Over 60% of People Do Not Trust the Government



By Mick Meaney – RINF Breaking News | A poll conducted by the World Public Opinion (WPO) has found that over 60% of the population of Great Britain and the United States do not trust their governments. The poll showed that 67% of Brits have low levels of trust in the Labour Government while 60% of Americans feel the same way about the Bush Administration.

Overall dissatisfaction of government responsiveness was much higher with 77% of Brits and an even higher percentage, 83% of Americans.

With each passing year, we see Western Governments becoming more brazen with lies and imposing limits on our freedoms and privacy.

The poll also asked “Whose Benefit is Country Run For?”

Unsurprisingly, 60% of Brits perceive their government as serving powerful special interests rather than the interests of the people as a whole, likewise 80% of Americans said the same.

Distain for corporate influence on governments is clear, but perhaps the lack of faith in the government goes even deeper. Obviously there has been fabrication of evidence and spinning lies to the population in order to gain support for the illegal invasion and occupation of nations.

Then there is the use of outlawed weapons in those occupied countries, which cause damage for generations to come, and of course the propaganda which is fed to and disseminated by the mainstream media, all which is becoming increasingly less effective as the ‘alternative’ media grows.

Maybe issues closer to home has also damaged trust in the government. A weakening economy while national debt goes through the roof, or possibly the high levels of surveillance we must endure thanks to new anti terrorism laws which give the government access to every aspect of our lives.

This is of course just the tip of the iceberg; there is no single issue that has caused the majority of the population to mistrust their government. It is an accumulation of constant betrayal over many years which has lead to the decay in trust and possibly more importantly, the loss of hope within the people.

  • Samuel

    I really believe that our own government has a policy through other ect. that tells them to let us THINK that the government has our best interest. NO Way!!!

    Must be mute and ready to die!


  • I am an 86 year old RAF vet. I have never trusted the government since WW2.They do not serve the electorate but are in office for their own and big business benefits.In general a large percentage of elected MP`s are currupt.

  • joe blow

    60%? try 99% you will be closer cause anyone that said they did trust the government thought the government was conducting the survey and was afraid to say they didn't trust them….

    only a 3rd grader with a poor education would believe: "I am from the government and I am here to help you."

    And why don't we trust the government? Simple. Governments LIE. They lie a lot they love to LIE. And somehow they convince their employees that the public is too stupid to deserve the truth. But the truth is we are all smart enough to see a liar. We just all react differently to it. Hence the 'don't trust you as far as we can bowl you' mentality into which the lies have grown.

    How about you quit trying to be the boss of everyone and chill out with a new hobby like loving people as a policy?

    Greed works but it is ugly. Love works and it is beautiful.

    All you have to do is grow up.

  • Sally

    I can't wait for WW3, the world WILL be cleansed of ALL the so called 'Elite'. This I know for sure. Trust me.

  • There's no hope for our civilization! We still have among us 40% of morons!

  • brisa

    How can one trust an institution that perpetually lies and spreads disinformation in order to advance its own agenda?

  • Richard

    It is very difficult for me to believe that 40% of the people DO trust the government!

  • Ben Steinke

    60%—BIG WHOOP. That's still not going to matter in the long run. The people are still going to lean on the crutches of "working within the system" to avoid imprisonment and personal inconvenience. Americans are generally not intelligent or erudite enough to commit to revolutionary action, nor do they, in general, know what "revolution" actually IS (they're lucky if they can SPELL "revolution"). This "distrust" is generally trivial, and is quickly allayed by the major media. Americans like the fact that they can still work and watch TV and raise families because they believe this is indicative of what it means to "live the good life" in "the best country in the world". A nation of people who believe in this way is not a nation where revolution of the people can happen.

  • ben

    Let me guess, the other 40% waffled? Too apathetic to answer, I'd guess.

  • Tom

    >>like the fact that they can still work and watch TV and raise families because they believe this is indicative of what it means to “live the good life” in “the best country in the world”.

  • Tom

    So what *is* the good life? Assuming under "TV" you mean any number of other hobbies/pursuits.

  • Not all Americans are dumb and stupid, they have been kept in the dark so long it is kind of hard to find the right path to a reality they would not enjoy if they could really take a truthful look at it and understand the real TRUTH of it. Yes I believe some kind of a revolution is necessary to find our way out of the hole we are in, not pleasant. I can remember when peace and love was the norm, and I am saddened by what is going on – hey the greed issue is within all people, it is just some don't act on it, for it is only a temporary thing. It does rely on lies lies lies all the time, that is why it is called greed. Somehow, someway we the people must rise up and let these so called elite really know who we are. Distrust government you betcha' it is a given.

