Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for January 31 and February 1 and 2, 2014

Friday, January 31 at 10AM US Central time: Kathy Kelly
Kelly is a long-time political/social/anti-war activist. She’s coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV). 
In 1996, she helped establish Voices in the Wilderness to end the repressive US/UN Iraq sanctions.
VCNV is a dedicated resistance campaign against imperial wars, violence, and the “war on terror,” abroad and at home.
Kelly recently visited Afghanistan. Discussion will focus on her trip
Saturday, February 1 at noon US Central time: Graeme MacQueen
MacQueen is founding Director of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University.
He participated in developing peace-building projects in Sri Lanka, Gaza, Croatia, Afghanistan. He helped develop India’s Women’s Peace Brigade. 
He focuses heavily on 9/11 studies. He lectures and writes about them.
Major world and national issues will be discussed.
Sunday, February 2 at noon US Central time: Robert Abele
Abele is Professor of Philosophy at Diablo Valley College, CA. His books include “Democracy Gone” and “Anatomy of a Deception.” It discusses the Iraq invasion, occupation, and preparation for the next deception.
He’s currently writing a new book. When completed, it’ll be discussed on this program.
Most recently, he contributed 11 chapters to The Encyclopedia of Global Justice.
Access his web site at

Major world and national issues will be discussed.