Kiev’s Poroshenko Vows Continued War

by Stephen Lendman

(RINF) – He lied agreeing to Minsk ceasefire terms. He violated them straightaway.

He has no intention of observing them. Washington won’t permit it. Obama wants escalated conflict. He’s readying Ukrainian forces to launch it full-scale.

He deplores peace and stability. So does Poroshenko. He’s beholden to Washington controlling his geopolitical agenda.

On state-controlled television, he said “(t)he war will be over only when Ukraine regains control of Donbas and Crimea.”

“It will take as much time as it takes. The country’s territorial integrity must be priority number one.”

“We will use every way possible. We will be uncompromising on that matter.”
Crimea is Russian territory. It won’t be handed back to Ukraine. Crimeans won’t tolerate it. Nor should they.

Donbass rejects Kiev fascist rule. Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Parliament Speaker Denis Pushilin said Poroshenko’s comments “are aimed at escalating the conflict in Donbas.”

“This once again confirms the fact that Kiev is not ready to implement all the conditions of the Minsk agreements.” It wants war, not peace.

DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko said “(t)oday we are building our young state enthusiastically.”

“Still not everything comes easily, but despite the intention of our enemies to destroy the republic, I want to state firmly – we have established ourselves as a young state. We are developing and we have won!”

He praised Donbass residents for their courage, unity and spiritual strength.

“I am sure that by our joint efforts we will soon turn our dream into reality and establish a strong, independent and prosperous state created by people and for people,” he added.

In April 2014, Donetsk and Lugansk declared themselves sovereign states. After their May 2014 referendums, they created the Union of People’s Republics, Novorossiya.

It bears repeating. They reject fascist rule. They want real democracy. They’ve risked life and limb fighting for it.

They intend defending what they won. They deserve universal support.

Low-level war continues daily. In the 24-hour period ending April 30, Ukrainian forces shelled Donetsk 37 times – using heavy artillery and mortar fire.

According to Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin, Kiev continues waging war on Donbass.

“Ukrainian forces also continue harassing fire on our settlements near the contact line from tanks and IFVs (infantry fighting vehicles), and from firearms.”

“Ukrainian commanders continue covertly pulling in rocket artillery systems to positions along the contact line.”

DPR intelligence noted heavy Ukrainian weapons well inside the agreed on contact line – in flagrant violation of Minsk. They’re used to shell Donbass.

Information collected is given to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination, Basurin explained. Dozens of ceasefire violations occur daily.

On Thursday, “our reconnaissance registered a brief exchange of fire at the positions of the Ukrainian armed units,” he said.

“Our reconnaissance officers said in their reports that an unknown unit of commandos had stormed and seized a platoon-level fortified strongpoint set up by punitive expeditioners from a nationalistic battalion.”

“That’s the first time since the outbreak of the conflict that we see an operation of this kind conducted on Kiev’s side in an area adjoining the frontline.”

“(T)he unit that stormed the positions of the Ukrainian punitive battalion used silent killer weapons that didn’t belong to the Kalashnikov family of assault rifles and was obviously manufactured by a Western company.”

It’s unclear who ordered the operation. Basurin thinks Kiev will blame Donbass freedom fighters – maybe as a pretext for escalated fighting.

On Wednesday, Basurin cited intelligence information indicating Kiev plans large-scale provocations coinciding with May 8 and 9 Victory in Europe commemorations – including shelling residential Donbass areas.

He explained numerous previous times about Kiev forces building up aggressively along the contact line – in brazen violation of Minsk.

Now he’s “referring to the use heavy artillery and jet propulsion systems with considerable destructive potential that could lead to mass civilian casualties.”

If DPR intelligence is correct, expect Kiev aggression on the 70th anniversary of when it ended in May 1945 – Victory in Europe over the scourge of Nazism.

Reemerged in Europe’s heartland – risking setting the whole continent ablaze again, potentially with nuclear weapons if Washington attacks Russia.

The worst of all possible outcomes could follow. Humanity destroying war was never more possible than now. Power-crazed lunatics in Washington may risk the unthinkable.

A Final Comment

America’s propaganda machine never rests. On Friday, White House press secretary Josh Earnest lied saying:

“Unfortunately, we see that the Russians continue to fail to live up to the obligations they have made in the context of the Minsk agreements.”

Fact: The whole world know Russia scrupulously observes Minsk terms to the letter.

Fact: Washington and Kiev blatantly violate them daily.

Earnest outrageously claimed Kiev’s “clear willingness” to observe Minsk. Clear evidence proves otherwise.

Washington and rogue EU partners support and encourage its naked aggression against its own citizens.

Donbass self-defense forces vow to continue resisting to live free from the scourge of fascism.

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