  • Arthur Guy

    How can anyone trust the Government, look at the skies, the whole Planet is being sprayed with chemicals 24/7 in every country, the atmosphere is turning white with the filth, it must be costing trillions, and the Government won't even admit that they are doing this. All this waste of resources, while they watch people starving and war torn? All Governments are one and run by a psychopathic hierarchy, these people are not Human.

  • jon

    First the world was ruled by religion. After that the world was ruled by Kings in the name of religion. Then the world was ruled by governments in the name of free market economies and industry. Next the world was ruled by corporations. Now the world is run by the few who have gained enough money and power from those corporations.

    Not much has changed. People are still being taken advantage of by those who have the ability to do so in order to get more money and power. The only difference is that where the people in charge used to proclaim their superiority, now somehow have convinced (40%) of people that they are benevolent and act in the best interest of the masses.

    It does not matter the form of government, or how many people are involved. As long as one person has the ability to better his or her situation, they will, no matter how bad it hurts others in order for them to gain an advantage

  • uhoih

    Why would anyone trust "the government" ? Do you leave your car and house open ?

    If you trust the government, you trust normal people.

  • uhoih

    I'll add that most people critizing them have absolutely nothing to teach them, and they feel they're not as bad simply because they don't have enough power.

    Come on, how was it in school for you ? Did the children lie between themselves to influence popularity or not take a blame or hide something they are ashame of ? Of course they did ! It's the same little kids who now are in position of power.

    It is in everyday life that you can make a difference, try to be 100% honest with yourself. When people will be better, governments will be better.

  • whistler

    Sally ww3 is already here, how much suffering do you want to see.

  • Pat Phillips

    I am surprised that the number is only 60%. It seems that governments exist only to serve their own need for money, power and control.

    Serving the people is a concept that went away a long long time ago.

  • sharpinchitown

    Do not fear. The reason security, fear, earth changes are occurring is because bigger forces are in control. The dark wicked elite and their puppeteers are getting sweaty and afraid because their is no place for them in the new earth after the changes have moved through their changes.

    So they are going to continue their lies and false flag operations. WWII, Vietnam, Iraq wars were all events that were either lied about or tweaked to get the US involved.

    Government lies. That's just the way it is.

    They will continue to do this as long as the public is asleep at the wheel. They will direct us to drive the bus over the cliff as long as we continue sleeping.

    STOP letting them use fear to harness you because to them, fear is the glue that keeps their plans together.

    Resist them and think of love and compassion while being AWARE of what's going on around you. The less fear there is the less control they will have.

    I am not afraid of them. They can point a gun at my head and I am not afraid of them. They will never put me in a box unless it's 6 feet under and even then, my spirit is still alive so they have failed – they will not control my mind using fear and my body is a mere vehicle and should I wish to return to this life again, so I shall choose, not them.

    Don't let them continue to keep us in slavery.

    It is not true reality that more and more people are falling into poverty while there are more billionaires than ever before. It is their thought form that we have bought into.

    Reject greed and cease to do business with people and companies that belief in 'service to self' over all other service and pretty soon they will run out of tactics and will dry up like a flower without water.

    Love of your fellow neighbor trumps all greed and avarice.

  • 60% seems low but considering 95% of those citizens are brainwashed sheep, I guess that's not too bad. If said sheep knew anything approaching the truth about their governments, it would be 100%.

  • Thomas Mc

    The other 40% are delusional.

  • I´m from Brazil.

    The government here, who raised from the working class, it´s a bullshit. They´ve betrayed the workers, and just work for the powerfull interests.

  • Tinfoil

    Who are they? How they get power


    1. Never allow minority people to dominate the education system by becoming large number of university professors disproportionate to their number in the society this is the first step once they do it they will do the 2. and 3.

    2. Never allow minority communities to dominate banking disproportionate to their numbers in society and they will enslave the majority.

    3. Never allow minority communities to dominate the news media, they will enslave the majority.

    How to recover from slavery


    1. Establish your own universities.

    2. Establish your own news media.

    3. Establish your own banks and currency.

  • Timothy Cleary

    Ever since I saw that film "Loose Change" and the revealations as to what really happened on 9/11 I have distrusted almost every thing in authority in the UK- the Government – the media – it really isn't funny – the puppet masters have gone to far – and even otherwise innocent and unaware parts of the British population are starting to realise that we are in serious trouble as a society!

  • bonanzaman

    Every government on earth except for five acts only according to policy determined by the Rothschild powers and corporations subordinate to them. However, I don't trust any government including those 5.

