Why You Should Delete Your MySpace Account


Today I am deleting all the content from my Myspace account and leaving only this notice. I’ve been inspired by the Franklin Street Statement and Identi.ca and I realize that a free/libre/open source internet is still possible, but it will require us to stop supporting corporate websites such as myspace. Here are some good reasons to delete your Myspace page, and support alternatives not run by corporations.

1. I’m tired of being free labor for the Fox corporation. The right wing Fox news corporation owns myspace, and I’m not going to support them any longer by giving them my content, my writing and images and information about who my friends are, for free. I don’t support war, the way the Fox corporation has, and I don’t want to provide them with more money to spread more pro-war propaganda. According to their license, Myspace has full rights to use my content things like advertisements for Myspace.

2. I actually care about my friends, and don’t want to screw them over my making them a “friend” on Myspace. By using myspace, I’m forcing my friends to sign up for a corporate owned, ad ridden, heteronormative web service if they want to stay in touch with me. The way that we don’t want to delete our accounts because we want to stay in touch with friends or fans of our bands just shows how dependent we already are on Myspace’s corporate controlled environment. We’re forced into a compulsory relationship we don’t want because we want to “keep in touch” with our friends?

3. I’m tired up updating so many websites because Myspace refuses to be interoperable with other websites. Myspace and sites like it do not allow you to download your data or automatically send it to other social networking sites because they want to force you into the jail of their website. Why? Why don’t we demand open social networking standards and the ability to download our own content?

4. I have a good Free/Libre/Open Source alternative, my own blog. You can read about what I’m up to at http://technotrannyslut.com , free of ads for bad movies and music, free of binary gender choices and heteronormative options for your relationships. Sites like Identi.ca provide ethical, non-corporate controlled alternatives to sites like Twitter. You can keep up with my status on Identi.ca, and sign up for your own microblog, here: http://identi.ca/djlotu5 Help create a well known list of alternatives like Identi.ca/Twitter , Opensim/Secondlife, if you now of any, by posting a comment here:

Actually, even better than deleting your account, just delete all the content and post a notice like this one.

This is just the beginning, I’m planning on getting off of Facebook and other web services as well, and I hope you do too. We can have an internet that is Free/Libre/Open Source, but only if we stop supporting the corporate, locked down options we’ve been using all of these years. As these services become more a part of our lives and get into our phones and our everyday communications, it is critical that we fight for our freedom. The Free/Libre/Open Source movement needs to expand from just writing software, into creating networks of servers and services, like Indymedia has done for so many years. Software alone is not enough in a networked service ecology, where servers, cables, wireless networks, infrastructure that we all control is essential if we want freedom. I hope to see you back on the Free/Libre/Open Source internet. Bye.

Via techno tranny slut

  • Thing is, if all the freethinkers and alternative types abandon MySpace (and Facebook), that will leave those sites to the tender mercies of the right-wingers with nobody to call them on their b.s. propaganda.

    Isn't it better to be a voice in the wilderness, speaking the truth, than to be totally unsullied but have no one hearing you?

  • Rampage


    Wait a minute… This page has "posting guidelines."

    I'll go post where I'm completely and totally free, without guidelines.

  • Mick Meaney

    If you're unable to follow basic rules like:

    No racism or anything that can be perceived as racism.

    Never allow debates to become personal.

    Treat all members with respect.

    Then yes, please do find somewhere else to post. Cheers

  • Giz A Job

    Hey come on Rampage, play the white man.


    Only kidding!

    No seriously, this site is fairly liberal and open minded I find.

    Often some of the stuff sounds totally bizarre until you start to look into it.

    I for example am keen on Anti political correctness. Sometimes I do go too far and become banned, but I can honestly say that the house rules are about spot on.

  • Rampage

    Sounds personal to me. Stop that!

  • Facebook is even worse.

    They save all of your information and can use it for anything.

    seriously, watch and consider everything.

  • Bill

    Fox news already tried to pull themselves off as being a fair and balance legit news organization, but slowly people started realizing they were brainwashing the american people to be anti liberal, anti dem, anti clinton etc etc… get the picture? It scares me that they now own Myspace. All they have to do is put up some bad pictures of Obama and some good ones of Jeb and we'll have another Bush in the whitehouse in a few years. The best is when they try to be sneaky and ask a question, like, 'Does Obama lack experience?' — instead of coming out and saying it… Yes, Myspace is owned by slimeballs. FOX news has proved that already. Rupert Murdoch. Slanted news is unethical.

  • though I in no way, shape, or form support any type of racism we should still allow free speech. It is not the speech that we like that needs protecting but that which we do not like.

  • B

    I see a lot of talk about ad ridden sites and having issues with websites making money off of everyones content…

    Even though I do not support big media or big corporations the reality of the matter is if it were not for this money being generated then you would have no place to upload your content without paying for it to be hosted on your own website which is where it should be anyway IMO and you give it's address to your friends to keep in touch.

    If you want free I am sorry but there is just no such thing. Even open source is not free. It is free only to use and that is typically where the line is drawn with open source. This has nothing at all to do with Open Source anyway other than the fact that the code running sites like myspace is proprietary but heck so are the blue prints to a 747 and we don't gripe about that. Their code is their intellectual property and they have the right to not give away their source.

    Aside from that the main reason these sites don't offer you an option to download all your media is because that would cost them in bandwidth. I am more than certain that if you offered them enough money to cover the bandwidth cost and a little something for their hassle they would offer a means to download it all at once.

    If you want your content downloaded that bad though just remember it is publicly accessible so just right click your images and select "save as".

  • Shiro

    I think the "Tell your friends on facebook"-button right below your text is kinda … ironic…

    • MENSA

      So don't fucking use it then.

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