Outrage: Israel avoids war crimes charges

Credit: UN Photo/Shareef Sarhan

RINF Alternative News

As expected, it looks like Israel will yet again avoid war crimes charges.

Speaking to IPS, John Quigley, professor emeritus at Ohio State University, said:

“The ICC does nothing against states. It prosecutes individuals. So the question is whether Israelis could be brought before the ICC.

“If a state is a party to the Rome Statute, then its nationals can be prosecuted in the ICC.

“However, the ICC has jurisdiction based on the territory where a crime is committed. So if an Israeli commits a crime in a state that is a party, the ICC can prosecute that Israeli.”

Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the New York-based Centre for Constitutional Rights,said there is a need to hold Israel, its leadership and military officials accountable for its international crimes:

“Along with Israeli officials, the aiders of abettors of this ongoing criminal conduct should be in the dock as well.

“The impunity of Israel and the United States are a license for every country to violate humanitarian and human rights laws that are fundamental to civilisation.

“Every means to expose and hold Israel accountable and demonstrate the bias of our international system is important,” he added. “The effort is clearly terrifying Israel because Israel knows the criminality it is engaged in.

“The goal is to make Israel the pariah state it ought to be for committing these crimes, to make its officials unable to move outside the country and to ultimately send a message: Enough! It is saddening at this moment to see horrendous crimes committed hourly and watch the governments of many states stand by or enable.

“Our hope to hold Israel accountable should be in the outpouring of opposition to these crimes by citizens throughout the world. Ultimately, the courts will need to act.”