  • bah

    we're slaves. cities especially are concentration camps. try growing a garden in the park or some crops and see how many people come from all directions to give you grief about it. or even around the apartment building you live in. people dont like each other enough to share what they have with others. human beings are plain selfish. that can also be because people are too unappreciative, disrespectful and abusive of other's ability to share so people are distrustful of one another. poor basis in understanding; poor empathy and apathy. everyone has become greedy. that's why everybody locks everything; car, home, bike etc. stop shopping and supporting corporations and their useless products. don't even go to work 5, 6 or 7 days a week. that's slavery. the lack of team work and sensibility is incredible among people. develop skills in growing your own food, become aware of free energy for your homes and cars. discard money and barter instead. give and take equally.

  • My problem with governments is that they see themselves as the moral authority but fail in the area of morality. They outlaw abortion to protect the sanctity of life but at the same time execute criminals, murder dissidents and start wars. They fight to protect the definition of marriage but then never really show themselves to be good spouses. They claim to be a Christian nation but then fail to do as Christ did – feed the hungry, educate the masses, love their enemies, heal the sick with affordable medicine, etc.

  • escapefrombushistan

    Excellent online book, especially the chapter on money. Lamp posts are taking on a whole new meaning for me.

  • me

    how is it that the government has taken our rights, freedoms ect…and we choose to do nothing but wate untill some radical change happens. well im sorry but thats not gonna happen unless poeple start standing up for whats right. back off the gossip and act mature for once. make difrence in this world. it can happen if you work together….peace! love! anarchy!

  • 3 year old kid

    I Trust this stench of a government, to be totally corrupt, evil bile and doing everything which is not in the public interest.

    At least you know were you are with them, and the TOERATS will be just as Good.

  • I'd say this figure is rubbish and to prove my point I'd ask for those same people who said they didn't trust the government if they have taken steps to support themselves in any way??

    For example:

    Tell me if you can feed yourself without state shops?

    How about providing power and water … I mean these are really some very basic items that to a great extent you rely on government for.

    How about getting handouts from govt's .. stop taking them and how many of this 60% would survive a week??

    No the fact is that although people would "SAY WITH THEIR MOUTH" that they don't trust the government, they simply have not ACTED on those alleged beliefs …

    Therefore I'd say the number of people who don't trust the government to be around .1%.


    Reply through site link

  • Timothy Cleary

    I think you make a very fair point – society could not function if there was not a certain "trust" and "responsibility" by both the citizen and the state – but when people see the appalling decisions being made by our "betters" re geopolitical games – weapons of mass destruction/oil, the unbelieveable suffering of people across the world and the blaise and murderous attitude of our Western governments – then people everywhere – including good old blighty – get upset – and rightly so – remember Hitler – may he rot in hell – if you were a good German as he saw it – then no probs – but if you were a "Jew" then God help you – there was no problem stealing Jewish property and taking Jewish lives for the greater good of Germany – equally with this lot – there is no problem stealing other people's property/national resources and launching wars against them all, as both Alan Greenspan and John McCain have both admitted lately – for oil (or as some would have it – to prserve our way of life!) – surely there has to be a better way than this?

  • I agree with you. Why are we being rebuked for not knowing, when there are so few real avenues where truth can be heard. It is like showing a blind man the color red, and then chastising him for not being able to pick out the red color from the rest in a rainbow!! It is one thing to condemn a nation for KNOWING that what was going on is wrong, but when the avenues for discovering the truth are heavily censored or non-existent, then why are we being blamed for not knowing? Of course we don't know what's going on!!! The media and the government are heavily invested in our not knowing…If computer generated imagery is all the rage, if its so very easy to "invent" Bin Laden's face and voice on tape, if the media can convince us thru fakery, that they themselves are in control of, of whatever they want us to believe, are we to be blamed if we finally wash our hands of them all and say…. its ALL a lie? It's called a CONSEQUENCE.

  • Uniserver

    lol that's a lot of people!

  • 3 year old kid

    You can trust the government to over tax, wast, be totally inefficient in every way with resources and basically grease the palms that need greasing to keep the cash cows milking.

    Less government burock and fairer taxation focused in a more responsible manor would not be what Government is for.

    You all are economic slaves. The world is a plantation and the masters have the political system you know of, as a means to control and extract resources for the ultra wealth slave owners.

    Why do you suppose the letters of your name are in CAPITALS when you receive official correspondence?

    You are a commodity but don't even know it.

  • Bob

    Interesting article, thank you.

  • Tom

    You Brits should protest in the streets until you get the right to vote in a national referendum yourselves.

  • 3 year old kid

    To learn what is really going on and how we are being made into economic slaves – start here:-

    Freedom to Fascism


    Remember the Bank of England is private just like the Federal Reserve of America, there is nothing in the public interest about these private organizations.

    Fractional Banking is a form of Economic Slavery and built in Bankruptcy and Economic disaster.

    Basically The Banking system is Distilled Evil.

