Priority Saudi Targets in Yemen: Civilian Men, Women, Children and Infants

Priority Saudi Targets in Yemen: Civilian Men, Women, Children and Infants
by Stephen Lendman
Saudi Arabia is a ruthless dictatorship. It’s a rogue terror state. It brutalizes its own people. 
It punishes anyone challenging its rule with arbitrary arrests and imprisonment under horrific gulag conditions.
Torture and physical abuse are commonplace. So are public whippings and beheadings.
Fair public trials, due process and judicial fairness don’t exist. Anyone charged by state authorities is automatically guilty by accusation. Harsh treatment follows.
Most Saudi prisoners are political ones or for offenses too minor to matter.
Human and civil rights are nonexistent. Despotic rule governs virtually all aspects of daily life.
After Israel, Saudi Arabia is Washington’s main Middle East ally. Three rogue states partner in each other’s high crimes – notably against Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
Saudis actively recruit, fund and arm takfiri death squads against Bashar al-Assad’s popularly elected government and Yemeni Houthi rebels unwilling to accept US-installed despotic rule.
Obama’s war against both countries rages. Saudis are reliable axis of evil partners.
Their money and US weapons are responsible for hundreds of thousands of regional deaths – millions including victims of preventable diseases, starvation, overall deprivation and endless violence.
Washington, Israel, Saudis, and allied dictatorships bear full responsibility for regional nightmarish conditions.
Ongoing in Syria into its fifth year with no end of conflict in sight. Raging in Yemen into its 26th day heading for genocidal mass slaughter, destruction and appalling human suffering.
Saudis conducted over 2,300 airstrikes in less than a month of terror-bombing.
Speaking on national television, Houthi leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi said “(i)t’s the right of our people to resist (Saudi) aggression and face the aggressor by any means.”
Saudis plan “invasion (and) occupation (to) place this country again under its feet and hegemony.”
“Our Yemeni people will never give in. (They) will resist in the face of the savage aggression.”
Saudis have “no right to interfere” in internal Yemeni affairs. “The political problem is an internal one, and it is up to us to define our future.”
“The US is sponsoring the attacks. The US is directing the attacks against Yemen.”
US “criminal hands” are killing Yemenis. America, Saudi Arabia and Israel are partners in war on its people.
Washington chooses targets to strike. Israel is actively involved.
Saudis claim they plan to “restore Yemen to its Arab identity. What kind of Arab identity is this,” Houthi asked?
It’s to “return Yemen to the Israeli and US identity.” It’s to let “Al Qaeda seize control of Yemen.”
“The Yemeni people have the right and legitimacy to defend” their nation. “Our great people will not surrender. They will stand.”
It’s the right of all people to resist aggression, he added. He called on Yemenis to unite against a common enemy.
Up to hundreds are being killed or wounded daily across most of the country – by terror-bombing and ground fighting.
Prime Saudi targets include civilian neighborhoods, refugee camps, farming areas, hospitals, schools, mosques, power facilities, food storage ones, and other nonmilitary related sites – ones chosen by Washington to attack.
On Sunday, Oxfam said Saudis terror-bombed its Saada governorate food storage facilities. Its country director Grace Ommer issued a statement saying:
“This is an absolute outrage, particularly when one considers that we have shared detailed information with the coalition on the locations of our offices and storage facilities.”
Saudi strategy includes starving Yemenis to death, depriving them of electricity, water and vitally needed medical care.
It’s denying them essentials to survive. It’s destroying an entire country to control it.
It’s partnering with US imperial ruthlessness. On Sunday, Red Crescent Society representative Abdollah Maboud al-Shokri accused Saudis of using lethal chemical agents.
“We will display a video on the death of tens of children who died after inhaling poisonous gases,” he said.
Expect increasing Saudi use of banned toxic agents as terror-bombing continues. Washington, other Western powers and rogue regional states encourage it.
Media scoundrels report nothing. They’re silent about horrific US-sponsored war crimes. Noncombatant men, women and children suffer most of all.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei condemned Saudi child killers, saying:
“We feel hatred and disgust for those who attack the civilians, women and children and believe that they are not aware of Islam and human conscience, but we don’t meddle in other countries’ affairs.”
He blamed Washington and other Western states for involvement in what’s ongoing – including Saudi, Egyptian and US warships enforcing blockade.
Ships carrying food, medical supplies and fuel can’t access Yemeni ports. Roads, bridges and other infrastructure targets were destroyed.
Grinding poverty and deprivation during normal times are greatly exacerbated under wartime conditions.
A humanitarian disaster increases daily. Dire shortages of everything exist. Some hospitals can’t function properly for lack of electricity and vital medical supplies.
Yemen’s capital Sanaa resembles a ghost town. Usually congested streets are empty. One Yemeni spoke for others saying “(w)e’re suffering terribly.” 
Obama bears full responsibility. His rogue partners share it. Expect the worst to come.
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