Efforts to Restart Sham Israeli/Palestinian Peaqce Talks

Efforts to Restart Sham Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks
by Stephen Lendman
Palestinians never had a peace partner in Israel, America or other Western countries – less than ever now with fascist US and Israeli lunatics running things.
They’re all take and no give. They don’t negotiate. They demand. 
They reject peace. They want unconditional Palestinian surrender.
They want endless wars and instability. They blame victims for their high crimes. 
Netanyahu said he’ll never allow a Palestinian state – except perhaps a rump, isolated meaningless one on worthless scrubland surrounded by belligerent Israeli forces.
Decades of so-called peace talks failed. Chances for success now are virtually zero.
Britain, France and New Zealand urge passing a (worthless) Security Council resolution restating (dead on arrival) talks.
Washington said it may “reassess” its position – code language for old wine in new bottles.
Republicans and Democrats support Israel’s worst crimes. 
Both countries partner in each other’s wars.
They’re in lockstep on longstanding Palestinian persecution – enforced Israeli apartheid conditions worse than South Africa’s.
Washington says one thing. It does another. It fully supports Israeli land theft, lawless settlements, occupation harshness, and premeditated aggression against defenseless Palestinian civilians.
Murdering them in cold blood is called self-defense. Legitimate Palestinian resistance is called terrorism.
Longstanding Israeli oppression under Netanyahu’s fascist regime is more hardline than ever.
Security Council resolutions change nothing. Israel ignores them entirely. Washington vetoes whatever harms its interests.
Restarting peace talks doomed to fail assures hypocrisy alone wins.
On Tuesday, AP said New Zealand is “working on a UN resolution aimed at restarting stalled negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.”
Its UN envoy Jim McLay told Council members it’s time for them “to use (their) moral and legal authority (to restart) productive negotiations” – no matter how affording Palestinians long denied justice is virtually impossible.
McLay said New Zealand is working on resolution text language to inject “new momentum” into talks.
France and other nations say they’re doing the same thing. “New Zealand stands ready to engage and be helpful,” McLay said.
His nation will wait to see how a French initiative plays out. New Zealand will act accordingly.
French UN envoy Francois Delattre said “(i)t’s the responsibility of this council to adopt a consensual and balanced resolution that sets the parameters of a final status and a timeline for the negotiations.”
He ignored peace process hypocrisy – one-sided US-led support for Israel, disdain for Palestinian rights since mass slaughter, destruction and displacement established the Israeli state.
He said nothing about French disdain for human rights – its partnership with US imperial wars. It’s turning a blind eye to Israel’s worst crimes.
Britain operates the same way. Its rogue policies are longstanding. Its UN envoy Mark Lyall Grant’s words rabg hollow urging “parameters for a peaceful and negotiated solution.”
Why not decades earlier? Nearly half a century of oppressive Israeli occupation continues.
World leaders able change things responsibly do nothing – not now, not earlier, not ahead as long as Israeli interests alone are supported.
Western high-minded rhetoric doesn’t wash. Pro-Israeli policies remain unchanged. 
On Monday, US and Israeli representatives boycotted a UN Human Rights Council session.
It addressed last summer’s Gaza war – premeditated Israeli genocidal mass slaughter and destruction mostly harming Palestinian civilians.
Culpable Israeli officials remain unpunished. Large parts of Gaza remain in rubble. 
No significant rebuilding began. Promised funds didn’t arrive. Palestinians remain on their own like always. 
Western calls for peace reflect gross hypocrisy – a cruel obscenity Palestinians understand best of all.
Chances for them receiving long denied justice are virtually zero. Nothing short of holding culpable Israeli officials accountable for their high crimes can work. 
Not as long as US veto power obstructs it. Not while Western states support Israeli oppression.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
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