Humanity Struggles In The Face Of New Levels Of Government Propaganda

Bernie Suarez 
RINF Alternative News

First, it is important for readers to understand that propaganda is only a bad thing to those who seek truth. For everyone else, in particular corporations and governments it is fun acceptable gossip, distraction, and lying tool to be used as fair game for achieving desired goals. For corporations it’s a matter of checking with their attorneys on the technicalities of their advertisements.

For governments, in particular the U.S. government, it is now the primary weapon to justify and promote it’s personal political ideology and (new world order) agenda. This should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. It is very important to understand that the United States legalized propagandawhen the National Defense Authorization Act (N.D.A.A.) was resigned in 2012. Michael Hastings exposed this before he was murdered. Most Americans are not even aware that propaganda is now not only legal, but the norm.

2014 has brought with it a new, highly intense, level of political propaganda not seen since the 1950′s. U.S. political propaganda is now getting worse. Humanity is now struggling with the psychological side effects of this intense effort, as the deception is designed to cause deep rooted division amongst the people. The globalist thinkers have thought it out and this is one of their primary weapons of mass destruction against humanity, and we are only now beginning to see it’s application and early effect.

As the death tolls mount in the Israeli attacks in Gaza, and as we see uprising and solidarity for the dead and dying in Gaza worldwide including Jews coming together to expose Israel’s war crimes, we now see a new level of propaganda coming from Newsweek magazine. In the latest Newsweek (at the time of this article-July 2014) writer Adam Lebor spins a whole new narrative in an attempt to produce fear in the Jewish community, to mentally separate Jews from the rest of humanity, and to misguide Jews into thinking that the world is somehow unifying against them. Could it be that Newsweek doesn’t want Jews to wake up to the new world order plans? Could it be that Newsweek and the controlled establishment desperately needs Jewish support of U.S. and Israeli policies of violent aggression? If so, are Jews now the primary target of U.S. and Israeli new world order propaganda?

Ultimately this is hardly a Jewish problem as much as it is a human problem. All of humanity is now struggling to deal with this new level of mounting lies and propaganda designed to hand victory to the globalist gangsters who want control of the world. They need Jewish support to do this, and they need young U.S. military recruits to believe the lies and propaganda told to them by recruiters and pro-military propaganda advertising. The fact is that without the support of these two groups alone (among other groups) the plans for world domination is seriously threatened.

With much of humanity (including Israeli Jews and Palestinians) now becoming fully awakened to the war crimes of the globalist, we can expect even more bizarre levels of propaganda imposed on humanity while millions continue to die worldwide. Whether it’s Newsweek or any other mainstream media outlet we can expect this madness to continue. Everyone will have to reconcile the degree of evil that this global government cabal represents and everyone will have to decide when and how to get involved in the fight for humanity.

Here is some advice on how to proceed in fighting this new level of propaganda humanity is being attacked with primarily from western media:

1. As I mentioned already, realize that all of the propaganda we are seeing is legal and is only a bad thing to you, the truth seeker. Realizing this truth of the overall situation is the first step in fighting back.

2. Realize that all tyrannical empires of the past have resorted to propaganda to obtain their political goals and wipe out their enemies, so what we are seeing is nothing new or out of the ordinary.  

3. Realize that the control system sees propaganda as a more valuable tool than actual weapons. They realize the importance of effective propaganda on entire societies of people.

4. Realize that if we can distort and effectively expose the propaganda, we are actually disabling their primary tool for implementing their new world order. Think about this!

5. Expose the writers that are participating in this propaganda and confront them about their intentions and their lack of integrity. Ask them why they are not writing about the war crimes (in Gaza) occurring worldwide and instead choose to write about things that are not happening or there is no relevant truth to in the context of things that are happening.

6. Decide what matters to you most. Do you care about humanity or do you care about political ideologies? If you care about political ideologies (like Zionism, U.S. policies, and the new world order) then you are with the oppressors who seek to conquer all. If you care about humanity, then you are on the side of humanity and good. This choice is up to you and only you will determine the final outcome in your personal life. 

7. Stand strong and continue to expose the new world order and the oppression and murder of innocent people worldwide as the globalist 0.1 percent get richer and more powerful and continue to seek full domination of the world.

8. Find new ways to expose their propaganda in real-time. Make videos, write articles, share links with family and friends and share the images of what really is happening in places like Gaza where thousands are now dead, injured, homeless, or have had their entire life destroyed.

9. Commit to being a part of the human race and reject all labels, symbols, ideologies and propaganda that put themselves above humanity. Read history and rediscover yourself and the magic that it is to be human. Fall in love with being human and reject ideas that seek to destroy who we are.

10. Live your life to the fullest and realize that happiness and a sense of fulfillment does not come from worshipping government ideologies but from exercising your humanity to the fullest. For some, it means seeking spirituality and living in a manner that gives back and shows appreciation to the creator, for others it means discovering the god that lives in you and in every single person. It means realizing who you are, and the greatness that lies deep inside all of us. Living life to the fullest has nothing to do with government. No psychology experiment, historical, or ancient writings have ever confirmed that life is defined, improved or rediscovered when one worships government political ideologies. Science, psychology and the history of human behavior studies however do show that humans thrive when they are free to express their humanity and be who they want to be.

There is no controversy over this simple truth. Humans are on earth to thrive and that is something we should all want to do. Do you? Are you tired of government propaganda? Do you think it’s about time to cut off all mainstream media news and cancel Newsweek subscriptions? Until you personally get to the point where you are fed up with your own oppression you will never get to the starting point of creating your solution for being free. Until then, do not expect anything to change because the change must come from within you. The choice is yours. Will you choose humanity or will you choose politics, government propaganda and the new world order? This is a question of life and death, freedom versus slavery, truth versus lies, sanity and clarity versus confusion and deceit. Will you mistaken one for the other?

Newsweek Front Cover Says What??? Gaza Distraction Propaganda Red Alert!

Shocking new levels of propaganda at Newsweek magazine wipes away all the war crimes in Gaza and turns attention instead to a new claim of “antisemetic” sentiment secretly happening all over Europe. All in a deceptive attempt to steer the Jewish community away from the war crimes in Gaza and onto one of survivalism and self preservation based on a ‘war on terror’-like government engineered fear.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.