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Stephen Lendman 
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Times managed news misinformation repeats with disturbing regularity. Often not rising to the level of bad fiction.

It bears repeating what other articles stressed. So-called news claimed fit to print isn’t fit to read. Propaganda rubbish substitutes.

Previous articles discussed fake Russian Ukrainian invasions. With troops, tanks, artillery and other equipment. Baseless Big Lies. Claims without corroboration.

None exists. Fabricated rubbish only. Big Lies substituting for hard truths. Maliciously claiming nonexistent Russian invasions.

The latest in a shameless Times feature story. Headlined “Fears Rise as Russian Military Units Pour Into Ukraine,” saying:

“Tanks and other military vehicles pouring over the border from Russia into eastern Ukraine.”

“Nightly artillery battles in the region’s biggest city, Donetsk, and reports of fighting around another regional capital.”

“And now, sightings of the ‘green men,’ professional soldiers in green uniforms without insignia, the same type of forces that carried out the invasion of Crimea last spring.”

“A senior NATO official confirmed on Wednesday what Ukrainian military officials and monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have been saying for days now: Russian troops and military equipment are crossing the border into Ukraine, seemingly preparing for renewed military action, though what exactly remains unclear.”

Citing Kiev’s military spokesman Andriy Lysenko. Claiming nonexistent evidence of Southeastern Ukrainian Russian military involvement. Allegedly aiding Donbas self-defense forces.

Fact: No evidence whatever corroborates these claims.

Fact: None exists.

Fact: No Russian Crimean invasion occured last spring.

Fact: Or any other time in modern history.

Fact: Claims otherwise are Big Lies.

Fact: So-called NATO “confirmation” is malicious propaganda.

Fact: Incendiary rubbish.

Fact: Reported anyway by The Times and other media scoundrels.

Fact: Legitimate editors wouldn’t touch this garbage.

Fact: Would denounce it as irresponsible Big Lies.

Fact: Times editors feature it.

Fact: So do other media scoundrels.

NATO commander US General Philip Breedlove lied. Claiming concern “about convoys of trucks taking artillery and supplies into east Ukraine from Russia.”

“We have seen columns of Russian equipment, primarily Russian tanks, Russian artillery, Russian air defense systems and Russian combat troops entering into Ukraine,” he said.

“(O)ur first guess (is) that these forces will go in to make this a more contiguous, more whole and capable pocket of land in order to then hold onto it long-term.”

Part of Moscow’s larger Eastern Ukrainian strategy, he claimed.
Former US ambassador to Ukraine, Steven Pifer said:

“Absent a major change in course from Moscow, a simmering conflict is about the best we can expect.” Lasting longterm, he suggested.

“I would argue it is time for the US government to start providing some lethal assistance like anti-tank weapons.”

“Basically, give the Ukrainians the ability to deter the Russians from further military action.”

“I would argue, by arming the Ukrainians, you would actually decrease the chances the Russians would escalate because you would give the Ukrainians the capacity to inflict more cost on the Russians.”

Fact: Washington arms Ukraine overtly and covertly.

Fact: Kiev’s defense ministry admitted it earlier.

Fact: Using its puppet government irresponsibly.

Fact: As a dagger at Russia’s heartland.

Fact: Illegitimate oligarch president Petro Poroshenko vowed to crush Southeastern Ukrainian freedom fighters.

Fact: Intends institutionalized hardline rule nationwide.

Fact: Prohibiting democracy in any form. Anywhere throughout the country.

London-based Chatham House is a pro-Western propaganda think tank. According to associate fellow John Lough:

“Putin can’t lose face over Ukraine. He can’t afford to back down. Russia is stuck. They can’t get off this horse.”

Putin “hope(s) (to) split the US from (its) European partners…There are some calculated gambles being made.”

Fact: Russia has gone all-out for peaceful conflict resolution since crisis conditions erupted last year.

Fact: Especially since Kiev launched internal naked aggression in April.

Fact: Putin supports Ukrainian sovereign independence.

Fact: Engaging its Eastern and Western neighbors cooperatively. Responsibly.

Fact: Serving its people equitably.

Fact: Obeying international laws.

Fact: Moscow goes all-out for regional peace and stability.

Fact: Deplores conflict conditions.

Fact: Led April Geneva and September Minsk negotiations to resolve them responsibly.

Fact: Engages all nations cooperatively.

Fact: Claims otherwise are Big Lies.

US-instigated conflict erupted in Ukraine last November. In February, regime change followed.

Democracy died. Fascists usurped power. With full US support and encouragement.

East/West tensions are palpable. Visceral. Incendiary. Hugely dangerous.

On November 10, the London-based European Leadership Network (ELN) reported 40 near-miss incidents across Europe.

Including Russian military planes allegedly violating Baltic airspace. A near-collision between a civilian airliner and Russian surveillance plane.

Brinksmanship miscalculations risk potentially serious consequences. East/West conflict could follow. The unthinkable by any standard.

Provocative US actions continue. Russia goes all-out to avoid them. Moscow debunked NATO claims about invading Ukraine. Calling them groundless.

Defense Ministry General-Major Igor Konashenov said “(w)e have stopped paying attention to the groundless accusations made by NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, US General Philip Breedlove, of the ‘observed’ Russian military columns allegedly invading Ukraine.”

