Some of the Latest News on Ukraine, from Deutsche Wirtschaft Nachrichten

Eric Zuesse

Here are summaries of recent news-reports about Ukraine, in the German Economic News, or Deutsche Wirtschaft Nachrichten:


NATO Gives Russia No Guarantee that Ukraine’s Membership-Application Will Be Rejected

German Economic News | Published: 11/19/14 23:35 clock | 38 Comments

NATO will not guarantee Russia that Ukraine is not yet acceptable to join the military alliance. Russia is demanding such a guarantee – apparently from the bad experience that Moscow has with NATO’s eastward expansion.


China and Russia Agree to Military Alliance Against U.S.

German Economic News | Published: 20/11/14 00:32 clock | 117 Comments

China and Russia have agreed to strengthen their bilateral military cooperation. In addition, joint naval exercises will be held in the future to limit US influence in the Asia-Pacific region. Critics warn of a “new Cold War.”


US is Preparing Weapons Delivery to Ukraine

German Economic News | Published: 20/11/14 15:15 clock | 104 Comments

Arms sales to the Ukrainian military could act as a deterrent to Russia, according to a senior US official. Vice President Joe Biden will discuss this in his visit to Ukraine next week. Russia warns US against this change of course. The United States would be violating international agreements and further destabilize the region, Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday in Moscow.


Scandal in the Bundestag: Government Refuses to Make Information about MH17 Public

German Economic News | Published: 20/11/14 23:46 clock | 65 Comments

Representatives of the federal government refuse to give the leftist politician, Mr. Alexander Newly, any classified information about the MH17 shot down in Ukraine, saying he’s not trustworthy. Only center-right politicians, who don’t want to see it, will be allowed to.


British Ex-Spy: America Wants to Save the Dollar with a New Cold War

German Economic News | Published: 11/21/14 15:04 clock | 102 Comments

Annie Machon, a former employee of the British intelligence service MI5, believes that the aggressive US foreign policy is to maintain global dominance in energy-policy. Many states question the petro-dollar monopoly. Driven by the neocons in Washington, America risks a new Cold War – which could hit Europeans especially hard.


US Vice President Biden in Kiev: ‘Russia Will Pay a High Price’

German Economic News | Published: 22/11/14 00:22 clock | 61 Comments

US Vice President Joe Biden threatens Russia with isolation in the world community, unless the Russians stabilize the situation in Ukraine. With his attacks against Moscow, Biden is the undisputed Cheerleader of the new Cold War.


EU Plans to Systematically Divert Russian Gas Back from the EU into Ukraine

German Economic News | Published: 22/11/14 22:54 clock | 49 Comments

The EU wants Russia to put gas supplies to Ukraine on the sidelines, with the same trick that had aroused Russia’s wrath previously. Russian natural gas destined for the EU is to be returned to the Ukraine. Moscow should see this as a provocation. Ukraine will receive a total of 21 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually, by reverse deliveries from the EU.


Lavrov: The West Wants to Overthrow Putin by the Sanctions

German Economic News | Published: 22/11/14 22:57 clock | 98 Comments

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov sees behind the sanctions imposed by the US and the EU the desire of the West to bring about ‘regime change’ in Moscow. “The West does not actually aim for Russia to change its policy; the West aims for regime-change in Russia.”


Crimean Economy is Collapsing: Russia Nationalizes Companies

German Economic News | Published: 11/23/14 23:22 clock | 34 Comments

Companies in Crimea have lost their suppliers and customers on the Ukrainian mainland. Moreover, tourism has collapsed. As a consequence, companies are now nationalized – from bakeries to shipyards. [The cited source is Bloomberg News, which interviewed anti-Russian oligarchs and their employees in Crimea. That article closes: “Such measures are turning Crimea into a ‘neo-Bolshevik criminal dictatorship,’ Russian opposition party Yabloko said in a statement this week on its website. ‘The action to legitimize robbery must be cancelled, stolen property returned to owners, losses reimbursed.’”]


Ruble Crash: Russian Companies Find Refuge in the Dollar

German Economic News | Published: 11/24/14 13:12 clock | 103 Comments

The decline in oil prices increases pressure on the Russian economy. The price of the important Russian export is down by about 30 percent in the past six months. Russian companies therefore escape into the dollar, instead of demanding payment in rubles.


