JFK Conspiracy Fact #22: Beware of Those Who Say The Mafia Did It

There are many JFK assassination books on the market which assert that the Mafia did it. Before you waste your money on these books, ask yourself these questions: How did the Mafia get the Secret Service and military intelligence to stand down in Dallas? How did the Mafia intimidate the Dallas doctors? How did the Mafia alter the body between Parkland and Bethesda on November 22? If the Mafia did it, why were CIA Operation Mongoose operatives (Lucien Conein, Ted Shackley, Rip Robertson, David Morales, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Charles Rogers, etc.) photographed all over Dealey Plaza that day? How did the Mafia get Oswald a job in the Texas School Book Depository, and arrange for the motorcade to pass right by that building?

The most preposterous part of the Mafia-did-it theory is that gangsters supposedly were able to send Oswald to Russia as a fake defector and then get him back without the State Department lifting an eyebrow. (Did Santos Trafficante hold a gun to Richard Helms’ head?) After Oswald returns home, the Mafia, then, of course, must pass him off to his handlers George DeMohrenschildt and Ruth Paine, who just happen to be CIA. And I guess the Mafia strong armed D.H. Byrd (owner of the Book Depository) into hiring Oswald, and then the Mafia arranges the parade route to pass by Byrd’s building. Leading up to the crime, the Mafia had its Oswald double spotted all over Dallas doing suspicious things to frame the real Oswald. Then the day of the crime, it had phony Secret Service men protecting the shooters in Dealey Plaza. (Where did the Mafia come up with those dead-on credentials, coded with color of the day?) Did the Mafia instruct Emory Roberts to order his agents not to move when the shots were fired? Did the Mafia get William Greer to stop the limo on Elm Street for the kill shot? Also, the Mafia directs the Oswald double to shoot Tippit and then proceed to Oak Cliff where he’s spotted in a car with license plates traced to a CIA contractor, Carl Amos Mather. (Mather just happens to be best friends with Tippit.) Then the double escapes when the Mafia has him flown out of Dallas on a military transport plane, provided courtesy of the CIA.

Meanwhile, somehow the Mafia steals JFK’s corpse aboard Air Force I and pirates the body for wound alteration (performed, I assume, by one of the Mafia’s many skilled surgeons/morticians). And, of course, the Mafia is in the autopsy room at Bethesda controlling what Humes, et al, can see, do, and photograph. How did the Mafia’s ambulance driver manage to throw off the military guard long enough to make the casket switch in DC?

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