Malaysian Pressure Forces MH17 Investigation to UN


Eric Zuesse

Malaysia, frustrated by the refusal of the official international investigation-team to produce any clear evidence yet of whom to blame for the downing of the MH17 Malaysian airliner over the Ukrainian civil-war zone on 17 July 2014, has finally forced the team to request the UN to investigate. They’ve forced the original four nations on the team to accept UN adjudication of any final report. This will enable a court-proceeding to make the ultimate determination of guilt (upon which judgment penalties and compensation will be assessed), and this court-determination would inevitably allow whatever party is being blamed by the five-member official investigating team, to present its own evidence in the case, so that the court will make the ultimate determination – the official investigating team will not be performing that crucial judgmental function.

Malaysia was long prohibited from even participating in this investigational team, but on 5 November 2014, a deal was finally reached with the four nations that did comprise the team – four U.S. allies: Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, and (a suspect in possibly having downed the MH17) Ukraine itself (though it had lost none of its citizens in the disaster) – so, the next day, Malaysia’s New Straits Times headlined “Malaysia to join MH17 criminal probe team,” and reported that, “The prime minister said the country had been invited to play a bigger role in the recovery and investigation of the ill-fated aircraft, believed to have been downed by a missile over eastern Ukraine on July 17.” The Malaysian report went on then, pointedly, to note: “In July, the Dutch and Ukrainian authorities agreed that the bulk of the operations would be carried out by the Netherlands, with assistance from countries whose citizens were on board the flight. Malaysia had repeatedly asked to be part of the joint investigation team, currently comprising investigators from the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine.” Implicitly, that phrase “Malaysia had repeatedly asked to be part of the investigating team” said that Malaysia had consistently been refused membership until 5 November 2014. In fact, even by late November of 2014, Malaysia continued to be refused membership, and I headlined on November 30th, “Malaysia Becomes Angry About Exclusion from MH17 Investigation.” That refusal was especially outrageous because, like three of the four nations that already were on the team, Malaysia had lost (44) citizens from the downing. But in addition, Malaysia had lost the plane, from it. There was no excuse for the four pro-Western nations to exclude Malaysia, and for their limiting the investigating-team to only Ukraine (a key suspect in the downing) and three of its allies. And, between November and now, Malaysia has finally become so fed-up with the team’s continuing refusal to act, and to declare the culprit, so that the rest of the team finally consented to Malaysia’s demand to transfer the investigation over to the UN.

On 24 June 2015, Agence France Press, a mouthpiece for yet another Western nation (France), bannered, “Netherlands, Malaysia push for UN tribunal for MH17 culprits,” and Thailand’s Bangkock Post headlined this same story more honestly and directly, as “Malaysia demands UN court for MH17 shootdown,” but carried unchanged the anti-Russian-slanted AFP text. The anti-Russian-slanted AFP ‘news’ report said “It remains unclear, however, whether Russia would back the creation of the special tribunal” (something which they could also have said of the U.S., for example) and included a sub-head: “- Getting Russia on board -,” which section had only this brief and anonymously sourced reference to Russia: “The diplomat [unidentified] said the countries were mindful of the need to ‘avoid a Russian veto’ [as if a Russian veto would have been likelier than an American one, etc.].” That’s propaganda for a regime, not news-reporting for a democracy – it delivers the bias (to whip up support for war), along with its sugar-coated pro-regime facts.

The present writer has already set forth the conclusive evidence that Ukraine downed this airliner, and that the reason Ukraine did it – intentionally, not at all by mistake – was in order to enable the U.S. to blame Russia for it and thus get the EU to hike economic sanctions against Russia. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany isn’t the only nation in history that has used what the intelligence trade calls “false-flag attacks” in order to blame the nations that it itself aims to attack. The U.S. has perfected that technique.

Russia was framed for the downing of MH17, which was a U.S. job carried out by the Ukrainian Air Force. (The EU knows that the U.S. has a mega-criminal government, but they go along with it, thinking that their aristocrats will get some of the loot that’s being yanked off by America’s aristocrats. They do this though 206 of the murdered passengers were EU citizens. And Netherlands, which provided the U.S. key assistance in the buildup to overthrowing Ukraine’s democracy, lost the most people in it, which just goes to show on which side Dutch aristocrats stand – it’s not the Dutch public’s side.)