Russian Coal Deliveries in Ukraine Stopped

German economic news ¦ Published: 25.11.14 00:06 h | 77 comments

Russia and Ukraine argue over coal deliveries to the Ukraine. Without coal deliveries from Russia, Ukraine would have substantial problems in winter. Kiev has only two options: buy coal in Russia or else in the Donbass where the war is being waged.


NATO Fighter Jets on Standby Gearing Up in Europe’s East

German economic news ¦ Published: 25.11.14 00:32 am | 109 comments

Since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, NATO is in Eastern Europe. The number of operational fighter jets rose from four to 18. The reason: Nato reports tripled the number of airspace violations by Russia.


Merkel: Russia Sanctions Must Stay

German economic news ¦ Published: 25.11.14 18:45 | 110 comments

German Chancellor Angela Merkel considers further sanctions against Russia needed. The reason: Russia violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Italy had recently pushed for a lifting of sanctions.


Ukraine Urges EU to End all Contracts with Gazprom

German economic news ¦ Published: 26.11.14 16:51 Uhr | 54 comments

The Chief of the State Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz has prompted the EU to unilateral change of all gas contracts with Russia. “To negotiate with (the Russian gas giant) Gazprom is unrealistic. The treaties must be changed unilaterally” Naftogaz Chief Andrij Kobolew said in an interview of the Slovak newspaper Pravda. In addition, he calls on Slovakia to divert even more Russian gas into Ukraine, although treaties prohibit this.


Hackers Publish List of U.S. Weapons Supplied to Ukraine

German economic news ¦ Published: 27.11.14 12:45 | 75 comments

The hacker group Cyber Berkut has published list of United States weapons supplied to Ukraine. In addition to missiles, grenade launchers and sniper rifles, the Ukrainian army gets equipment for combat divers and boats. NATO is planning to provide weapons to Ukraine officially via Lithuania.


Polish EU Vice President Anticipates War between Russia and Ukraine

German economic news ¦ Published: 28.11.14 00:09 h | 103 comments

The United States plans for the deployment of additional tanks into Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. The Vice-President of the European Parliament Jacek Saryusz-Wolski anticipates a major war between the Ukraine and Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry on Wednesday reported that 14 fighter jets were sent to Crimea, 10 advanced jets of the type Su-27SM, and four bombers of the type Su-30. 16 more fighter jets are to follow.


Ukraine: ‘Jaz’ Yatsenyuk’s new Government Steps up NATO Membership

German economic news ¦ Published: 28.11.14 00:20:00 | 35 comments

The new Ukrainian Government inaugural session in Kiev says that Russia constitutes a permanent threat to the country. “The enemy is at the gates”, warned the head of State. He testified again for NATO membership of Ukraine. Russia warned strongly against such a move. “Ukraine NATO membership will blow up the whole system of European security. Whoever draws Kiev into the Alliance, accepts huge geopolitical responsibility”, said Deputy Foreign Minister Alexej Meschkow in Moscow.


Kiev: EU Will Transfer to Ukraine 500 Million Euro by December

German economic news ¦ Published: 28.11.14 17:12 Uhr | 9 comments

This is promised by Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for neighbourhood policy and enlargement negotiations, during his visit to Kiev on Friday before business leaders, as reported by the Ukrainian News Agency UkrInform.


MH17: Enlightenment is impossible, Wreckage is ‘Dumped’

German economic news ¦ Published: 29.11.14 00:18:00

The Netherlands and the rebels in the East of Ukraine have agreed to dispose of the last wreckage of MH17. Why the wreckage, important for investigation, is now simply to be thrown into the garbage, is totally incomprehensible.


Germany Will Provide Ukraine’s Army Diesel Engines

German economic news ¦ Published: 29.11.14 01:12 Uhr

Germany tests an at least indirect military support for the Ukrainian army. Ukraine needs diesel engines for its armed forces, ordered in Germany. NATO prepares arms for Kiev shipped through Lithuania. The Western Alliance is expecting a war between Russia and Ukraine.


Other updates on this subject are at, where the news-reporting about the Ukrainian conflict (the conflict that has the highest likelihood of all to produce a nuclear war) is more comprehensive and less prejudiced than in other Western ‘news’ media. It can be read in English via Google auto-translate and also via in any browser.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.