RINF) – The reason Hillary Clinton was crushed in the electoral college during this election is because she lost Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania . The reason behind the unprecedented loss can be summed up in two sentences. We will not forget. We will not forgive.

These three states are home to the Serbian-American community. For most of them, their traditionally Democratic ticket vote turning Republican was a clear repudiation of Hillary Clinton’s role in the Balkan genocide.

An American Serb generally doesn’t vote FOR anyone, but AGAINST a Biden, a Clinton, a McCain, against whoever Madeleine Albright supports, against whoever bombed Serbia, recognized Kosovo… Wait, was Dubya a friend to the Serbs? Didn’t his administration pounce to recognize Thaci’s Cartel State in 2008?

Didn’t the worst act of ethnic cleansing in the 21st century occur on his watch against the Kosovo Serbs in March 2004? All true, but in 2004, it was John Kerry, his opponent, who inexplicably promised to recognize Kosovo during the campaign, although Kosovo was far from being a foreign policy priority or a campaign issue. It was John Kerry who received more than half a million dollars in one evening from the Albanian-American community led by Florin Krasniqi, a well-known arms dealer, via the notorious Serb-haters Richard Holbrooke and Wesley Clark, who took the money over in the Cipriani ballroom in New York. Of course Serbs were going to vote for Kerry’s opponent.”

The loss of these three states was revenge exacted for supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army genocide against Serbians.  This was a clear repudiation of the Clinton dynasty and Hillary Clinton because she had callously destroyed so many of their families.

The Serbian-American vote in this election was the first time I have ever heard of racial genocide victims vote to end the political careers of people they hold responsible. Slobodan Milosevic was exonerated from genocide in Kosovo. In fact, he tried to stop it. At this point, as much as you want to, you can’t even call him an asshole.

“Not only was Milosevic not responsible for ethnic cleansing which took place in Bosnia, he actually spoke out against it. The ICTY noted Milosevic’s “repeated criticism and disapproval of the policies made by the Accused (Karadzic) and the Bosnian Serb leadership.” Milosevic, a man for whom all forms of racism were anathema, insisted that all ethnicities must be protected.”

It was Hillary Clinton that badgered then president Bill Clinton to start the bombing and support the genocidal terrorists, the KLA.“For me, my family and my fellow Americans (Albanians) this is more than a foreign policy issue, it is personal,” Clinton stressed. The bombing drove the victims into the waiting hands of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army).

And Kosovo is truly personal for Clinton. At this year’s Democratic National Convention, Hillary invited the speaker of the Kosovo National Assembly, Kadri Veseli as a special guest. Veseli, with longtime Clinton friend Kosovo president Hashim Thaci are about to be tried for crimes against humanity. Without Clinton in the White House protecting them, they will probably hang for organ stealing and mass murder. Kosovo is part of Albania’s greater Albania project.

Less than a week before visiting Washington, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has said U.S. Republican candidate Donald Trump would be a threat to his country and to U.S.-Albanian bilateral ties if elected president… Rama was in neighboring Kosovo, two countries with the same ethnic Albanian majority population, to take part in a ceremony for new President Hashim Thaci Friday.”

In Kosovo today there were ISIS camps being set up on the hope of a Clinton win. Kosovars (Albanians) made a reputation for themselves as the white jihadis. They are ultra-nationalists that recruit for and support ISIS.

“I am accused that I cut off one man’s head? I did nothing less nor more then the soldiers of the KLA during the war. I placed the photos of those deeds by the KLA on Facebook,” Muhaxheri is quoted as saying.”

Was Hillary Clinton in violation of federal election law for knowingly taking election donations from these islamist radicals when it’s illegal for foreign nationals to contribute?

Today, the emigres that supported the KLA genocide are among the groups behind the protests aimed at overthrowing the election. It’s easy to see why.

The two noticeably absent ethnic blocs in the emigre series I wrote before the election are the Serbian-Americans and the Ukrainian-Americans. Each played an important part in Donald Trump’s rout of a self-destructing Hillary Clinton. The Ukrainian-Americans thought Clinton was going to win after spitting out so much money and media spots. They believed their own story line and got complacent in Pennsylvania.

The Serbian-Americans were the only emigre group behind Donald Trump that I have been able to find. For the emigre series I went as far as interviewing a member of the Serbian Radical Party in Belgrade for that section. I am hoping to add it in later.

More than 20 other exponentially larger and politically powerful ultra-nationalist groups were backing Hillary Clinton. In this election, they were situated in the wrong districts and states.

When I saw enough evidence of IIO (Inform & Influence Operations), I dropped the series to follow that. It is still going on and is a danger to the republic. I am following up with an article on the shape of the IIO shortly.

Whether it is an election decider or caustic and toxic foreign policy, this type of voting-bloc intervention needs to end. Currently, the only remedy is high voter turnout.

The problem with the emigre-voting-blocs which is evident in this election cycle are not as obvious at the congressional level. It is in congress that you have less representation when you should have more.

Because of the tremendous amount of money and political activism that the emigres bring to bear for congress, their caustic politics are destroying traditional American government and society. America needs to set term limits on Congress as part of this.

One of the points in Donald Trump’s first 100 day plan is to make sure emigre and foreign lobby influence on US elections is cut back if not barred legally altogether. Let’s make this happen.

As you can see the bloc-vote of one small emigre bloc can and did decide an election. It decided THIS ELECTION. When those three deciding states are looked at, it was the Serbian vote that decided it. For progressives, take heart that racial genocide did have a cost.

Because progressives, conservatives, and liberals stood by when it happened, the victims took it on themselves to find a legal remedy. This is a small step toward ending genocide in a world that doesn’t want to see it. Don’t you think?