Allies Abandon Obama On Russia (Video)

By Susan Duclos

German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Two specific headlines, along with their content, make it clear that Russia was correct in their statements that sanctions imposed against them for their stance on Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, would backfire against the West.

The Local headlines “Swiss decide against Russian sanctions.”

“The position of our country is independent of the UN,” Swiss president Didier Burkhalter told a press conference in Bern, saying Switzerland can only use sanctions when they are based upon “international law and the interests of the Swiss”.

Voice of Russia headlines “German chancellor Merkel against imposition of economic sanctions on Russia.

German experts say economic sanctions against Russia that Western countries could impose for Russia’s position on the situation in Ukraine and Crimea would negatively affect Germany’s economy.

Experts have said since the US and the EU started pushing for sanctions that any sanctions would backfire and harm those imposing them economically, so these decisions shouldn’t come as a surprise.

In the video below, Andrew Malcolm and Terry Jones of Investor’s Business Daily join Glenn Reynolds to discuss the Ukrainian crisis.

The question posed at the end of the video details is “Could these sanctions ultimately hurt the west more than Russia?”

Obviously both Switzerland and Germany believe so, but listen to the short discussion below to find out why.

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