An Open Letter to Barack Obama

An Open Letter to Barack Obama
by Stephen Lendman
Congratulations, Mr. President. You’re the latest in a long line of lawless leaders. You achieved rogue status without really trying.
Contempt for rule of law principles, duplicity and moral cowardice define your administration. Pretense otherwise doesn’t wash.
Instead of improving lives for ordinary Americans, you created worse than ever conditions.
You more than ever made America a gangster state. Millions worldwide call it a pariah one. They do so for good reason.
You stole public wealth. You handed Wall Street crooks trillions of dollars. You gave war profiteers trillions more. 
You impoverished millions. You left 100 million working-age Americans unemployed. 
You ignore human need. Homelessness and hunger aren’t your concerns. 
You’re systematically destroying middle class society. You’re heading America on a fast track toward third world status. A second one toward full-blown tyranny.
You promised hope and change. You campaigned for peace. You promised all US forces out of Afghanistan in your first year in office.
You assured Palestinian sovereignty free from occupation harshness. You said decades of what Israel imposed would end.
You promised Guantanamo closure once and for all. You pledged within one year of taking office.
Bush administration war criminals will be held accountable, you said. Torture will end by decree. 
So will indefinite detentions. Lawless military commissions trials won’t be tolerated.
Labor rights will be supported. So will public education. And you can keep your doctor, you said. 
You guaranteed universal healthcare with a public option. It’ll be more affordable than before, you claimed. 
You’ll end unconstitutional executive authority. You’ll help Americans facing foreclosure keep their homes.
You promised real immigration reform within one year of taking office. You’ll “revisit the Patriot Act.”
You’ll “overturn unconstitutional executive decisions during the past eight years.”
You’ll be a uniter, not a divider. You’ll serve all Americans equitably, justly, fairly and honorably.
“It’s time to turn a page,” you said. “We’ll restore our values.” The “days of compromising them are over.” 
We’ll “secure a more resilient homeland.” We’ll “adhere to the Geneva Conventions.” 
Freedom is too precious to lose. You’ve gone all-out to destroy it on your watch. You’ve done so at home and abroad.
You said openness and transparency in government will be a hallmark of your administration. You’ll increase whistleblower protections.
Big Brother will be banished. “(N)o more illegal wiretapping of American citizens,” you pledged.
No more “spy(ing) on citizens who are not suspected of a crime.” No more privacy invasions.
No more human and civil rights violations. “No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient.”
No more extrajudicial operations. No more favoring monied interests over popular ones. No more wars for power and profit.
No more less than treating everyone equitably and justly. No more defending the indefensible.
Arundhati Roy once called Tony Blair a “psychopath.” She described Bush the same way. She said you’re no different from them. And then some, this writer adds.
You did more to make America unfit to live in than any of your predecessors. You’ve waged political, economic and hot wars on humanity. 
You threaten its survival. Your policies risk WW III. You’re unapologetic. Your rampaging continues.
Your waging multiple direct and proxy wars. You target all independent countries for regime change.
You’re waging war on Syria. You launched it. You killed tens of thousands. You bear full responsibility. You want a subservient pro-Western stooge replacing Assad.
You ravaged and destroyed Libya for the same purpose. You turned it into a charnel house. You’re doing the same thing to many other countries. Countless millions suffer horrifically on your watch.
Ukraine is your latest victim. Congratulations. You claimed another imperial trophy. As long as you can keep it.
It’s at the expense of millions of Ukrainians deserving better. You want them marginalized, exploited, impoverished and denied fundamental freedoms.
You want Ukraine run by fascist extremists. You bought victory on the cheap. Keeping it is something else entirely.
Reports estimate you spent $5 – $10 billion transforming Ukraine from a democracy to a pro-Western fascist police state.
It’s pocket change compared to multi-trillions waging war on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and other countries below the radar.
You elevated anti-Semitic, hate-mongering, xenophobic, ultranational neo-Nazis to power. 
You expressed support for their extremism. You called them “the voice of the people.” You blamed Ukraine’s legitimate government for their street crimes.
You endorsed usurpation of power. On Saturday, your press secretary lied, saying:
“We have consistently advocated a de-escalation of violence, constitutional change, a coalition government, and early elections, and today’s developments could move us closer to that goal.”
