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Obama’s Biggest Lie About Obamacare


He promised “universal coverage” but delivered a plan in which that was impossible. Consequently, whereas 85.4% of Americans had coverage in 2008, only 87.7% have coverage today, far short of the promised 100% — though 100% coverage is the norm ...

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Nemtsov Wanted Color Revolution Change in Russia


Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News Don’t mourn Nemtsov’s passing. He died rich. Likely murdered by a CIA false flag – a thinly veiled failed scheme to create anti-Putin sentiment. Nemsov’s popular support was virtually nil. At around 1%, he was ...

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ISIS Derangement Syndrome

Reuters / FBI / Handout via Reuters

David Swanson RINF Alternative News Here’s Time Magazine‘s David von Drehle: “The greatest threat that ISIS poses — even to the poor souls living under ISIS rule — is the unintended damage that might follow from the effort to eradicate ...

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The CIA-Controlled Neocon Washington Post


Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News America’s MSM mock legitimate journalism. State propaganda Big Lies substitute for real news, information and analysis on issues mattering most. The Washington Post ranks with the worst. Its editorial policy long ago fell from grace. ...

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Handing The Thieves The Key To Your Home: Stop The TTIP


Some 375 civil society organisations from across Europe have today called on EU decision-makers to protect citizens, workers, and the environment from threats the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) it poses. The call comes as European Parliament committees are ...

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Why Do We Fear Challenging Authority?


Robert J. Burrowes RINF Alternative News Have you ever noticed your own inclination, or that of other people, to believe what you/they are told by someone seen to be in authority? For example, did you know that there is overwhelming ...

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Making Sense of Obama’s Foreign Policy


Eric Zuesse On February 22nd, NBC’s “Meet the Press” presented reporter Richard Engel in a terrific four-minute documentary on Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s catastrophic policy-results in Libya. (You can watch it by clicking on that link.) The segment concluded that ...

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Police State America: Internet, Rip?

network cables connected to switch

Ron Paul  RINF Alternative News Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a non-elected federal government agency, voted three-to-two to reclassify broadband Internet as a common carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act. This means that – without the ...

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Ukraine Prepares for an Attack Against Russia

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.26.51 PM

Eric Zuesse The post-coup leaders of Ukraine have routinely said that Ukraine should destroy Russia; and, now, starting on February 24th, they are placing into position the key prerequisite for doing so, which is the advanced Anti-Ballistic-Missile, or ABM, system, ...

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The Rising Spectre of Nuclear War


Paul Craig Roberts RINF Alternative News Ambassador Jack Matlock made an important speech at the National Press Club on February 11.  Matlock served as US ambassador to the Soviet Union during 1987-91. In his speech he describes how President Reagan won ...

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US Diplomats Paid to Lie

United States Capitol Building

Stephen Lendman RINF Alternative News If Washington ran want ads tor diplomatic posts, they’d read something like this: Wanted: Individuals for diplomatic positions. Foreign service experience preferred. Deception skills required. Comfortable spreading state propaganda. Willing to ignore hard truths. Eager ...

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    THE GRAND ILLUSION The truth is that the risk of an American being killed by terrorism is close to zero, having been calculated at 1:20,000,000   John Chuckman   In the years since 9/11, American police alone have ...

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Stephen Lendman – Normandy Four in Paris


Stephen Lendman RINF Alternative News On Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov met with his French, German and Ukrainian counterparts in Paris. It’s part of Moscow’s all-out effort for ceasefire and peace in Donbass. Lavrov and Putin have done more to resolve things ...

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Lavrov in New York

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov gestures during a news conference in Moscow

Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News If America had a foreign minister like Lavrov and others like him in top positions, we’d have world peace, not multiple direct and proxy wars of aggression against one country after another. The scourge of ...

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Al Jazeera Spy Cables


Stephen Lendman  RINF Alternative News On February 23, Al Jazeera headlined “The Spy Cables: A Glimpse into the world of espionage.” Saying “(s)ecret documents, leaked from numerous intelligence agencies, offer rare insights into the interactions between spies.” Hold the cheers. ...

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Financial War: US Wants to Trigger Wave of Russian Bankruptcies

Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, looks back at US President Barack Obama, left, as they arrive with Chinese President Xi Jinping, right, at the the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit.(Credit: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

[translated by Eric Zuesse, from German Economic News:] http://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/2015/02/23/finanz-krieg-usa-wollen-pleite-welle-von-russischen-unternehmen-ausloesen/ Financial War: US wants to trigger wave of Russian bankruptcies German Economic News  |  Published: 02/23/15 12:55 clock  |  42 Comments The US government insists on a tightening of sanctions against Russia, and demands that the EU follow ...

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Obama’s War Policies Show a Pattern

Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, looks back at US President Barack Obama, left, as they arrive with Chinese President Xi Jinping, right, at the the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit.(Credit: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

On the First Anniversary of Ukraine’s Maidan Coup: Obama’s War-Policies Show a Pattern [Editor’s Note: Documentation on each of the key points in this news report and analysis can be seen by merely clicking on the link where the given ...

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Dailykos’s Cover-Up of Obama’s Ukrainian Atrocities

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 7.26.57 PM

Eric Zuesse Generally speaking, the falsely-called ‘liberal’ (some even call it ‘progressive’) website dailykos (founded and owned by the ‘formerly’ far-right Markos Moulitsas Zuniga) has ignored President Barack Obama’s coup a year ago in Ukraine, which violently overthrew that country’s ...

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Gallup: Americans’ Fear of Russia Soars

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.56.26 PM

Eric Zuesse Gallup headlined on February 16th, “Americans Increasingly See Russia as Threat, Top U.S. Enemy,” and reported that whereas back in 2011 only 3% of Americans answered “Russia” when asked “What country anywhere in the world do you consider to be ...

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How Can This Happen? Here Is How.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 6.48.31 PM

Eric Zuesse How can this happen?: http://fortruss.blogspot.com/2015/02/ukrainian-soldiers-break-into-house.html Here is how: http://www.kyivpost.com/content/ukraine/ukraines-land-agency-give-land-to-soldiers-in-the-east-for-free-352100.html So: Ukraine’s troops are permitted to steal whatever they want from the residents in Donbass, the rebelling region. The particular victim here lives in an apartment, and so all ...

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Which Is Propaganda, Which Is News-Reporting?

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.27.29 AM.CNN.9.Feb.2015

Eric Zuesse FIRST: Here is CNN, reporting on 9 February 2015: —— FOR COMPARISON: Here is Russian Television (RT), on a related story, dated 10 February 2015: Ukraine Bombs Lugansk Soup Kitchen —— DISCUSSION: The CNN news-report was not posted ...

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How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Mass incarceration has not helped reduce the crime rate in the U.S. in four decades, a new report finds. (Image: okayplayer.com)

Eric Zuesse Newsweek magazine headlined on February 5th, “‘Biggest NATO Reinforcement Since Cold War’ Sets Frontlines Against Russia,” and reported that, “According to general Charles Wald, former-deputy commander of U.S. European Command, … ‘The question for Europe is: is Putin creeping further and further ...

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Monsanto on the Menu: Science, Power and GMOs 


Colin Todhunter  RINF Alternative News On Twitter this week, someone asked the question “Why do people doubt science?” Accompanying the tweet was a link to an article in National Geographic that implied people who are suspicious of vaccines, genetically modified organisms ...

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