Government propaganda and the enslavement of humanity

Bernie Suarez 
RINF Alternative News

As we move through 2014 and beyond, humanity stands in awe of government propaganda, engineered narratives and ongoing scaremongering. With part of humanity awakened to the control system’s tactics, many of us are locked in focus mode, brainstorming new ways of exposing the ongoing propaganda. No sooner do we expose one false flag, when another is engineered. There is enough lies and propaganda to confuse an entire generation if you are not paying attention.

The control system is eager to distract the masses to ensure the success of their propaganda and scaremongering which is designed to keep people under control. Along with this long term agenda is a long term agenda of distraction and entertainment. Amazingly, the distraction and propaganda work carefully together as an effective tool to keep the dance going. This dance has produced three types of consciousness that are probably the most meaningful to the overall survival of the human race.

1- One segment of humanity (we’ll call segment A) is focused on perpetuating the plan to control humanity. They know what they are doing, they know who their enemies are, and they have a master plan. Want to call them the .1 percent? The Illuminati? The New World Order? Whatever you want to call them, you get the pictures.

2- Another segment of humanity (we’ll call segment B) is also focused. They know what the perpetrating segment (segment A) of humanity is doing, they collectively understand the master plan, and they are doing all the little things to stop or delay this master plan.

3- The third most critical segment of humanity (segment C)  is naive and unaware of this master (segment A) plan for reasons built into our own DNA including things like positive thinking, defense mechanisms, cognitive dissonance, pleasure seeking tendencies, self mental preservation and other reasons.

Yes, all three of these segments can be broken into other sub-segments as within all three of these segments are variable expressions of humanity. And yes, we can separate humanity into other paradigms and segments entirely unrelated to this issue but the purpose of this topic is to show the destiny and survival of the human race for which there is no other paradigms that can compete with this analysis (IMO).

Considering this three-segment model of humanity, let’s move on and see how this is all playing out and what we can do to save humanity from government. When I say ‘government’ I’m referring to segment A of humanity. As I said, these segments can be broken into sub-segments. It’s almost safe to say that most people working for government actually belong to segment C, the segment that is naive or in denial of the overall plan. However, segment A comes from the control systems functioning consciousness that is making the actual decisions. This control segment (the true body of segment A) is much smaller, segregated, secretive, and focused than any of the people who work for government (including military). In fact, government seems to only function via a strong and effective combination of segment A and segment C. Like a master-slave relationship. Anyone who has been in the military knows very well that the key to implementing plans (or missions) is strong leadership combined with strong obedience and followers. Anyone in segment B- those that are awakened to segment A’s (the control systems) plans will always have difficulties of consciousness if working in the system (think whistleblowers). These individuals do exist however and occasionally come out of the closet and risk it all to tell truth. Those that are awakened but are operating inside the mechanism of government but are constantly looking for ways to interfere or expose the manifestation of the control system are people caught between the tracks and we should support these individuals in any way we can. This sub-segment reality discussed above exists, but is not the main purpose of this article. Instead I want to demonstrate how the three major segments of humanity are interacting with each other and what this might mean for the future of the human race.

What we now see is segment A- the control system’s headquarters engineering yet another long term scaremongering, warmongering affliction on humanity known as the ISIS creation. With every passing day, the control system and their mainstream media is solidifying their now clear narrative. ISIS is a magical group of people who hate humanity (just like the zombies in a movie, Jason in Friday the 13th, Dracula, Frankenstein, Hannibal Lector and other “monsters”) and they planted a weapons tree that is sprouting endless weapons and ammunition. They blink, and boxes of money just appear. They have bank accounts and resources to put Al Qaeda to shame. They were born mysteriously, secretly and rapidly right under the nose of every government and right under the supposedly unaware U.S. Empire’s (NATO, UN) nose despite the fact that the brutal U.S. Empire’s control surveillance and influence in the entire middle east which now has it operating as a police in that region for over 10 years. Despite the fact that the U.S. has powerful influence and allies in the middle east, many of it’s own partners seem to have mysteriously gotten together and created terrorist forces to illegally overthrow Syria and many if not all of the actual bodies, that is, the physical men who had been trained and armed by the U.S.’s CIA and its allies, switched hats and now call themselves the Islamic Republic of Iraq and Syria.

Those in segment B of humanity (those fully aware and awakened to the control system’s strategies) immediately acknowledged what was playing out as it was happening. Instead of invading Syria in an ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’- style, the control system (segment A) rolled the dice and decided to go at it again; create a new Al Qaeda, give it a different name and spin off the same exact “boogie monster-war on terror” narrative that allowed them to get this far (9/11 and the post 9/11 world which got them the NDAA, Patriot Act, all of Afghanistan and all of Iraq, plus secret prisons all around the world and a lot more). The Neocon and the henchmen spearheading the control system’s segment A of humanity decided this was the best way to progress with their ‘Project for a new American Century’. This was, after all, their dream.

