Google’s Censorship Of Independent News – RINF Becomes Latest Victim

AFP Photo / Lionel Bonaventure

Mick Meaney

(RINF) – ‘Fake news’ is a term designed to fool the weak minded into believing the corporate media are the only reliable sources of information.

You and I both know that is a total lie.

Since you’re reading this, you already know that we’re living in a totalitarian society where anything that does not sit inside the tightly controlled margins of ‘acceptable debate’, is painted as an enemy of the people.

You might recall that late last year, following Hillary Clinton’s defeat, Google announced they were going to war against supposed ‘fake news’ websites.

This week I received an email from Google Adsense informing me that my account would be disabled if I didn’t comply with their demands to censor this website.

They demanded that I remove an article that exposed Israel’s corruption and crimes against humanity (there are hundreds of articles like this here).

In fact, it was merely a portion of an article with ‘read more’ link to TruthOut.

So I was faced with a tough decision:

Comply; delete the offending article, keep earning from Adsense and hope they don’t come back and demand that I remove more.

Or I could refuse to be bullied and lose 80% of RINF’s revenue.

So I decided to put Google to the test. I TEMPORARILY removed the article and told them it was gone. I waited patiently to see what their next move would be.

Then the next day, as I expected, I received another email telling me to delete a second article. This time it was an article about Donald Trump, written by Eric Zuesse.

Again, Google claimed the article had been ‘scrapped’ – code for stolen from somewhere else.

We have a strict editorial policy here, we never republish articles in full unless we have explicit permission or right to do so. In many cases an author will submit an article directly.

If we don’t have permission to publish an article in full, then a small portion of the article will be published and a ‘read more’ link to the source will be added.

This is called ‘content curation’ and is a widely accepted practise.

Eric publishes articles here himself, under his own RINF author account. Of all the places that article has appeared across the Internet, it was published on this website FIRST. Their advanced algorithm is smart enough to know when the article was published.

And of course I reinstated the article that triggered their initial censorship demand.

My choice is now; let Google dictate what information is acceptable, or significantly reduce the amount of time I spend devoted to RINF.

There are other ad networks out there, I’m currently using – but none can compete with the earnings of Adsense, it’s significantly higher than any other network. That’s why it’s so popular.

Either way Google wins, but they’re NOT going to control what kind of information we publish here. I refuse to be bullied by Google and the threat of losing my income isn’t enough to pressure me into compliance.

Maybe that’s the nature of independent news; we are a target, something else that needs to be manipulated and controlled – because we’re a barrier between the propaganda laced mainstream media, and an informed population that won’t accept it.

Google have an agenda. They outright admitted it and now they’re enforcing it.

  • Joe Blow

    Mick, first of all I have respect for your efforts at bringing alternative news to us. But there are a few elephants in the room.

    1. Google is just a corporation vulnerable to public condemnation and non usage.
    2. We are at war and you and the others are still focusing on all the bad news.
    3. Do you know how hard it is to load a page here on an older machine? Easy two mins of all this crap. :-(

    If you want to really be “alternative” than act like it. This can be an incredible forum of activism rather then more victim-think, fear based articles.
    *Get articles and videos out there that teach rather then scare…how to organize, how to make simple videos.
    *Have a bulletin board of sorts that reflects local event to attend around the states.
    *Get interviews with truly bright people not just popular ones (use the comment sections of alternative sites as a resource.)
    *Give people real reasons to not use Google and use alternatives like duckduckgo or smartpage. A good article each week on the intentional addiction to Google forged by psychologists and mind control experts.
    *Fear based articles are “sexy” as we used to say in the music biz, something that pulls viewers in. But that sort of journalism needs strong restrictions. Just look at the list of article titles at any site and it is doom and gloom, victim talk, and such ALL the time. This is playing into the hands of the controllers…keeping the proles afraid of everything and dependent on mommy and daddy government and corporations to save them.

    SOMEONE has to set the standard for the New Resistance.

    • Let’s have high standards

      • HanzP

        There are some high standards going to Joe Blow, when and if my post makes it through the censorship of the RINF police.

    • HanzP

      Oh, the irony! My comment with linked resources included was just censored. We are back in the Theatre of the Absurd, Joe.

