Front Towards Enemy – Apple i-spy


In Old Russia you don’t listen to i-pod, i-pod listens to you.

Sounds like a throw away line form a spoof movie.. right?….

Actually its just a small part of what Apple Corporation has planned for its next series of cellular mp3 players. Still reeling from the jailbreaking ruling allowing users to replace software on their devices with hacked or patched version with less restrictions. Apple has applied for a patent to allow its cellular devices to listen, watch, monitor web usage, photograph the users face and if it deems that usage is unauthorised even report you to authorities.

Named ‘traitor-ware’ by Electronic Frontier Foundation for its ability to punish users whom dare to take advantage recent exemptions. Apple claims this is merely a step to protect i-pod users from theft and subsequent DRM violation or other ‘unauthorised use’. Apple has yet to offer guidelines and a time line of how collected data may be used and stored. Apple can even strip your device of personal data and store it in the cloud.

In most western countries laws pertaining to procedure to track and retrieve stolen mobile phones is already in place. Why would Apple feel the need to run its own counter intuitive measures for theft protection? It doesn’t! But rest assured that if Apple collects this data and stores it, its only a matter of time until authorities demand copies of this information.

So next time you are alone and you can feel the unmistakable sense that you are being watched, you are. Big Brother Jobs is watching you closely.

  • TeaQueen

    Fecking disgusting if you ask me… More tea vicar?

  • Thanks. Good informations…