If Someone Wanted To Destroy America On Purpose…


Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod And Other Staff Members Laugh It Up

“Let’s say somebody were [in the White House] and they wanted to destroy this nation. I would create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military. It appears coincidentally that those are the very things that are happening right now.”

-Dr. Ben Carson on March 16th, 2013

That quote by Dr. Ben Carson does a great job of capturing what is taking place in the United States right now. If you wanted to destroy the most powerful nation on the planet, the best way to do so would be to destroy it from the inside out. Right now, America is more divided than it has been at any point in any of our lifetimes. Anger and frustration are growing to unprecedented levels, and one recent survey discovered that the level of trust that Americans have in one another is at an all-time low. Our families are falling apart and moral decay is systematically rotting the foundations of our society. Meanwhile, the U.S. national debt is on pace to more than double during the eight years of the Obama administration and the rest of the world is losing more respect for us with each passing day.

Sadly, at this critical juncture in U.S. history the American people have twice voted to elect a totally unqualified con man to be the President of the United States. To say that this scandal-ridden administration has been “corrupt” would be a massive understatement. The following is a political joke that one of my readers recently emailed me, and I think that it does a great job of illustrating the current state of our government…


Bob: “Did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?”

Jim: “You mean the Mexican gun running?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “You mean SEAL Team 6?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “You mean voter fraud?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “You mean the use of drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million and right after it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “You mean the president arming the Muslim Brotherhood?” Bob: “No the other one.”
Jim: “The IRS targeting conservatives?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “The DOJ spying on the press?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “The president’s ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “The president’s threat to impose gun control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “The president’s repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “The president’s unconstitutional recess appointments in an attempt to circumvent the Senate’s advise-and-consent role?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “You mean that 65 million low-information voters who don’t pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?” Bob: “No, the other one.”
Jim: “You mean the one where he lied and told us we could get better and cheaper healthcare or keep what we had if it was better for us?”



Not only has the Obama administration been extremely corrupt, they have also failed to deliver on almost all of the promises that they have made to us. In fact, just about every major promise that Barack Obama has uttered has turned out to be a lie. If you doubt this, just check out this list: “A List Of 23 Famous Obama Quotes That Turned Out To Be Broken Promises Or Cold-Hearted Lies“.

But it isn’t just our government that is falling apart. The truth is that America as a whole has been declining for a very long time.

For example, American families have never before been in such horrendous condition. If you doubt this, just read the statistics in my previous article entitled “27 Facts That Prove That The Family In America Is In The Worst Shape Ever“.

And it isn’t just our families that are in trouble. Everywhere you look these days, you can see the signs of advanced moral decay. Things have gotten so bad that even the mainstream media is talking about this. The following is from a Wall Street Journal editorial that was published just a few days ago…

“What’s celebrity sex, Dad?” It was my 7-year-old son, who had been looking over my shoulder at my computer screen. He mispronounced “celebrity” but spoke the word “sex” as if he had been using it all his life. “Celebrity six,” I said, abruptly closing my AOL screen. “It’s a game famous people play in teams of three,” I said, as I ushered him out of my office and downstairs into what I assumed was the safety of the living room.

No such luck. His 3-year-old sister had gotten her precocious little hands on my wife’s iPhone as it was charging on a table next to the sofa. By randomly tapping icons on the screen, she had conjured up an image of Beyoncé barely clad in black leather, caught in a suggestive pose that I hoped would suggest nothing at all to her or her brother.

And so it went on this typical weekend. The eff-word popped out of TV programs we thought were friendly enough to have on while the children played in the next room. Ads depicting all but naked couples beckoned to them from the mainstream magazines scattered around the house. The kids peered over my shoulder as I perused my email inbox, their curiosity piqued by the endless stream of solicitations having to do with one aspect or another of sex, sex, sex!

The reality is that if someone actually wanted to destroy America from the inside on purpose, they could hardly improve on what is already happening.

And we were warned that this would take place.

