Andrew Davis, Libertarian Party

One trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) is enough money:

To buy everybody living in Los Angeles at least one Lamborghini Gallardo.

To buy 88,052, 394′ custom mega yachts; enough to stretch around ¼ of the world.

To buy everyone living in Belize and Malta a Manhattan apartment.

To get half of the Democratic Party into a fundraiser for Barack Obama at the $28,500 admission price.

To give one out of every two men in the United States a Men’s Presidential Rolex watch.

To buy every woman in the United States a Tiffany Diamond Starfish Pendant.

To get two Mitsubishi 73″ HDTVs for every household in America.

To buy four copies of The Office: Season Four on DVD, to every person on earth.

To send everybody in America on an all-inclusive vacation to Tahiti (and some people can stay a few extra days).

$1 trillion is enough money for everyone in Buffalo, NY to buy their own 65-acre island in Panama.

This is how much the government is going to cost you (roughly $3,278 for every man, woman and child in the United States).

  • Bob

    It will pay for all the vehicle fuel used in the United States at $2/gallon, for two and one-half years (U.S. uses about $200B gallons of fuel per year).

    • Norman_46

      UK would work out about $9 per gallon.

  • Trent

    It would also buy enough nuclear power plants to remove all oil and gas needs to power our electrical grid. (We would be about half coal, all from the US, about 40% nuclear, and about 10% renewable/hydroelectric).

  • David

    It would educate 4 million doctors and nurses at an average cost of $250,000 each to provide lower cost health care in under served communities.

  • Mathis

    It would in fact, buy love.

  • Mathis

    It would buy a 10 person hot tub for every House hold in america.

    • Norman_46

      lol so American! If you are buying ten person hot tubs then you only need to buy one for every tem people, Or maybe one for five due to the waste line issue.

  • Mathis

    it would buy everyone in Kentucky a tomahawk cruise missile.

    • Wpayton5599

      I just realized that people in Kentucky should not have $1 Trillion dollars. Thank you for that public service announcement Mathis.

  • zavh

     It is hilarious!