Life in Ukraine Since the U.S. Coup There in Feb. 2014

Eric Zuesse, 16 June 2015, 2:30 PM in NYC

The following is a reader-comment that was just posted from someone in Ukraine to an article whose links document America’s coup there in February 2014 in the formerly peaceable but corrupt country, and the subsequent ethnic cleansing to exterminate the people who live in the area of Ukraine which had voted more than 90% for the man whom Obama had overthrown:


Алексей К.33 minutes ago

This is all true, the US-backed fascist regime turned life for ordinary people here in Ukraine to real hell. With the collapse of local currency 3-fold over one year and all prices skyrocketing into universe the overwhelming majority of population is on the verge of starvation. Corruption is hitting all time highs and still we are forced to serve combat military service to defend this fascist regime. Only three options available: either paying a bribe of up to usd 3000 so they fake you incapable for military services, going on a military service with a high chance of being injured or killed in combat or facing a prison term of up to 8 years. This is what the american-style democracy has brougth to Ukraine. As an american writer once wrote, anglo-american expansion brings debt and death.


Here is a standard news report about the devastation that Obama produced in Ukraine.


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