Black Hawk Helicopters Terrorize Michigan Citizens; DHS Vans Spy On Outspoken Activists

As detailed in a previous episode of The Truth Is Viral, a combat-wounded Army
Ranger has come forward to complain about attempts to intimidate, some might
say terrorize, Michigan Patriots who are vocal about their opposition to the
Obama regime. In this episode, the viewer will hear his harrowing tale in his
own words.
This war veteran’s blood, indeed, the blood of everyone who
was ever wounded or killed in the line of duty, has been shed on behalf of a
nation that is increasingly turning on those veterans with a paranoid
vengeance; declaring them possible “domestic terrorists” along with
Preppers, “Birthers”, pro-Lifers, environmentalists, home-schoolers,
Christians, and even – ridiculous as it sounds – people who pay for their purchases
in cash.
This witness, who has come forward to tell his story, has
been an extremely vocal Patriot, and has experienced direct intimidation in the
form of black vans with tinted windows (but without license plates) parking
down the street from his house hacking into his WiFi and spying either on him
or on the whole block. More disturbingly, he says that he was paid a visit by a
Black Hawk helicopter that flew so low the pilot could have trimmed the man’s
tree with his main rotor.
The witness, who spoke on camera on the condition that his
identity be obscured, said that a Black Hawk helicopter buzzed his home twice,
once flying no more than 20-25 feet above the ground directly over his
backyard. The pilot hovered, he said, looked him dead in the eye for a few
seconds, then turned his aircraft and flew off.
Angered at what was clearly an act of intimidation the
witness said, “They can take my blood, they can take my life, but they
will never take the rights that God granted me. Those are God-given, and
there’s not a man walking on this Earth that can come up against God and
Operating under cover of the largest air combat exercise in
the country called “Northern Strike,” the skies over Northeastern
Michigan have been filled with flights of attack helicopters, all fully loaded,
flying back and forth to the gunnery range at Camp Grayling. C-130’s have also
been landing at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center filled with foreign
troops taking part in these exercises, which include ground operations. I
personally ran into four individuals in the local Walmart who bore all the
hallmark signs of being Spetsnaz – Russian Special Forces. That story will be
released shortly.
Untold numbers of citizens across the United States who have
opinions that differ from those of the current administration have suffered
some form of intimidation at the hands of an increasingly paranoid government
that is desperately trying to survive a series of scandals, any one of which
could bring the Obama administration crashing down.
That intimidation has been most visible of late in the form
of IRS targeting of Conservative groups, and Justice Department investigations
of mainstream journalists. FOX News Washington Bureau Chief James Rosen was
nearly charged with espionage by the Justice Department. A DOJ affidavit
accused Rosen of being “an aider, an abettor, and/or a co-conspirator” simply
for doing his job.
This targeting of journalists was telegraphed by former DHS
Secretary Janet Napolitano who said that the National Operations Center’s Media
Monitoring Initiative and its Office of Operations Coordination and Planning
can collect personal information from news anchors, journalists, reporters or
anyone who may use “traditional and/or social
media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”
But when the government sends a Black Hawk helicopter to hover
just feet above the head of an innocent American citizen who has done
absolutely nothing other than voice his opinion in accordance with the 1st
Amendment, terrorizing that citizen and his wife, that action goes beyond
simple intimidation and enters the realm of criminality; a condition to which
the Obama administration is no stranger.
It is, in fact, illegal for a pilot to fly his craft in such
a manner. Using an attack helicopter to intimidate and terrorize American
citizens who have done absolutely nothing wrong represents a clear and present
danger to the citizens of this town, this county, this state, and this country.
 At the urging of this reporter, the
source in this episode is going to contact local civil authorities to ask them to
open an investigation into this matter.

We, the citizens of Alpena Michigan, want this pilot’s wings clipped. If an
investigation reveals that the pilot was ordered to fly his helicopter with the
intent of intimidating the source and his family, we expect the United States
government to punish the person who issued those orders to the fullest extent
of the law.