Celente: Global Wake Up Call

By Susan Duclos – Originally posted at Before It’s News

ABC Australia’s Ian Henschke is joined by Gerald Celente to discuss world events. They start with the massively high unemployment as Celente asserts that college degrees these days are degrees in “worthlessness.”

The headlined topic though is the situation in Ukraine and how in the February 5, edition of the Winter Trends Journal, Celente predicted, and has been proven correct, how the revolution in the Ukraine would intensify to the point where it is now.

Celente makes the point that the whole fiasco in the Ukraine is the US and EU’s attempt to weaken Russia. He expands on the point and how this is a fact not conspiracy theory, and provides the evidence backing his belief, so please listen to the entire segment, which starts at the 4:45 mark for those that do not want to hear the unemployment portion.

Watch the Celente Interview at Before It’s News