Big Lies Drown Out Truth

Big Lies Drown Out Truth
by Stephen Lendman
Beating up on Russia persists irresponsibly daily. Big Lies repeat ad nsuseam. Truth is systematically suppressed.
Fake satellite photos are the latest. Images of Russian troops allegedly massed on Ukraine’s border date from August 2013. More on this below.
On April 10, The New York Times hyped the Big Lie. It headlined “Satellites Show Russia Mobilizing Near Ukraine, NATO Says.”
Times correspondents, contributors and editors avoid due diligence. Regurgitating official Big Lies substitutes. The pattern repeats daily. Truth is systematically buried.
“NATO released satellite photographs on Thursday showing Russian military equipment, including fighter jets and tanks, that it described as part of a deployment of as many as 40,000 troops near the border with Ukraine,” said The Times.
Images “offered some of the first documentary evidence of a military buildup that the West says Russia could use to invade Ukraine at any moment.”
Brig. General Gary Deakin heads NATO’s Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management Center. He lied claiming photos show a menacing force.
“The Russians have an array of capabilities, including aircraft, helicopters, special forces, tanks, artillery, infantry fighting vehicles,” he said. “These could move in a matter of hours.”
He lied claiming images were taken between March 22 and April 2. One showed 20 helicopters near Belgorod. It’s 25 miles from Ukraine’s border. Other images were further away.
Russia categorically denied NATO accusations. Deploying alliance forces near Russia’s borders violates international agreements. 
They include the 1997 Founding Act. It’s based on “mutual relations, cooperation, and security between NATO and the Russian Federation signed in Paris, France.”
In response to NATO’s accusation, a Russian General Staff statement said:
“Satellite imagery of Russian troops allegedly amassed at present on the border with Ukraine dates back to August 2013…”
“In reality, the images released by NATO show units of Russia’s Southern Military District taking part in various exercises last summer, including near the borders with Ukraine.”
They’re routine. They’re not threatening. Nor are more recent ones. Claims otherwise are lies. They persist maliciously against Russia.
On April 7, Times editors headlined “A Familiar Script in Ukraine,” saying:
Events in Eastern Ukraine follow “the script laid down in Crimea to the letter. (Putin) may not have the same designs (there as) on Crimea, but it is no longer possible to preclude any such moves.”
Washington and EU partners “said time and again that ‘further’ Russian aggression would prompt a stern and painful response. Now is the time to prepare for it.”
Times editors barely stopped short of urging war. They lied accusing Putin and “his jingoistic supporters” of massing “tens of thousands of well-equipped troops…within striking distance of Ukraine…”
They turned truth on its head claiming Crimean reunification “was a blatant transgression of international law.”
“The next Western response must be ready and credible,” they urged. It must challenge Russia more than already, they added. 
Times editors march in lockstep with US imperial lawlessness. Lies substitute for truth. Don’t expect them to explain.
NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen is a convenient US stooge. He regurgitates official US policy. He’s militantly anti-Russian.
He sent Moscow a message. He lied saying “(y)ou have a choice. (S)top blaming others for your own actions.”
“(S)top massing your troops. (S)top escalating this crisis and start engaging in a genuine dialogue.”
“Pull back your troops…For the first time (since) the Cold War ended, we see one state trying to grab a part of another’s territory at gunpoint.”
“We have seen the satellite images, day after day. Russia is stirring up ethnic tensions in eastern Ukraine and provoking unrest. And Russia is using its military might to dictate that Ukraine should become a federal, neutral state.”
Fact check
Russia supports peace and stability. It respects nation-state sovereign independence. It affirms rule of law principles. Its actions back up its words.
Russian troops aren’t massed on Ukraine’s borders. Claims about imminent invasion are false.
US-led NATO aggression was conveniently forgotten. Raping Yugoslavia was ignored. So was ravaging and destroying Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. 
NATO EU nations and Turkey partner in Obama’s war on Syria. What’s next remains to be seen.
NATO is an aggressor. It’s a killing machine. It threatens world peace. Don’t expect Rasmussen to explain.
