Lancashire SEO Company Releases Marketing Tips


Lancashire SEO and web design company, Woweb, have just released their list of top tips to help small businesses get to grips with the world of SEO.

The five tips make essential reading for any business considering SEO as part of their marketing campaign.

1. Plan ahead and include SEO into your wider marketing plan. Pay attention to word of mouth and recommendations from other small business owners when selecting your SEO provider, don’t just go for the lowest price on offer. SEO can work both ways; both improve your business or damage it if left in the wrong hands.

2. Make use of social media networks — these are often regarded as ‘trusted’ sources by search engines, and will improve your overall trust factor. Creating and often updating profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter can increase your presence in the search engines.

3. Links to your website are a crucial part of any SEO campaign. Links should be from a wide range of sources and make use of ‘anchor text’ i.e. naming your link with the search phrase you want to be found for in search engines. Resist temptation to only get links from websites in your niche. For a linking campaign to look natural, or organic, search engines expect to see a range of links from a range of sources.

4. Use Google Webmaster Tools to add your site map and monitor any problems with how your site is appearing in the Google search engine. Here you can check crawl stats, diagnostics, which keywords your site is being indexed for, see which sites are linking to you, see subscriber stats and much more.

5. Understand the demographics of your marketplace. Tools like Quantcast and Alexa provide essential information about your website and your visitors. These can tell you the average age, income, education and more about the people visiting your website.

The detailed list can be read here.