Gerald Celente: ‘It’s Going Down!!!’

By Susan Duclos 

The Next News Network, WHDT, interviews futurist Gerald Celente about what is coming in 2014. 

As is explained at the beginning of the video below of that interview, Celente, from Trends Journal and founder of Trends Research, has remained relevant in the future trends forecasting business because of his accuracy of his prediction on what is coming.

 Celente provides a way out from under the imminent economic collapse, one that could very well change the destructive path the US is on, but it isn’t something that will realistically happen without the citizens waking up and making it happen.

When asked at approximately the 11 minute mark, what people can expect for their quality of life in 2014…. his answer is “It’s going down!!!”

Between that and the talk of the global collapse and the next war, the whole interview is a must see for anyone that is worried about the US economy and wishes to be prepared for what is coming at them like a freight train.

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