Finally, Malaysia is having some success in pulling this criminal investigation away from the clearly proven criminal (Ukraine – which now is itself a U.S. client-state) and its friends.

Anyone who believes Western ‘news’ media about international affairs is simply laying his mind out to be raped by agents of the local nation’s aristocracy. Almost everything has become propaganda now. Honest journalism is squelched, if not strangled.

That’s why, if you’ll google the headline of this news-report, none of the major mainstream and ‘alternative’ ‘news’ sites will likely come up – though it has been sent to all of them.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of  Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.

  • Doom Sternz

    Thanks Eric, informative as always.

  • Arlene Lane

    this investigation is a long time coming, but the question is who in the UN to do we trust to tell the truth that is not in bed with the USA, and there is no doubt in my mind it is the CIA that is responsible because KIEV was under orders from the word go to implement this disaster, and why was HOLLAND under orders from America to curtail their investigation, and also America has been putting pressure on Malaysia not to investigate into this disaster or the previous [plane that went missing over DIEGO GARCIA, I think most of the world is waking up to the fact that the CIA, NSA, AND HOMELAND SECURITY, with the help of MI5,MI6 and MOSSAD. has the worlds largest and only TERRORIST NETWORK between them. if anyone was to say that any sabotage or false flag operation was done by this network they would only have a 1%per cent chance that they could be wrong, nearly all conflicts going on across the globe starts there.

  • Arlene Lane

    we cannot really blame Holland or Malaysia not to investigate further because like many countries the US thinks are allies, are really only countries whose leaders have been threatened, blackmailed, or have been bought and paid for,

  • Gerry1211

    Many thanks for the article. It reflects what I believe. As a dual citizen of Holland/US I am ashamed of the Dutch Government as it betrays its own citizens who so tragically died that day…..That the U.S has threatened the Dutch Government is long known.
    That it was a false flag I also believe. That within the time span of less than an hour after the event the U.S. accused Russia of the downing without ONE shred of evidence is telling. He who lies first holds the media’s attention. The U.S. has yet to provide the world with evidence that supports their claim even though they had a satellite above the region of the downing.

    Are the two Malaysian flights linked to Malaysia’s international trial having found Bush and co guilty of war crimes?

    • Carroll Price

      It is my understanding that, like the US, England, Germany & France, the Dutch government is thoroughly infiltrated with Zionist Jews. Which explains why the Dutch government has no problem betraying the citizens of it’s own country, as long as doing so protects Israel from being linked with the crime of downing another civilian airliner.

      • Gerry1211

        That “infiltration” has not prevented the Dutch and the EU to come down hard on Israel. The EU was the largest trading partner of Israel. Currently NO foods will be allowed into the EU that come from Palestinian occupied territory. Everything imported from Israel is to be accompanied by a manifest stating that the goods did NOT come from “Illegally occupied territory” Those are the precise words. The Netherlands was secretly bullied into participating in the 2nd Iraq war under threat that the U.S. would list the Netherlands as the 2nd Drug Country after Columbia.
        1. the flight path of MH17 was changed, which makes me believe the plane was meant to crash on Russian soil so that we could accuse Russia. That did not happen. We accused Russia anyway
        2. The Hague knows full well that Kiev which is currently run by State, would never on their own shoot down a commercial airliner. So it was either done with the complicity of the U.S. or under their direct orders.
        3. Unlike the U.S. Russia has released all their radar and satellite images. The U.S. too had their own satellite over the area. Yet refusing to provide their own images would suggest that what they show does not confirm what they have been claiming all this time.

        • Pravda01

          I wouldn’t eat anything which comes from Jewish scumbags.

          Kosher means shit.

          • Gerry1211

            So now we know where you stand. Doesn’t add much to the debate does it? Being a hateful bigot I mean in case that wasn’t clear.

