Did Prince try to warn us he was in danger? Final cryptic message gets deleted from Instagram


The sudden and untimely death of pop legend Prince (57) has sent shock-waves around the world, and while information is still emerging, I have uncovered something that both puzzles and disturbs me in equal measure.

Last week Prince posted this cryptic message on his Instagram account: prince-comment

Now, I don’t know much about Instagram (evidently seen here) but obviously I do know a message posted from someone who is feeling at risk or in danger when I see one. And as seen in the image above, the cryptic comment states: “Just when u thought u were safe”.

What is more troubling however, is the fact that the comment is no longer there – it has clearly been deleted.

Prince, a Jehovah Witness, was outspoken against the corrupt political and corporate systems. Jehovah Witness believe that we live in a ‘system of things’ which is controlled by Satan.

While Prince often criticized the corruption within the establishment he refrained from interfering with politics, as his spiritual belief would not allow it.

Also as heard in this video, recorded in 1998, Prince predicted that Osama bin Laden would attack the United States in 2001. The truth about what happened on 9/11 is beyond the scope of this report but needless to say many researchers question the validity of the official narrative, pointing towards a government conspiracy.

In the video Prince sings  “I’ve got to go back to America, I’ve got to get ready for the bomb, Osama bin Laden getting ready to bomb, America you better watch out, Osama bin Laden getting ready to bomb, 2001 hit me”.

It appears to me that he is almost mocking the involvement of Osama bin Laden, but you decide for yourself. This video is startling because it was filmed three years before the horrific events of 9/11.

In this video he speaks about the chemtrail conspracy and manganese, and touches upon an alternative version of American history than what is presented in mainstream education:

Make up your own mind as to what is going on, I will update this page with more info as soon as we receive it.

  • Kolo

    Osama Bin Laden did not do 9/11
    Next theory

    • Trixie B Lulamoon

      bush did 9/11

      • lernin

        Bush, the military and the Mossad

        • Mabelle Vonk

          And MI5

          • barcodezero

            yep, and of course they had to have an excuse to conduct unconstitutional mass surveillance on US citizens in the name of security

          • barcodezero

            yep, and of course they had to have an excuse to conduct unconstitutional mass surveillance on US citizens in the name of security….

          • polzzlop

            MI7 (BBC) revealed that World Trade Center 7 fell, an hour before it fell.

            The plot was from the City of London, Saud financed, Mossad demolition arts students.

        • KLBMOM

          The military does what they are directed to do by the commander in chief…they make no actions without direction. It is their responsibility to carry out orders.

        • donzai

          dont forget the dancing izrealis

      • frank scott

        of course…and the easter bunny hard boils all those eggs…believe what you will but i don’t believe that was prince on that alleged video (with no motion)..in fact, it sounds as much like prince as those hard boiled eggs are a product of the easter bunny.

        • Beal

          yes it is real. People owned copies for years back than. And I’im sure some collectors still do.

      • KLBMOM

        Bush didn’t “DO” anything…and that’s the problem. He’s undoubtedly the worst president that the US has ever seen. He thrust our military into an unjust war to prove to his father that he could do something daddy couldn’t….take down Hussein. Funny how quickly into Obamas presidency Bin Laden was erased from this earth, and how untraceable he was during the 8 years of the Bush administration. Bc Bin Laden was never Bush’s focus. I believe that there were warning signs that 9/11 was coming even before the Bush administration. Previous presidents shrugged it off, and Bush looked the other way. Bush didn’t make 9/11 happen. He did however turn a blind eye to the threat, and chose to not go after the mastermind full throttle.

        • Trixie B Lulamoon

          “Bush didn’t “DO” anything” “Bush didn’t make 9/11 happen. He did however turn a blind eye to the threat, and chose to not go after the mastermind full throttle.” he is the master mind cx. cx omg. thats your beliefs. you dont have proofs he did nothing. some people know he did it and they will expose him. as they say ignorance is bliss

          • KLBMOM

            The word is proof…not proofs. And where’s your proof? Or is it just your opinion that Bush was the mastermind of that tragedy? The Bush administration was a nightmare…a tragedy in its own right. But Bin Laden boasted about his great success on 9/11….just as he did when he planned the attack on the USS Cole. Somehow, I can’t believe he’d brand his name on something that he wasn’t responsible for. In the mean time, I’ll keep an eye out for the ones who are going to crack this supposed conspiracy open and expose Bush as the mastermind of 9/11.

          • Trixie B Lulamoon

            proof-singular proofs-plural. learn english first. bin laden died long before 9/11 cx. i even saw a documentary about it long time ago. and you said you can believe. i understand. many people still prefer to not believe. they can sleep peacefully then.

