Preordained Failure in Geneva

Preordained Failure in Geneva
by Stephen Lendman
Washington manipulated Syrian peace talks deadlock. Obama abhors peace. He wants war. He didn’t launch it to quit.
He wants Assad forcibly ousted. Ending conflict defeats his objective. It continues. Two rounds of peace talk pretense accomplished nothing. They ended as expected.
What’s next remains to be seen. UN/Arab League Syrian intermediary Lakhdar Brahimi represents Washington.
He did little to prevent deadlock. His apology rang hollow, saying:
“I am very, very sorry, and I apologize to the Syrian people…(W)e haven’t helped them very much.”
Second round talks were “as laborious as all the meetings we have had, but we agreed on an agenda for the next round when it does take place.”
His proposed agenda would focus first on ending violence, he said. Creating transitional governance would follow. He lied explaining deadlock, saying:
“Unfortunately, the government has refused” his proposal…(It) raises the suspicion of the opposition that (it) doesn’t want to discuss” transition.
False! Syrian delegates want international law observed. It’s fundamental. It’s inviolable. 
Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar said no outside force will dictate policy. Syrians alone will choose their government. They’ll decide who’ll lead them. Foreign interference is prohibited.  More on this below. 
Brahimi pointed fingers the wrong way. He pretends even-handedness. Deadlock assures no conflict resolution.
“(I)t’s not good for Syria that we come back for another round and fall in the same trap that we have been struggling with this week and most of the first round,” he said.
“So I think it is better that each side goes back and reflect and take their responsibility. Do they want this process to take place or not,” he asked?
He’ll consult Washington, Moscow and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. They’ll discuss what’s next.
“Everyone needs to go back to their base, and we will contact each other to determine the coming date. It is not clear,” he added.
Washington reacted as expected. State Department spokesman Edgar Vasquez said:
“We again call on all members of the international community, including Assad’s allies, to make clear to the regime that it must immediately cease these unwarranted attacks that undermine the Geneva process and the prospects of peace in Syria.”
Washington bears full responsibility for three years of conflict. Assad heroically defends his people. He’s wrongfully blamed for US-enlisted death squad crimes.
No date for further talks was set. Whether they’ll continue is unclear. Opposition delegate Anas al-Abdeh turned truth on its head saying:
“Only when we know that we have a partner, a real partner, that is interested in talking about the political solutions will there be a next round.”
Previous articles explained. Opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) delegates represent Washington. They’re US stooges. They lack legitimacy. 
They deplore peace. They obstructed talks. They demand regime change. They’re mindless of Syrian suffering. They pretend otherwise. 
Britain and France want Assad toppled. They pointed fingers the wrong way. 
UK Foreign Minister William Hague said Syria “refused to discuss the issue of a transitional governing body, an issue that is at the heart of the negotiation and an essential means of ending the conflict.”
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius condemned Syrian delegates as expected. He praised SNC ones claiming they “adopted a constructive position throughout the negotiations.”
Expect continued deadlock if talks continue. Expect Assad to be wrongfully blamed. Expect escalated conflict. Expect more slaughter and destruction.
Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari said every effort was made to negotiate responsibly.
Syrian delegates and Brahimi agreed on final day discussions. Opposition delegates balked.
“We insisted on studying all items of Geneva Communique elaborately to reach an agreement that paves the way for moving to the second item, but we were shocked by the other side as it wanted to deal with the first item which is combating terrorism and  discarding violence in form only and this is a big default in the mechanisms of negotiations giving the impression that the issue of combating terrorism is a secondary issue,” said al-Jaafari.
“We are concerned about combating terrorism as a primary demand for the Syrian people.” 
It’s what they want most. It’s vital to prioritize it above all else. It’s what matters most. Stopping it makes other objectives achievable.
Syria is committed to responsible conflict resolution, al-Jaafari stressed.
“We promised our own people to get back to Geneva to continue the Geneva talks as long as it takes, because we are extremely careful about stopping the bloodshed in Syria and combatting terrorism.”
