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What’s Your Story, Company Glory?

Telling your company story to your employees is already an old tale, a cliché that would definitely make them sleepy and bored. I heard this from a friend, and although I believed the half of it, I know that company ...

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Rare Bill Hicks Material Discovered

by Mick Meaney Previously unreleased material by the late comedian, Bill Hicks, is about to be released. Get your copy here. The recordings containing never-before-seen performances from the early 80’s, include audio from a performance in San Ramon, California, and ...

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Ancient DNA set to rewrite human history

The worlds of ancient and modern DNA exploration have collided in spectacular fashion in the past few months. Last week saw the publication of a long-awaited draft genome of the Neanderthal, an archaic hominin from about 40,000 years ago. Just ...

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America’s never-ending prohibition

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – America’s alcohol prohibition lasted 13 years, filled the country’s prisons, inspired contempt for the law among millions, bred corruption and produced Al Capone. What it did not do was keep Americans from drinking.   America’s marijuana prohibition ...

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