“(We) repeatedly stressed that there was and is no evidence supporting Brussels’ regular trumpeting over the alleged presence of Russian forces in Ukraine.”

“You know, it has become ridiculous…If earlier, someone would at least put their names on those images, be it Breedlove, (former NATO Secretary-General) Rasmussen, or even (NATO spokeswoman Oana) Lungescu, now, they are hesitant.”

“It makes no sense to comment seriously on this.” So-called claims are bald-faced lies.

On Wednesday, Security Council members met in emergency session over Ukraine. Moscow’s deputy UN ambassador Aleksandr Pankin accused Kiev of violating agreed on ceasefire terms.

“Throughout the ceasefire period, a concentration of Ukrainian troops was observed almost along the entire front line,” he said.

Withdrawing heavy weapons and tech gear never began, he explained.

Kiev’s allegations about Russian troops and weapons in Ukraine are baseless. Misinformation Big Lies. Concealing regime failures.

“Apparently, Kiev’s fear of the self-defense forces is so great that it tries to justify their own failures and massive transfer of personnel and equipment to the front lines by loudly claiming alleged Russian weapons and army,” Pankin stressed.

“A more logical explanation is the presence of increasingly fortified positions of the self-defense forces, noted by the OSCE, in the regions that are being increasingly exposed to attacks by security forces.”

“No one presents real facts or evidence” about alleged Russian involvement. “Nothing (exists) but talk. (The) usual propaganda concoction.”

“Unfortunately we have to recognise that an almost total lack of response by the OSCE mission to the Ukrainian armed forces and other military formations moving and consolidating their position adds fuel to the flames.”

“Why do they say nothing about these facts? It should be clear to everyone that the lack of information on that point in OSCE reports creates a false and provocative picture of all that is happening.”

Yuriy Sergeyev is Kiev’s UN envoy. He lied claiming “Russian-backed militants continued to shell Ukrainian forces, disregarding efforts to establish a touch line and maintaining a supply corridor for arms.”

“(T)housands of troops and hundreds of Russian tanks and artillery units, in addition to attack aircraft, massed on the border.”

The only reason there was no open war yet in the region was Ukraine’s restraint.”

He claimed nonexistent Russian violations. Kiev’s alleged support for Minsk protocol terms. Its so-called commitment for peace.

Truth is polar opposite. Ukrainian forces continue waging naked aggression. Including targeting civilian neighborhoods.

Murdering noncombatants in cold blood. Blaming its crimes on self-defense forces and Russia.

Washington’s UN envoy Samantha Power represents the worst of diplomatic duplicity. Ideologically over-the-top. Neocon extremism and then some. Shaming the office she holds.

Supporting US-led NATO genocidal slaughter. Against one country after another. The highest of high crimes against peace.

On November 12, she lied claiming “Russia made commitments and then failed to live up to them.”

Including Minsk protocol ceasefire terms. “Separatists expand(ed) their territory beyond Minsk lines. Meanwhile, Ukraine…maintained a full ceasefire along the agreed lines.”

Fact: Russia scrupulously adheres to (April) Geneva and (September) Minsk terms.

Fact: Clear evidence proves it.

Fact: Kiev violated both agreements straightaway.

Fact: Premeditated attacks never stopped.

Fact: Naked aggression continues.

Fact: Donbas freedom fighters respond in self-defense.

Fact: Risking life and limb for democratic rights.

Fact: Ones everyone deserves.

Fact: What Kiev prohibits.

Fact: With full US support and encouragement.

Fact: One fascist regime supports another.

Fact: Partners in high crimes against peace.

Fact: Powers lied claiming otherwise.

It bears repeating. She shames the office she holds. Supporting naked Kiev aggression demanding condemnation.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is one of two Council of Europe statutory organs.

Mandated to uphold democracy, rule of law principles and human rights. Falling woefully short disgracefully.

Russian lower house State Duma Speaker Sergey Narshkin confirmed Moscow’s PACE proposal to investigate high crimes against peace in Europe.

Including Maidan killings. Odessa murders. Southeastern Ukrainian mass graves with hundreds of corpses.

Crimes against humanity demand urgent attention, he said. Independent investigations to discover hard truths. Hold culpable parties responsible. Make accountability mean something.

Naryshkin called on PACE officials to act responsibly. Not “build walls of distrust” like Kiev.

“Digging moats and installing barbed wire fences in the modern world is insane,” he said. Accountability is long overdue.

Days earlier, Naryshkin accused Washington of bullying, pressuring and blackmailing nations against Russia.

“We are aware” of what’s ongoing, he said. Maliciously targeting Moscow. Aiming to weaken and eliminate a geopolitical rival.

Risking East/West confrontation. Potential open conflict. Hugely reckless by any standard.

Russia supports equitable/open relations with all nations, Naryshkin stressed. With opponents and partners alike.

“(S)o our position and our truth will be heard,” he said. For peace, equity and justice.

Resolving conflict conditions responsibly. Avoiding war at all costs. Policies polar opposite America’s.

It bears repeating what other articles stress. Washington’s agenda threatens world peace. It hangs by a thread.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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