They have never been unclear about this dream (to control the world). They have been clear about this, and now we are seeing their plan in full motion.

The ISIS scare is a campaign that is very difficult for humanity (segment B or C) to envision any form of survival beyond. If the CIA’s Al Qaeda script got them Iraq, Afghanistan, U.S. citizens’ rights, and all the conquests and destruction of freedoms we’ve seen in the last 14+ years, what will their ISIS plan bring them this time? Can anyone truly envision what the ISIS project will bring them? Can humanity really afford another round of this global government terror? The answer is no.

I urge all of humanity to count your life lost if you can’t get active in stopping this massive new round of fear and lies engineered by the control system. Help stop the voices that are spreading this lie and NOT telling you that the U.S. empire and it’s new world order partners (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc) created ISIS with a specific agenda. Let’s find a way of shifting the conversation from talking about what ISIS is doing to how did ISIS get created? Or, where did ISIS get their weapons from? And, can we have a court trial to punish those who created, armed and funded ISIS? How about just freezing their bank accounts? Why do sanctions (supposedly) work against one country but against a tiny group of thugs somehow only bombings and whole-country invasions are prescribed?? Doesn’t ISIS eat, drink and sleep? Don’t they need money, energy and more weapons? We have already heard from a former Al Qaeda commander telling us that Al Qaeda and ISIS take orders from the CIA. Why are we then still allowing new world order terrorists like Colonel Anthony Shaffer and U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to go on TV and lie to many naive TV watchers (segment C of humanity) including many naive conservative Christians (reacting to the staged “save the Christians” campaign in Iraq) to be fooled by these global government terrorist spokesmen? Why are the owners of FOX news and CNN and others not held accountable for spreading lies and propaganda?

Given the fate of humanity, I offer this to all. Humanity will never overcome it’s doomed future until we target and silence the voices on TV that are the messengers of the control system. I’ve outlined this before and will do it again here. We (humanity’s segment B- who are awakened to the control system’s plan) have a bad habit of targeting the government in general. We target the politicians and sometimes even the mainstream media (and that’s good and effective), but we do not target the actual voices of deceit enough.

Here in the U.S. we-the-people need to come together to create and enforce severe levels of punishment for politicians and pundits who lie to the people. Until we can actually arrest, convict and imprison or enforce capital punishment on individual control system trolls and voices like Anthony Shaffer and Chuck Hagel, we will never get over the hump to save humanity. They will always be able to influence large segments of society without any consequences.

Taking this idea further, until we make it a serious crime to lie to the American people, until we officially create legislation that transfers investigative powers of world events to the people or creates a new legal body for handling these crimes, we will never see justice. Until we see media, politicians, and pundits severely punished for the crime of propaganda, we will never overcome our current calamities. Some may be thinking the U.N. is supposed to oversee matters like this but clearly the U.N. is part of the problem and cannot be relied for true justice. Propaganda and lies must reach the level of ‘terrorism’ as it is exponentially more dangerous and harmful than terrorism. The propaganda spread by the likes of Chuck Hagel and Anthony Shaffer kill millions of people and now is poised to suppress the human race into permanent slavery and suffering in a permanent endless war against synthetic terrorism.

Until humanity (segment A) realizes that propaganda IS terrorism of the worse kind, we will never overcome. Unfortunately, right now, too many of us see terrorism as things that involve the immediate death of others. Only then, do we agree to call it terrorism. Actually, even when terrorist like deaths occur some of us still don’t call it terrorism (Israeli war crimes in Gaza). The evidence is clear that humanity is suffering from a mental challenge that it will never escape using the tactics that it has used up to now.

The advancements of consciousness and truth, possible only because of the information and electronic age we are in, has promptly brought us to where we are now and we should all be thankful for this political awakening. But given the nature of humanity and our tendency toward progress and survival, many of us now are realizing we have to spin off a brand new strategy.


I urge all truth seekers to listen to this message. The solution lies in absolutely exposing each and every individual player. Think like NSA, who wants to track every single person and hold personal opinions and actions against each individual person in the future. We need to think the same way. We need a global tracking system to profile ALL globalist terrorist. This database should have an image of the criminal, the charges against them being pressed by humanity, the evidence laid out with references and first hand sources, testimonies, images, videos etc. This powerful database can be like a new Wikipedia for tracking and bringing down the globalist terrorist. It is important that this new independently created database not be a respecter of persons. Criminal presidents and military terrorist leaders should all be subjected to being listed on this database which should be safe from any government hacking. A group like the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ (or a similar type of organization) would have to help make this hack-proof database possible. Perhaps the solution can come from open-source coding projects from programmers worldwide as a gift to humanity.