  • robertsgt40

    Sadly, I think the UN is as corrupt as any other politically controlled entity. Don’t expect a different result


    • doodaa


      • robertsgt40

        I made it as PC as possible LMAO


      Indeed, today it behaves as corruptly as the Dutch crash investigators. Ban Ki-Moon is Washington’s man in every last matter, often offering an embarrassing public behavior.

  • doodaa

    Only one reason why there is no “off8icial” report. Mispelled with purpose.


    There can be no doubt that Mr Zuesse is correct about Ukraine having destroyed MH-17, however I cannot agree, without further evidence, that the act was a “black flag’ operation.

    It may have been, of course, but we have no solid evidence for that as we very much do for Ukraine’s actually downing the airliner.

    The sheer incompetence alone, demonstrated over and over, by Ukraine’s military provides a pretty compelling explanation with no further motives required.

    I think the greatest lesson we can all learn from these events concerns America’s approach to world affairs in the current world.

    The United States unquestionably has spy satellite data of this event – its fleet of “Keyhole” satellites with capabilities resembling those of NASA’s space telescope cover the earth – yet it has never offered any of it to the international community.

    It also unquestionably has radar data of the event, this being a region of constant interest to America and America has some of the world’s best radars, yet again it has offered absolutely nothing to the international community.

    Last, the extraordinary – virtually criminal – dilatory proceedings of the Dutch investigators can only reasonably be interpreted as suppression of evidence in response to American pressure, America being concerned that its fledgling coup-created government in Kiev would be discredited so early in its life.

    We have seen many times a fairly straightforward crash like this explained by authorities within weeks or less, as was the recent case with the German plane in the Alps. The delay over MH-17 can only be deliberate.

    Whatever the final resolution, the entire matter remains one big tissue of lies, and it is profoundly disturbing that European leaders remain so under the malign influence of the United States here and in other matters, allowing themselves to hurt their economies through America’s insistence on penalties and needlessly to threaten a new cold war over an ugly set of lies.

  • Tom Tchikofski

    “The UN to investigate”??. Are they kidding themselves?

    If UN done a good job in Iraqi weapon inspection, the war would’ve been impossible to start.
    If UN did not give 80% of the Palestine land to only a 20% population and 20% of the land to 80% of population, there would’ve been no apartheid regime in Israel.
    Malaysian are going after bigger corrupt people to solve the MH17 issue.
    Good Luck Malaysia. I hope I am proved dead wrong.

  • Carroll Price

    When you observe how the US, after one full year, has yet to release any information concerning the downing of MH17, it becomes increasingly obvious that Kiev, (with possible assistance from the Mossad CIA) failed in their efforts to destroy the plane while making it appear that separatist forces backed by Russia had committed the crime.

    • Gerry1211

      I knew a Carrol Price once. We worked on a political campaign in Florida.

  • geo1671

    Malaysia’s airline has gone bankrupt due to 3 airlines and passengers doomed . Malaysia has been marked country for exposing USA as liars and war criminals.
    jUSA is an evil enterprise. Most folks haven’t caught on why Ukraine is such a prize.Presently most of Ukraine’s leaders are zionists,masquerading as christians. Ukraine is slated for to be come the future Homeland for the Chosen ones.

  • Pravda01

    The black boxes of MH17 disappeared in Zionist Britain.

  • Ehnyah

    How old is this author? The UN? Investigative Journalist? He practically lifted the whole article he links to and left the most important parts out, just to puff himself up because nobody in the mainstream runs the headline? Gimme a break. Books sales down or something?

    Black boxes were found in a few days on the flight to Germany that crashed in the mountains with the suicide pilot and we’re supposed to believe any investigation, years later, will prove anything? Please.

    Here’s a real criminal case going to the ICC.

    Dossier of Israeli war crimes presented to ICC

    This is borderline click-bait crap, you can do better RINF.

  • Cognacenti

    Much of the Dutch complicity in the Ukrainian ‘events’ stems from the sizeable investment Royal Dutch Shell has in the shale exploration rights of eastern Ukraine.
    The separatist uprising was costing the Dutch millions, so they readily agreed to ‘actions’ to end the separatist control of that area.