New details released about Apple’s iphone 4


by Steven Fox

Apple has announced the iphone 4 yesterday in San Francisco. Although there was quite a lot of early information on the iphone 4 that was leaked a few months ago, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs did have new details to report.

The iphone 4, is according to Apple ‘the slimmest smart phone ever made’. This time the phone has a 5 megapixels camera wit LED flash, video recording in HD, a 3.5-inch screen and something the company “Retinal Display” calls. The screen has a resolution four times higher than that of the previous version.

For gamers, the iphone 4 has a interesting new feature. Besides the sharper images the iPhone 4 also have a gyroscope, which enables several movements to register. Something that according to Apple will give a complete new game experiences on the phone.

iPad chip

The iphone 4 runs on a A4 processor, the same one that is found in Apple’s iPad and according to Steve Jobs the battery duration of the iphone 4 will be significantly longer with this chip. Furthermore, a camera is integrated in the front of the device so the iphone also has the ability to video chat.

Apple announced yesterday that the new gadget will be available from June 24 in America, England, France, Japan and Germany. A specific date for other countries was not given.

US citizens have the opportunity to test drive and keep the iphone 4. Click here for more information.