On April 3rd, 1965 legendary radio host Paul Harvey issued a warning to America. In this warning, he described what he thought the devil should do if the devil wanted to destroy America. Sadly, the truth is that most of what Paul Harvey warned us about back then has now come to pass…


If I were the Devil . . . I mean, if I were the Prince of Darkness, I would of course, want to engulf the whole earth in darkness. I would have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I would not be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree, so I should set about however necessary to take over the United States.

I would begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: “Do as you please.” “Do as you please.”

To the young, I would whisper, “The Bible is a myth.” I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what is bad is good, and what is good is “square”.

In the ears of the young marrieds, I would whisper that work is debasing, that cocktail parties are good for you. I would caution them not to be extreme in religion, in patriotism, in moral conduct.

And the old, I would teach to pray. I would teach them to say after me: “Our Father, which art in Washington” . . .

If I were the devil, I’d educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull an uninteresting. I’d threaten T.V. with dirtier movies and vice versa.

And then, if I were the devil, I’d get organized. I’d infiltrate unions and urge more loafing and less work, because idle hands usually work for me.

I’d peddle narcotics to whom I could. I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction. And I’d tranquilize the rest with pills.

If I were the devil, I would encourage schools to refine young intellects but neglect to discipline emotions . . . let those run wild. I would designate an atheist to front for me before the highest courts in the land and I would get preachers to say “she’s right.”

With flattery and promises of power, I could get the courts to rule what I construe as against God and in favor of pornography, and thus, I would evict God from the courthouse, and then from the school house, and then from the houses of Congress and then, in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and I would deify science because that way men would become smart enough to create super weapons, but not wise enough to control them.

If I were Satan, I’d make the symbol of Easter an egg and the symbol of Christmas a bottle. If I were the devil, I would take from those who have and I would give to those who wanted, until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious. And then, my police state would force everybody back to work. Then, I could separate families, putting children in uniform, women in coal mines, and objectors in slave camps.

In other words, if I were Satan,
I’d just keep on doing what he’s doing.

Paul Harvey, Good Day.


You can find the audio of Paul Harvey delivering this warning right here

So what do you think?

Is someone trying to destroy America on purpose?

Do you believe that there is still any hope for the future of this nation?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

  • The Collect0r

    Obama this, Obama that. Obama is Evil incarnate.
    It’s NOT the corporations who control everything but it’s Obama and ALWAYS Obama. It’s NOT Reagan who let the corporations destroy USA but it’s Obama. It’s NOT Shrub Jr who started fake wars but it’s Obama. Sure.

    • the synagogue of satan “money changers &
      Pharisees”….pay their –
      “employees” {IRS – 17 different definitions}… what Americans call “our government” to LIE…

      and mass murder for PROFIT.

      when the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel were “at War”…where were the GOG & Magog {Ashkenazim} Yiddish speaking “Jews”…?


      Did the Tribes of Benjamin & Levi & Judah in the Kingdom of Judah “Hate Jesus & have a copy of the Talmud…?

      seriously, if there were no “African American” so-called Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo humping “White” whores and snorting cocaine…then there were never any so-called
      Jews” in the Old Testament…

      Just Sayin’ –

      … STOOOOPID will never change true.

  • GRB

    1. While Dr. Carson is welcome to his opinion, I see only talking points and nothing to back it up. And what are his bona fides in politics? I, too, am a dr. and have my opinions, but lack access to those who will help me push their agenda. What is his agenda?
    2. On that note, let us not pretend that this only just started with Obama. People said the same things mentioned in this article about Bush jr. during his 2 terms. That was the most divided this country has ever been. Remember his “you’re with us or you’re against us” moments? Yeah. Exactly. If that’s not an incredibly divisive statement, I don’t know what is.
    3. Did you not realize the bill for America’s never ending wars would come due? When the inbreds were rah-rah’ing our illegal invasions in the Middle East, did you think it would be free? We are in seven de facto war fronts right now. Think China will pay for that? So yes, the budget has doubled. It would have regardless of who is president. And it will continue with the next GOP president.
    4. Maybe Dr. Carson is part of the problem. Just like each talking head on every mainstream or radio “news” site. It’s the fault of the liberals! It’s the fault of the conservatives! It’s Obama! Whatever. They, the ruling and political classes, keep us divided against ourselves using tools like Dr. Carson to deliver the red vs. blue messages like a good soldier while they make out like bandits off our backs with no repercussions. It’s those classes against the rest of us. The political class only plays loyal opposition to each other while serving the ruling class. Keep this in mind the next time some clown, not unlike Dr. Carson, tries his red vs. blue BS.