          • KLBMOM

            I know what the plural form of proof is….but in the context you used it, it’s incorrect. That’s irrelevant though. I didn’t know that viewing a documentary gave you a pass key to a government vault of secrets.
            Bin Laden DID have decoys…even before 9/11. However, if he was dead prior to 9/11 there’d be no need for decoys, bc who and what would he be hiding from??? The man who was all over the airwaves boasting about carrying out the devastation of 9/11 was Osama Bin Laden. There was proof that he funded the suicide bombers travel to the US, and the act of terror.
            And, was the current president in cahoots with Bush to keep Bin Ladens decade old death a secret? And staging a fake death? It’s very unlikely, if not impossible.
            Before you start insinuating that I believe what’s being spoon fed to me bc I’m naive, or bc it helps me sleep well at night you should consider that maybe I know more about the situation than you do….and I didn’t get my info from a documentary, or book. If you are a fan of the subject, there’s a very good book written by a former navy seal called “No Easy Day”. His pen name was Mark Owen. This was a 1st hand account of the killing of Bin Laden, and even goes into methods used to identify his body. You should pick it up some time.

          • Trixie B Lulamoon

            but you know only so much they want you to know, nothing more. did you know earth is ruled by illuminati? do you know what really is happening behind the curtain? I know.

          • KLBMOM

            And on that note, we are done. Most folks who throw around the word “Illuminati” have no clue as to its history, or its true significance. I’ll just keep letting you believe what you “know”.

          • Trixie B Lulamoon

            iam not most. yea ill let you believe in what you “know”

    • TellTheTruth-2

      Exactly …

    • Karine

      Agreed…as the author stated, he seemed to mock that idea…

    • treeman

      The Saudis did 911. There are 28 pages of a congressional session which have remained hidden for scrutiny which the Saudis do not want published. maybe Prince was a terrorist financier.

      • Kolo

        Someone forgot to have breakfast this morning

    • Matangi

      This is not really the main subject … He knew what was coming and that ossama would be blame for that…

    • Richard Michael

      Who was “officially” BLAMED FOR 911.. ? Genius.

    • KLBMOM

      Then who did? It wasn’t carried out by him (obviously), but he took great pride in the event….even claiming responsibility.

    • RenegadeProphet

      They knew about 9-11 because it was planned in advance. The evil CIA and Mossad did the demolition. Prince probably is not dead like Scalia, they went underground in preparation for Ww3 and Planet X.
      The entire government are evil treasonous criminals. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 and blamed on Iran, America will be destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of Planet X and the toxic chemtrails that hide it every day. Planet X will end the war when it rips the earth apart again but 90% of Americans will be dead already. All planned by your evil government.

    • Beal

      Recording is authentic. That was said on purpose. All Dutch shows got pirated.Was within couple of hours known in Holland and played national radio. when 9-11 happened. People owned copies for years. Stating Bush bombed US would not been taken serious not even today. Bush did not knew and Prince did?

    • Blake

      he was mocking that

  • william beeby

    I didn`t know he was a JW it kind of surprises me and I don`t know why and of course each man is entitled to his own beliefs. RIP Prince quite a shock . He was a great performer and musician.

    • Dope24

      So being a “JW” is a bad thing. . . Not at all!!! You are making it seem like it is a negative thing or his beliefs are wrong even though that he is entitled to his own. . .

      • william beeby

        No not at all of course he can believe whatever he wants as far as I am concerned . I just said it kind of surprises me as they are a very strict religion regarding drink drugs smoking etc. and him being a musician I thought…don`t matter…

  • Kat

    the minute I saw the 9/11 bullshite – I knew it was the Zonst bullshit stories – The United States of Israel did 9/11 and then invaded soverieng debt free oil/gold rich nations in the middle east because it’s a broke ho’.

  • Cristiano Tallarico

    Maybe he should had said the Jehovah Witness is another sect founded by freemasons in the USA, like the many others protestants sects too. USA is the major freemason country in the world, it is illuminati by excellence since his foundation.

  • SantaClaus

    That’s not even Prince singing in that video, and as someone else said, it’s a non-moving video. And then the finger pointing at Israel again – the great Zionist conpiracy. Get your tinfoil hats out guys, to protect yourselves from the Martians.

  • Ade

    intelligent man.

  • Andrew Engelsher

    Hay,….why do Eyetalians hate JW’s ?……they don’t like any ephin witness ! !

  • Chris K

    Prince had a net worth of approximately USD$300 million. Now I know nothing about the guy or his motivations but I’m not getting an anti capitalist big corporation hating vibe from anyone with that much wealth. If it turns out his will gives it all away, I’ll change my mind. Meanwhile thanks for Raspberry Beret and RIP.

  • Brooke

    Wow people … did you ever think that “Just when you thought U were safe” could have just been him playing around telling people that his art and sexiness and such are ‘gonna get ya’? His eyes have that “I’m feeling mischievous” look.

  • Paul

    Prince knew they were gonna kill him.

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