      • Joe Blow

        Censored from where or by whom??

        “Whatta a fk’n joke!”

        Not sure what u b talkin bout here?

        • HanzP
          • Joe Blow

            Oh yeah…”Pending” limbo. I stopped going to Action Post and Brietbart because I was on a auto flag watch or something. Many “pending” from both of them.

            If that doesn’t clear repost it on one of my BlackListNews posts as they are pretty cool. IWB is cool also.

          • HanzP

            Yep, non-censorship is one ‘principle’ BLN seems to have maintained. I got to give them props on that front — I hate censorship of any form. BTW, I can’t resend that post to you because RINF is holding it, so can’t get into edit to retrieve the links.

          • Joe Blow

            Welcome to Earth, 2017 where, after canturies of struggle, humans still are as screwed up as can be.

          • Your comment contains a link, so it goes into the spam filter with the others. I check this once a day and fish out the legitimate comments.

      • You are not being censored.

        Your comment contains a link, so it goes into the spam filter with the others. I check this once a day and fish out the legitimate comments.

        • HanzP

          “You are not being censored.”

          examine (a book, movie, etc.) officially and suppress unacceptable parts of it.

          “Your comment contains a link, so it goes into the spam filter with the others. I check this once a day and fish out the legitimate comments.”

          Are you still going to tell me this is not censorship? This is how we prove one’s mettle.

          • Don’t delete your comments and claim it’s censorship. Paid shill, are we?

            Explain yourself or be banned. Your call.


          • HanzP

            Wow, a bit psycho are we? I deleted my comment because I want nothing to do sites that censor posts automatically because it contains a link. It’s the same thing you are complaining Google is doing to you, either take a stand against tyranny and the suppression of speech as a principle or F-off.

          • Red Tick Alert

            HanzP is OK; he probably has a hangover or something… strange thing is that the same “faces!!” appear on certain alt webs sites – try and talk with Russia Insider and Black listed news and share content and help each other; hey just my view.

          • Joe Blow

            Hans, lighten the hell up. This guy isn’t the enemy, he is fighting the fight also.

          • Red Tick Alert

            Yep, but I for one are new to the site, maybe Hans P is – when you talk so much shi..te as us, maybe he thinks we are Yankee trolls.

          • Joe Blow

            Perhaps you do but I don’t talk excrement my friend un less you mean that like in “good sh*t bro.”

          • and

            Good try Redtick , but Discus is really easy to use , and willful ignorance is the 21 centuries polio .
            Hanz may be grumpy , but more likely to be a paid shill .

        • Red Tick Alert

          Are we not allowed links then ? why ?. would it not be better to allow them and then moderate them ?.

          • Links are allowed, I have to manually approve them to prevent malware and spam from being posted – you probably already know there are a multitude of organisations that want to hit back, infecting our websites is an easy to do that.

            If I see someone posting on a regular basis and they’re adding value to the community I change their settings to ‘trusted’ so they can post links without review.

          • Red Tick Alert

            Got it thanks.

    • What’s stopping YOU from setting the standard Joe?

      If you write and contribute the kind of articles that you’re talking about, they’d be a good fit for this website and for many others.

      A lot of the researchers and authors you’re criticizing aren’t professional journalists, they’re regular people who are doing their best to expose corruption. Their articles aren’t always perfect, but at least they’re doing something.

      • Joe Blow

        “What’s stopping YOU from setting the standard Joe?”

        I’m 75, living on SS high in the mountains 25 miles from the nearest town and doing the best I can in blogging my truth and insights from 50 years of political and social activism.

        I had hoped you would address the ideas I posted and not ad hominum me.

        Your assumption, based perhaps on my lack of a website or brand name of my own, that I am not an activist is wrong. I have worked as a radio reporter for Pacifica in Berkeley before their liberal sell out. I worked with Bay Area prisoners with the late Max Schwartz. I helped organize with AIM leaders like Dennis Banks, Russell Means, John Trudell, and others. I marched/reported in the first Woman Take Back the Night march in Minneapolis.

        Presently I am trying to figure out how to get some of my simple music vids on youtube. I was writing and singing about today’s issues 40 years ago, just right brain smart left brain challenged when it comes to marketing.