    • PJ London

      Are you a paid Troll, or just so blind that you cannot see?
      1) “what are his bona fides in politics? ” : He is over 18, how do you get “Bona Fides” in politics? Do you have to be a member of some organisation, to have and offer an opinion? The question is ridiculous.
      2) “let us not pretend that this only just started with Obama” : Nowhere did he state or suggest that this started with Obama. Stupid “strawman” argument.
      3) Same “strawman” as above. Nothing to do with his comments or opinion.
      4) Not one word in the quote or the article refers to “Liberal” or “Conservative”, “red or blue” . One has to ask, Do you have any reading comprehension whatsoever?, Did you actually read the article or did you merely skip the reading part and go straight to the comments?
      Or are you just a “White House Media Troll” paid to disrupt intelligent discourse?
      You will have to do better if you want adults to believe you.

  • Occams

    The last several presidents are all guilty of treason and sedition, it’s just that with obama, so emboldened with prior successes, no longer needs to maintain a facade for idiot Americans – who – for the most part, no longer care, and, literally, can only survive BY government dole.

    Americans are, by far, the most unthinking people on the planet, and cannot even cross a street on their own volition, but will stand like sheep and WAIT, forever, until a WALK signal tells them to cross.

    I marvel at this, every time I drive, and when I pass them, I bleat – just to let them know they’re just dumb, herd animals, awaiting slaughter.

  • jojo

    Would the author like to comment on his believe that only two Presidents are deemed as worthless. GW Bush Obama Slick Willy, Reagan, SN. Bush, Jimmy Cater, LBJ Nixon Truman Roosevelt Wilson ect–they were all dogs.

  • Tucker

    If anyone cares to know the identity of the ‘someone’ who has been behind and who are today the leading promoters of every one of the socially and culturally destructive ills that are steadily destroying America – maybe they would like to go back to May 2013 and review the Biden speech before the prime perpetrators? Where, unbelievably, this idiot actually showered ‘praise’ upon them for their all-important role in each and every one of the nation subverting, hate-filled, immoral attacks on the traditional America that was once the envy of the entire civilized world.


    Or, maybe you’d prefer reading what Nathan Abrams had to say about his fellow co-ethnics and their role in the pornography industry?


    “Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism.”

  • Robert Andujo

    It’s much easier to fool a man than to convince him he’s been fooled!

  • Victoria

    To understand that this has happened deliberately and who, exactly, has done it, please watch the movie, “Agenda: Grinding America Down”

    (And, please don’t be put off by the ‘Christian’ approach, just pay attention to the message).
    If your attention span is short and you want a brief synopsis of what the movie is about there is this 20 minute clip available on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZJF3HalQOU
    If you want to understand what comes in the wake of the system that is being introduced in most western countries (not just America), read Juri Lina’s book, ‘Under the Sign of the Scorpion’ http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/Under_the_Sign_of_the_Scorpion_by_Juri_Lina.pdf or, again, for those who don’t read or who wish to receive most of the information in a visual form, there is the film taken from that book entitled, ‘In the Shadow of Hermes’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcAPJ-kn8Vs It’s not a pretty picture.

    The trouble with most of us at the bottom of the ‘pyramid of power’ is that we don’t think big enough – unlike those at the pinnacle (and these are not the politicians that we see daily in our newspapers) of that pyramid. Think BIG. And read deeply into issues, an easy enough matter in this day of the internet, which is like a library at one’s fingertips.

  • Anyone who quotes Paul Harvey and considers him “great” is just not dealing from a full deck.