  • jasonp

    Sally, I too would love to see the 'elite' forced to act like the rest of us, we are in agreement there. History has proven that the elite are never the 'canon fodder' in times of conflict, it is ALWAYS the poor and most needy that are victims of conflict. Given enough time I could compile a list of hundreds. Two examples of this in the MSM are the recently de-commissioned (sir) Robert Mugabe and that draught dodging, recovering drug addict G.W. Bush. Maybe, through a democratic precess, we the people could re-organise the electoral process into more of a Romenesk gladiator process. Imagine Clinton and Obama, fighting to the death in an electrified barbed wire cage! Alternately, we could collectively get off our arses and actually vote in our elections, remember a vote to the minor party is not a vote wasted. the more people that vote for the minors, the more sway they have. Minor parties receiving votes sends a solid message to the dominate parties (ie. the mainstream left and right)


  • ZingPao

    This deserves a Bump!

  • If you all want the truth, as i did, go to RONALD WEINLAND.

    THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! I like to keep an open mind.If you don't keep an open mind, you will miss out on any truth that may be out there. One day a few weeks ago i was so frustrated of not knowing the truth, and tired of being lied to, i asked god to show me the truth. He lead me to RONALD WEINLAND. If you are not a believer, you won't understand any of the information in this artical. But, if you are willing to keep an open mind, it may help you.

  • JeffV

    Do you truly believe that if within a revolution, if there was a well laid out plan of a complete overhaul of not only our government but our economic system. A plan that makes sense and fostered a true sense of an altruistic society that people would not care? Would not use their voice of vote to make something like that happen? // all because we can come home and watch TV?

    I would say, remember we trust each other with our lives if not for the perfect timing of a tap of the toe or a veering across the yellow line at a combined speed of 120mph

  • Royal Brown

    [quote post="3618"]How can one trust an institution that perpetually lies and spreads disinformation in order to advance its own agenda?[/quote]

    So True if their lips are moving they are lieing, and now with the new leadership of our country,I will not be saying much of any thing on any polles or places like this one,because evrey time anybody post any thing against what is being done to bring this country down,there is always an attack on the person and it sounds like the same response each time.I have also notice that I used to answer polls but since Obama has been in office if I answer a poll like they do not want to hear that is against them, I get a window that says connection lost or poll not here no more.

    Next the police will be coming after me because I do not like what is being done to our Country USA,so this will be the last of any postings that I will do and I will not make any more comments on any thing and watch from the side lines as our Country goes away.I also keep getting e-mails from diffent groups that say we must do something to save our country but all they seem to do is talk alot and want money, let me say something to all you groups that want money to let any body on the inside so that we can all have the information in all these books that are coming out on how to save America,this is just more talk and most of us American people are out of work or on the verge of loseing everything, so do you thing we have money to give to people that say we are going to do something to save this country, no work ,no money!

    Talk, talk talk, is all I hear about saving America, it is way beyond talk now, Our vote means nothing any more, polls are lies,the media does nothing but lie,all Leaders of our Country do any more is lie and they do not care or listen to any thing the Amnerican people have to say, so why do you thank alot of hot air from talking and reading a bunch of doom sayers books is going to save us, no it will take blood to save this country now.

    I do not see any body willing to do any thing but talk behind you computer screens and sound mean and bad.Our Government can take the internet away from us in a heart beat, then how is all the bad talk all of you are doing on the internet going to save America.No one will know where any of us are then and no way to commucate with each other.

    AS for me since no one is willing to do any thing but talk ,I will have another beer and watch the sunset go down, and enjoy the rest of my life as I watch the greatest nation in the world slide off into communism!

  • Oceanblue

    Here in Britain, we have endured decades of lies,spin and probably treason. We are trapped into an ever greater spiral of despair as the hold over our country by enelected despots in Brussels strangles us and and our faltering democracy. If we get a question wrong as the Irish did on the Lisbon treaty then we are asked again and again with different sticks and carrots until we get it right. We were denied a referendum on the Lisbon treaty based upon the blatant lie that it was substantially different from the EU constitution, which of course it wasn’t. What angers me even more was that the Government minsters selling the propagander had not even taken the time to read or even understand the implications for either scenario. The current Prime Minster promised a British say on Lisbon Post but then reneged on his promise. Meanwhile our contry is colonised at a suicidal rate by by the third world to the extent that their own baby boom will mark the decline of the indigenous population into minority status before the enf of the century and there’s nothing we can do about it even though our great articles of state strictly prohibit the loss of sovereignty in any shape or form. Then There’s surveilllance, Big Pharma Offshoring , sell offs of public assets, Crooked polititcians shafting the taxpayer from all angles, if we did we would be clapped in Irons. So when people ask me why I’ve lost faith in politics and government, I simply say if you can show me that they are any better than organised criminals I might just take an interest again until then no support at any level here

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