“This I promise you: We will be committed to doing so.”
Brahimi witnessed discussions firsthand. He knows who obstructed and who didn’t. His comments reflected otherwise. 
He pointed fingers the wrong way. He showed which side he’s on. He’s no honest broker. He’s Washington’s man. He’s mindless of what Syrians most want.
“We consider all four items mentioned in the draft agenda important,” said al-Jaafari.
First is ending violence and combating terrorism. Second is transitional government Syrians alone will decide.
Third is continuing “state institutions.” Fourth is “national dialogue and reconciliation without selectivity,” said al-Jaarari.
All items are important, he stressed. Talks should move from one to another. Each one should be resolved before moving on.
It’s an accepted negotiating process. Progress depends on both sides observing it. Agreeing on how to combat terrorism and violence makes transition to other items possible.
Obama bears full responsibility for deadlocked talks. He orchestrated them to fail. He wrongfully blames Assad. He commented as expected, saying:
“There will be some intermediate steps that we can take applying more pressure to the Assad regime, and we are going to be continuing to work with all the parties concerned to try to move forward on a diplomatic solution.”
John Kerry said new options are being considered. Obama hinted at possible US military intervention.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused Washington of prioritizing regime change. It’s longstanding US policy. 
“There are attempts to foil the (talks) under various pretexts,” said Lavrov. He praised Syria’s efforts to negotiate responsibly.
Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said “everyone recognizes the existence of a terrorist threat in Syria where large numbers of terrorist groups, such as Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda, are active.”
“Counterterrorism efforts should be synchronized for combating terrorism before embarking on other issues,” he stressed.
Obama wants things resolved belligerently. He’s force-feeding US policy. Al-Jaafari accused Washington and Israel of escalating conflict.
Obama wages war while talking peace. He duplicitously says one thing. His policies are polar opposite.
What follows remains to be seen. Odds suggest no end of conflict. Further talks if held won’t work. Assad will be wrongfully blamed.
“I always reserve the right to exercise military action on behalf of America’s national security interests,” said Obama.
Bullying is longstanding US policy. War is Obama’s bottom line option. He’s waging multiple direct and proxy ones. Peace talks are fake. They’re smoke and mirrors deception.
US intervention is one major false flag attack away. Escalated war threatens regional stability.
Obama’s war on Syria affects Lebanon. Conflict spread cross border. Neighborhoods are attacked. Expect more of the same ahead.
So-called “slow war” may intensify. Lebanon may become a battleground like Syria. Washington and Israel may plan it that way.
Palestine is on the boil. Ongoing peace talks are fake. They’re entirely one-side. Daily Israeli violence continues while they’re ongoing.
State-sponsored terrorism shows Israel’s real intentions. Washington is likeminded. Iranian nuclear talks are shaky.
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned about possible efforts to undermine them.
In his speech marking the 35th anniversary of Iran’s 1979 revolution, President Hasan Rohani expressed concern about Washington resorting to military action if talks fail.
“I say explicitly to those delusional people who say the military option is on the table, that they should change their glasses,” he said.
“Our nation regards the language of threat as rude and offensive.”
“I want to expressly announce that the movement of the Iranian nation towards the peaks of scientific and technical progress and advancement, including peaceful nuclear technology, will be forever,” he added.
Kerry earlier warned Iran. America’s “military option…is ready and prepared to do what it would have to do,” he said.
Rohani stressed Iran’s peaceful intentions. He’s done so numerous before.
Washington hardliners ignore him. Media scoundrels regurgitate their hate-mongering. 
Iran has been top regional enemy for decades. It remains so despite ongoing talks. 
Does Obama plan sabotaging them? Will he intervene belligerently against Syria? Will he turn Lebanon into a war zone?
Will Israel initiate aggression? Gazans fear Cast Lead 2.0. Will the entire region become embroiled in conflict? Will Russia and China intervene?
Both countries have vital interests to protect. What’s possible ahead concerns everyone. Preventing global war is top priority. Nothing matters more than that.
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