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San Diego Botox Usage On The Rise

San Diego Botox usage remains strong despite the overall economy weakening says Dr. William Heimer, a San Diego based board certified cosmetic dermatologist practicing in Hillcrest and Encinitas, CA.

What’s more interesting is the fact that not only are there more local San Diego women beginning to have Botox injections but that there are increasingly more and more local women who now consider Botox a part of their normal routine. This further attests to the results that women experience as they continue to use the product because they want to continue the dramatic results that they see.

From the dramatic housing slump to the serious decline in the job market San Diegans are feeling the recession more than most cities in the nation but still lead the nation in Botox usage. It’s a true testament to the healthy lifestyle that prevails in our glorious city.

San Diego has always been a very healthy area with health conscious women who demand to look as good as they feel. Residents here know that a proper diet and exercise is paramount to feeling good and keeping an attractive figure, but how do they maintain that youthful facial appearance without surgery?

Hint… It’s done with vitamin B, or Botox Cosmetic.

  • http://botox-side-effects.blogspot.com Sandra@Botokssideeff

    My name is Sandra Lee and i would like to show you my personal experience with Botox.

    I have suffered with migraines and neck pain for many years. Botox has given me my life back. I have arthritis in my neck and Botox is the ONLY thing that has given me relief.

    I hope this information will be useful to others,

    Sandra Lee

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  • http://www.dollhousefurnitureset.com Lisa

    If it's used for medical purposes, I could see why it would be useful. But I think it's insane to paralyze your facial muscles for simple ego. There was a report recently that said that people who had botox actually had a lower response time to facial recognition than a non-botoxed person. Food for thought.

  • http://www.fatguyblog.com Greg McDivitt

    I agree with Lisa. I mean when I first heard about Botox I thought it was some sort of joke – injecting people with the botulism virus?

    But it's real.

    But that doesn't mean it's not insane.
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