Let us criminalize government propaganda once and for all. I suggest the model should go something like this: If you are a spokesperson for the state, you are obligated to tell the truth. Any diversion from the truth is an automatic felony with minimal 5-10 years in prison or worse. We need a global new Nuremberg Charter style Constitution which declares any pro-war, pro-war-on-terror propaganda a high crime possibly punishable by death. Warning to all members of CIA and intelligence. This is but one solution to fix the world. Until we can have a quick operating system run by independent bodies that are impossible to overthrow we will not stop this violent empire.

This database would have to have a dynamic component to it, and the names and profiles of the criminals would have to have the above mentioned criteria confirmed before they go in the database. The ultimate implementation of this new globalist criminal tracking system would ideally need local police support as well as state level support.

Is any of this really possible? I don’t know for sure but humanity is coming very close to a sink or swim scenario and if we don’t figure it out we will all sink and drown. Here’s a review:

1- Criminalize propaganda, that means nullifying the NDAA and enforcing harsh punishment for lying all the way up to capital punishment if the lie costs millions of lives like for example, Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice’s WMD lie.

2- Target and expose the individual voices carrying out the actual propaganda lies on TV and mainstream media including guest speakers, so-called “experts” and authors who come on TV spewing their lies, and TV hosts and reporters themselves. A citizens group needs to focus on targeting these messengers and adding them to the database.

3- Create an international database to profile all the criminals involved in the takeover of humanity. This online, electronic database must be hybrid with top security features and not a respecter of persons.

4- The international community including Russia, China, South America, Italy and all countries can create a people driven coalition to use this database as a legal means to prevent the criminals on this database from traveling anywhere. Ultimately, this database with all the verified evidence should act as a tool to justify the rounding up of all these criminals one by one with proper (new) court orders. Funding to these individuals from other organizations can also be criminalized until the person’s name is cleared to return to society.

As in the Nuremberg trials, those who committed murder were not given a pass for claiming they were following orders. Likewise, those who knowingly spread propaganda on TV calling themselves the actual experts of the information, will not be able to shift the blame on anyone else.

We all saw U.S. Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf lie to the American people claiming she had exclusive evidence that Russia is guilty of working with and arming terrorists and were responsible for the downing of MH17. Yet when challenged about where she got her source of information the woman spastically barks about how she cannot reveal her (secret CIA engineered) source of information and the only alternative to revealing her sources would be to END the interiew. Harf doesn’t realize that humanity is WAY past this point because it (humanity) NEEDS to survive and believing blind government claims is not a path to survival.

This is where we are as a humanity. We (humanity) can no longer tolerate propaganda. It (propaganda) is becoming the number one cause of death worldwide. It (propaganda) has far surpassed cancer, accidents, heart disease and other causes of death as the number one threat to humanity. We must measure propaganda based on it’s end result (think WMD) not by the (seemingly harmless) moments that surround its release.

This is a new paradigm that I hope humanity discovers before we are all terminated. This is one solution that I hope others build on. Implementing this solution in some way will once again prove that truth really does set you free and that nature and humanity is capable of purging itself. The time to sink or swim is now. Do you want to be purged or do you want to try to be part of the purging? Will you be a slave or a solution creator? Will you risk your life to save yourself and others? Will you overcome fear and focus on the solution?

Time is running out and propaganda is a real energy that when released into the world kills millions. The control system knows this, and they know that the messengers of propaganda have an easy, pain-free, and consequences-free mission as currently they are breaking no laws. This free-for-all platform is their biggest weapon against humanity. Are you ready to start the real battle? Or are you content with the permanent information war we are buried in which will eventually prove irrelevant given who has all the guns?

Until those of us in segment B of humanity (those that are awakened to the control systems end game plan) get tired of the information war and look for a new bold solution like I’ve outlined here, we are doomed to another long and endless journey of agony, fear, and lies. We will continue to catch their false flags and lies only to have to experience the agony of watching them create the next lie right before our eyes. I’m personally sick of this song and dance. I firmly believe there must be another solution other than just battling with information, though I realize the importance of the accomplishments of the information war in terms of waking people up.

Today, I declare my search for a fresh new solution beyond the information war. I’ve laid out the ground works for it here and hope that others will come up with better ideas to keep this fight for humanity meaningful and a fight that offers hope for all of humanity.

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Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.