        My point is pretty simple YOU have a website and the ability to be in the vangard of change from constant negative reporting to true positive activism. Too many 1000 word articles on all the alt sites just add more fear and disappointment to the meme. Commenting with you is one way I am trying to make a difference. If you would like to chat, let me know.

        There is a cadre of sorts of brilliant minds posting on Diqus. I am sure we can all do better than what is present using a more cooperative effort at presenting ideas and inspiration for growth.

        Thanks for the reply.

        • I’ll be perfectly honest with you Joe, I’m about this far away from jacking it all in and going and doing something else with my life.

          • Joe Blow

            Many of us get that feeling during war time be it mental, physical, or emotional fatigue.

            In 1963 I was a 21 year old visting in Hollywood to attend a wedding driving my 1960 Austen Healy Sprite. I stopped at a restaurant on Hollywood blvd and witnessed a confrontation of police and one man. Another man slipped the man a matchbook cover with something written on it, and it somehow comforted the guy.

            When it was over the cops left the man had dropped the matchbook cover. I retrieved it and written inside was ‘nil carborundum illegitimi’ and I later found out it meant “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

            I put two and two together and realized the accosted man was a homosexual and the note giver was also and they were using an old latin phrase to fight the repression of the HPD. A bonding much then like a secret society.

            My point is this is not a time to go it alone. There are many of us out here in blogoville that are beat down from years of the brilliant sociopathic controller’s smack down on freedom. It is not a time to lose faith in one’s ability to bsttle thes bastards. Take some strength in mine and other’s optimism if you want.

            As an elder who has been on the front lines for decades I try to offer what I have put together. Contact me at j b l o w at g m a i l if you want. I’ll leave this addy here for an hour.

          • Thank you Joe, email bounced back.

          • Joe Blow

            Opps, the addy is i m j b l ow at g m a i l Try again. I’m getting messed with pretty strong right now on my ipad so I switched to another mac. They have “firemen” out there to go after any rise in temperature of comments.

          • Red Tick Alert

            Man-up boy; we need people like you as it motivates us.

        • Red Tick Alert

          Christ, you get everywhere.

          Anyway instead of arguing with Mick, why do you not spend some time helping by linking some good articles from maybe RI BLN and others to him.

          If we don’t have people like you two and us what to be (S), we have lost.

          • Joe Blow

            Hey Red,

            “Christ, you get everywhere.”

            You mean websites??

            I wish there were good articles to link. Most all the sites have fear based stuff. I mean just look at the article titles and one gets creeped out.

            As an “Army” we all have our jobs to do. I am finally going to get my music up this week end. I taught myself how to make simple black screen with the song lyric scrolling and got some advice on how to upload them. It is all a steep learning curve for me.

            My self recorded music fills the gap that is missing in music today, might call it “political” rock…good rhythms with songs about greed, cameras in public, etc. from 1975 till last month. That is my “job” for now. I might write some articles for Mick as well.

            Thanks for the positive support Red.

  • The cat is out of the bag and their attempts at censorship just drive more readers to check it out, their criticism makes people popular, and the truth is the antithesis of what they say. Conspiracy theory is becoming truth as the internet reveals the jewish high school drama club that has been producing our “reality” at least for the last 54 years. Now people know what a false flag is and what psychopaths are so their hold over us is weakening daily. We must have the truth and it is horrible and it is going to hurt a lot but then you will be free. Don’t make that mistake again. Freedom is not a piece of cake.

  • Please keep the public updated on this situation – hopefully with increasing levels of detail.

    • I’ve decided to ignore Google’s demand to remove articles. Nothing is being removed from this website.

  • Ron Halkes

    The prophecy comes out,the friendly Google was expected many years ago to become one of the biggest evils in the world, big brother’s best friend……….

    • Thanks. I don’t see anything outrageous or objectionable in those articles. The first was from 2014. Was Google really coming to you in 2017 and complaining about a 2014 article describing Israeli attacks on Palestinians?? They should really clarify some objective basis for their claims, whatever they are. In the case of an article that may have appeared all or in part in another site, it is helpful to ask writers about that and include some reference or attribution if they inform you about it. You can’t be expected to search the entire Internet if they do not.