US-led NATO forces are deployed in Eastern Europe. Perhaps more are coming. On April 10, Stars and Stripes (S&S) headlined “NATO to focus on reassuring allies worried about Ukraine,” saying:
“NATO’s next move in response to the crisis in Ukraine is likely to be more of the same: more NATO fighters patrolling over the Baltics, more rotations of warships into the Black Sea and more surveillance of Russian movements around Ukraine.”
NATO aims to boost its presence Eastern European countries close to Russia. According to its commander/US European Command head General Philip Breedlove:
“Essentially, what we are looking at is a package of land, air and maritime measures that would build assurance for our easternmost allies.”
“I’m tasked to deliver this by next week. I fully intend to deliver it early.”
Texas-based 1st Cavalry Division forces are part of NATO’s Reaction Force. They’re ready to be deployed to Eastern Europe.
Other alliance options include “deployment of aircraft to guard NATO airspace that borders Russia as well as planes capable of striking against ground forces,” said S&S.
“A more prominent naval presence in the Baltic and Black seas could also be an option for the alliance.”
S&S cited former NATO commander Admiral James Stavridis. Likely alliance actions include deploying aircraft, ships and troops in Eastern Europe. Especially in the Baltics and Poland, he said.
Expect more support for Ukraine’s military. It’ll take various forms. Included will be weapons and munitions transfers, training, intelligence sharing and more.
Washington may enhance its Eastern European force level in response to regional conditions, said Stavridis.
“I would guess the entire drawdown is being re-evaluated, and we may end up with three or even four combat brigades back in Europe, as well as restoration of the combat aircraft cuts of recent years,” he added.
US European Command and US authorities are likely “to look seriously at the US ground and air footprint. Assuming decisions by the end of the year, effects would begin to be felt in 2015.”
“(W)e certainly look to be heading into a very frosty (posture) in the years ahead.”
On April 9, NATO headlined “Transformation Seminar Charts Path to Summit,” saying:
On April 8 and 9, “(m)ore than 250 NATO and military and civilian leaders met in Paris…”
Topics addressed included “How to Adapt NATO to Face Multiple and Complex Challenges.”
“(T)he current crisis in Ukraine also drove much of the discussion.”
“Ukraine highlighted the need for a strong commitment as well as solidarity in what we should do to face this crisis.” 
“It highlighted as well the need for us to deliver on the major initiatives we have enhanced.”
Former Yugoslavia Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic said Europe suffers from the effects of US-led NATO aggression on his country.
A precedent was set. “US/NATO aggressive wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Mali and other locations” followed.
Millions of victims suffer from “endless war and aggression.” 
“These crimes against humanity have not been only military in nature but also clandestine, such as what we are seeing in Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela today.” 
“The West has had only objective: the domination of the world by the US/NATO and its surrogates.”
He called 1999 NATO/US led aggression against Yugoslavia “a turning point toward globalization of interventionism, toward militarization of European and international relations.” 
Toward “global domination of the West,” he added. He thinks “the Ukrainian case and the Crimean referendum to reunite with Russia is another kind of turning point.”
He believes “multi-polar world relations” will follow. Western global dominance efforts will be resisted, he said.
Ongoing events are the “the beginning (of) relieving Europe and the world of the threats of domination from one side only.”
His vision is well-meaning. Shorter-term, major threats exist. Escalating East/West tensions risk conflict. Major ones start this way.
Today is the most perilous time in world history. Washington bears full responsibility. Out-of-control hegemonic ambitions risk global war. Preventing it matters most.
A Final Comment
Growing thousands of Eastern Ukrainians reject Kiev putschists. They want local autonomy. They want their democratic rights respected.
Previous articles discussed their activism. They occupied government buildings. They did so nonviolently. 
Kiev threatened brute force. Protesters braced for it any time. For now apparently it’s not coming. More on this below. 
Donetsk activists include civil volunteers, police and army defectors. They’re ready to “defend their motherland from the fascist army that’s going to kill them,” they say.
They demand “a referendum to be independent from Kiev.” They favor “being with Russia.”
They abhor violence. They’ll respond accordingly if targeted. An unnamed protester said:
“I only have a stick to defend myself. They are coming with machine guns, and all I (have is) a chair leg.”
Another activist said:
“The protest in Donetsk is against nationalism. We are for social justice. The creation of our republic means drastic changes in the way our territory is organized.” 
