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As True Blood Season 3 Ends, One Lucky Buyer Can Own Popular Facebook App

Fans have a limited time to bid on the second most popular True Blood destination on Facebook.

by Mary Joyce

September 24, 2010- The end of the most successful season yet of True Blood has just concluded, and now one fortunate fan has the opportunity to snap up a fun-filled True Blood Facebook application.

Not counting the official HBO page, this application – with just under 39,000 “likes” – is the most-visited True Blood property on Facebook.

Developer Richard Young, noting that each season of True Blood has attracted more and more viewers, announced, “With TB’s growing popularity, this online property will only increase in value, both financial and sentimental.”

“This is a chance for a die-hard fan to really take an ownership stake in their favorite TV series,” Richard said. Putting aside any economic reasons for buying, he added, “Having the opportunity to interact with so many fellow True Blood devotees is really fun and exciting.”

One can see the app in action at http://apps.facebook.com/trublood/ (a Facebook account is needed to access the app), and the interactive fan page is freely visible at http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=22054334711

The True Blood application has been put up for auction (ending Sunday, September 26, 2010) at popular marketplace Flippa: http://flippa.com/auctions/107369


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