Common Sense Eczema Treatment — Cure Eczema By Going Back To Basics

Frustrated with the ineffectiveness and harmful side effects of conventional eczema treatments, Audrey Lynn decided to take on treating her young son’s eczema herself. That was 4 years ago and she never looked back since. Today her son is totally free of eczema. Now, she is sharing her first hand experience of dealing with child eczema in her new guide, Cure Child Eczema, on her website

In an online interview, Audrey Lynn states that she decides to publish this book after receiving many emails from parents seeking help in treating their child’s eczema after conventional medicine fails. “In fact, many of these parents begins to question the effectiveness and side effects of using corticosteroid creams, oral antihistamines, and other anti-inflammatory medications on their child.

The main message Lynn wants to convey to parents is that eczema can be controlled and over time, cured. Her book details the importance of going back to the basics of nourishing the body and getting rid of toxins in the body in the process of healing eczema. She emphasized that her book at, does not offer a miracle eczema treatment. Instead, her book offers practical step by step method of healing child and baby eczema. She emphasized that parents are going to learn how to treat the root of eczema and not merely the symptoms. Lynn states that although this book is written specifically for children with eczema, the main concepts in the book are applicable to adults as well.

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