“We are for equality of languages. We are against the oppression by the majority by the nationalist minority, and against threatening ethnic Russians.”
Lugansk protesters refused unconditional surrender demands. It masqueraded as an amnesty offer.
One protester spoke for others saying: “We demand concretely a referendum on federalization so that the will of the people is heard.”
Apparently they’ll get it.  Illegitimate putschist prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk promised legislation permitting regional referenda. 
It’s a key protester demand. They want their rights respected. They want local autonomy. They want democracy. They reject fascist rule.
Yatsenyuk spoke as a 48-hour deadline given protesters to evacuate public buildings expired. He’ll support greater autonomy, he said.
He’ll abolish Kiev-appointed regional governors. His U-turn perhaps is significant. It came after Ukraine’s elite Alpha unit reportedly refused to roust protesters from government buildings.
In Donetsk, one of its commanders said his mandate is rescuing hostages. It’s fighting terrorism. He’ll only act lawfully, he explained. He won’t attack nonviolent protesters.
His comments came days after Kharkov police arrested dozens of activists. Local police lieutenant-colonel Andrey Chuikov said Kiev deceived him and others.
They were lied to. They were told to go after dangerous armed bandits. They were peaceful protesters. They posed no threat. They showed no resistance when confronted.
Chuikov said he’ll no longer take “criminal” orders. He resigned in protest. He wants no part of lawless governance.
Eastern Ukrainian putschist rejection deepens. It may be just a matter of time until it spreads nationwide. Western Ukrainians haven’t yet felt the full impact of what’s coming.
It combines fascist governance with IMF-imposed neoliberal harshness. Hammering impoverished Ukrainians harder risks mass rebellion. 
It remains to be seen what follows. Obama’s imperial trophy may slip from his grasp. It can’t happen a moment too soon.
John Kerry lied. He accused Moscow of stirring Eastern Ukraine unrest. He claimed Russian agents, special forces and provocateurs are involved.
This “could potentially be a contrived pretext for military intervention just as we saw in Crimea,” he said.
Nothing whatsoever took place. Kerry is a serial liar. He consistently twists facts his way. He’s been caught red-handed lying many times.
IlIegitimate putschist interior minister Arsen Avakov outrageously pointed fingers the wrong say, saying:
“All this was inspired and financed by the Putin-Yanukovych group.”
British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Eastern European protests bear “all the hallmarks of a Russian strategy to destabilize Ukraine.”
Putin and Foreign Minster Sergei Lavrov go all-out to resolve things responsibly. Washington bears full responsibility for crisis conditions. EU partners share it.
On April 10, neocon Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland testified before Senate Foreign Relations Committee members.
She conveniently twisted truths. She did so to fit administration policy. She lied claiming Russia “occup(ied) Crimea.”
She called its legal referendum “illegitimate.” She outrageously claimed it was “conducted at the barrel of a gun.”
It was open, free and fair. It was a model democratic exercise. It mocked America’s sham process. It has no legitimacy whatever. Especially in federal elections.
Nuland ludicrously claimed “Russia(‘s) occupation shocked the conscience.” She lied about “intimidat(ing)” Russian forces on Ukraine’s borders.
She called peaceful Eastern Ukraine protests “violent.” She called Ukraine’s illegitimate fascist government “a frontline state in the struggle for freedom…”
She wants Russian “aggression” punished. She claimed upcoming sham May elections will be “free (and) fair.”
She called Russian truth and full disclosure “propaganda, lies and efforts to destabilize Ukraine’s regions.”
She accused Russia of “pressur(ing) Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other neighbors of Ukraine.”
She called them “victims” of Moscow policy. She ludicrously claimed Washington supports peace, security and prosperity.
She urged greater NATO diligence in Eastern Europe. She wants military budgets increased, not reduced.
She blamed Russia for US crimes. Earlier she was caught red-handed urging regime change on video.
Her conversation with US Ukraine ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt was recorded. It circulated on You Tube. It’s more evidence of America’s dark side.
Nuland fronts for imperial lawlessness. So do likeminded extremists infesting Washington. 
It bears repeating. Challenging Russia irresponsibly risks confrontation. It risks possible global war. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.
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