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Moving? A Reverse Phone Look Up Number Could Be Protection

Webmaster of a reverse phone number look up website, Azhan, reports an interesting story of how a simple reverse cell phone lookup search could have spared his friend a lot of trouble when moving home.

“She called a few ads on Craigslist and hired a couple of guys with a truck. I initially told her how she could make sure that it’s a legitimate and trustworthy business. But she didn’t really feel it was necessary, she could tell the guys she hired were honest,” says Azhan.

“I called her the day after she moved to see how it went and when she heard my voice she began to cry. The move turned into a complete nightmare. Even most of her furniture had been left on the pavement for a large part of the day,” continues Azhan.

“She could have easily got all the information she needed beforehand with a reverse lookup phone directory.”

  • shelly

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