Fact check: You planned violence. You initiated it. You stoked it. You funded it. You want total control over Ukrainian policy. You want ordinary Ukrainians having no say.  
“The unshakeable principle guiding events must be that the people of Ukraine determine their own future.”
Fact check: You’ve gone all-out to prevent it. You stole their future.  
“We welcome constructive work in the Rada and continue to urge the prompt formation of a broad, technocratic government of national unity.”
Fact check: Usurped Rada (parliament) authority has no legitimacy. It’s polar opposite real democracy.
You deplore it. You tolerate it nowhere. You deny Americans what they deserve. You operate the same way globally.
“We welcome former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s release from a prison hospital today, and we wish her a speedy recovery…” 
Fact check: She’s a criminal. She stole tens of millions of dollars. She did so at the expense of ordinary Ukrainians. She belongs in prison. Releasing her was lawless.
“We continue to urge an end to violence by all sides and a focus on peaceful, democratic dialogue, working pursuant to Ukraine’s constitution and through its institutions of government.”  
Fact check: It bears repeating. You spent billions on violently toppling Ukraine’s legitimate government. You want pro-Western fascist extremism replacing it.
You got what you wanted so far. Keeping it may be something else entirely. The battle for Ukraine’s soul continues. It has miles to go. It’s outcome is very much undecided.
“Going forward, we will work with our allies, with Russia, and with appropriate European and international organizations to support a strong, prosperous, unified, and democratic Ukraine.” 
“…(T)he Ukrainian people should know that the United States deeply values our long-standing ties with Ukraine and will support them as they pursue a path of democracy and economic development.”
Fact check: Ukrainian youths are ignorant. They’re mindless about what’s going on. They’re easily manipulated. For how long matters most.
Older Ukrainians aren’t stupid. They know how America operates. They know wherever it shows up, extreme violence and human misery follow.
They reversed George Bush’s Orange Revolution. Don’t bet they won’t undo your 2.0 version. The battle for Ukraine’s soul just began.
Note: Anonymous Ukraine monitors what’s ongoing. It’s members are divided. Some are brainwashed by Western propaganda.
Others know their country is being colonized for plunder. They’ll fight it. They want no part of exploitive EU membership.
They reject US meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs. They oppose NATO membership. They deplore fascist extremists usurping power. They know your dirty hands are involved.
They want peace and stability. They want Ukrainians deciding their own future. They want sovereign independence defended. 
They’ll be heard from going forward. They won’t stand by idly watching you wreck their country. They won’t “go gentle into that good night.”
“Operation Independence continues,” they said. “Expect us.”
One coup d’etat isn’t enough for you. You want another. You want Venezuela’s democratic government toppled. 
You want Bolivarian social justice destroyed. You want Venezuela returned to its bad old days. 
You bear full responsibility for street violence. You’re funding it. You’re directing it. You pull the strings.
Destabilization continues. CIA operatives are involved. So are State Department organizations.
Coup plotting is violent. Days of violence caused 10 deaths so far. Scores were injured. Your funded fascists are responsible.
Since 1999, you, Bush and Clinton spent billions of dollars targeting Venezuela for regime change. Bolivarianism survived everything done to destroy it.
It’s resilient. It’s institutionalized. The vast majority of Venezuelans support it. They won’t tolerate your plot to steal what’s too important to lose. Or the Hemisphere’s most democratic country.
They’ll fight to keep hard won gains. Victor Hugo once explained nothing stronger than “an idea whose time has come.”
It’s deep-rooted in Venezuela. It reflects Simon Bolivar’s vision. He wanted the imperial curse “to plague Latin America with misery in the name of liberty” ended.
He wanted national resources distributed equitably and fairly. Chavez was his modern-day incarnation. 
Chavismo reflects his commitment. Maduro carries his torch.
The battle to preserve Bolivarian values continues. They won’t wane and die. Your dirty scheme is familiar.
You want Venezuela looking like America. You want police state viciousness replacing democracy. You want neoliberal harshness replacing Bolivarian fairness.
You want what Venezuelans won’t tolerate. You want what they won’t let you get. 
Maybe Americans will awaken to reality. Maybe they’ll react the same way. It’s their future. If they won’t protect it, no one will do it for them.
It bears repeating what other articles said. Resist or perish. There’s no in-between. Spread the word. Tell others. We’re all in this together. Defeating your agenda is too important a fight to lose.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”
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