Don’t be fooled by ID Card “change”

The card itself is just the useless bit of plastic that is the visible part of the scheme, and is the only part that will become voluntary.

The truly intrusive part of the scheme, the National Identity Register, remains compulsory.

This expensive scheme, that serves no purpose other than Government intrusion into our private lives, will go ahead.

Whenever we apply for or renew a “designated document”, which includes such everyday things as driving licence and passport, we will be required to provide details for storage on the National Identity Register.

At a time when reductions in public spending are being sought, surely this should be near the top of the list for things to be abandoned.

The money saved could, together with that saved from scrapping the Trident upgrade, be used to properly fund a real Green New Deal (not the paltry Labour version that the New Economics Foundation was quick to criticise as only 0.6 per cent new green investment).

I would be interested to know how our local MPs intend to vote on this issue.

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Copeland