Get your FBI file — and your NSA and CIA files too, while you’re at it

Do you have an FBI file?

You might! Many people do. So let’s talk about your past. Did you …

Photo of civil rights march
… ever participate in a civil rights march? How about a Vietnam war protest?

Photo of petition signing
… ever sign an edgy political petition?

Photo of Joey
… ever know a guy named “Joey the Horse?” (Ever help him take out any heavy garbage bags?)

Photo of Manny Noreiga
… ever hang out with a third-world dictator, retired or present?

Phil says: “The Freedom-of-Information-loving folks who brought you Get Grandpa’s FBI File have just launched a sister site: Get My FBI File . This site helps you automatically generate the letters you need to send in to get your own FBI file … and while you’re at it, you can also get your NSA, CIA, DIA, DSS, Secret Service, etc. files too, just by checking a few boxes. If you throw in UnSecureFlight.Com, we’re getting perilously close to one-stop shopping for all your government security file needs.”

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